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A Gram and Me
Citation:   Shafrakwalon Phexon. "A Gram and Me: An Experience with DPT (exp44975)". Jan 11, 2007.

95 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
Here are my notes about DPT, starting with the night I recieved the DPT and snorted some of it, and ending with the night that I smoked the last of it out of a light bulb. But first, a word of advice: Weighing out your doses of powdered drugs before ingestion is the responsible thing to do.

Now, DPT really irritates my nostrils. It leaves my nose feeling raw as hell and it hurts the roof of my mouth. I first took it on the day that I recieved it - a pretty little bottle filled with a fluffy, light, white powder that smelled like nail polish remover. The label on the bottle said DPT hydrochloride.

I had no scale but I estimate my dose based on later use of a scale with DPT to be about 65 mg. It was a medium sized line and a half. It came on and the body vibe felt pretty similar to acid, I had solid (there but not everywhere) visuals, nothing too crazy. I was baseline in about 4 hours.

The chronology of the insufflated DPT experience goes:

1. Insufflate
2. Body vibe starts coming on, start to feel trippy / sometimes giggly.
3. Body vibe in full effect, cue visuals.
4. Body vibe and visuals platue at peak lvls for about an hour.
5. everything slowly goes away till baseline.

What I'm calling the 'body vibe' above, can be a pretty tumultous and sweaty affair (especially on the way up), I come up fast on DPT. I come down fast, too.

On the next night I took considerably more, probably around 90 - 100 mg's, it was a couple big sized lines. Again, the body vibe still felt moderately similar to LSD, this time I saw intricate patterns and occasionally 3 dimensional CEV's.

The night after that (the 3rd night in a row), I took a weighed out dose of 75mg insufflated. This time I got some body vibe and visuals but it was pretty toned down. Tolerance, built up from the previous nights, most definately had it's way this time.

-This is a strong drug not to be taken for granted-

Note: Itís 8/2/2004 now, and the DPT has been gone for a few weeks. I had many cool and interesting trips on it, here are some more experience notes:


The time when I ingested more DPT by far than all the others, was like being in a pocket underwater, with flashes of other places. It was extremely deep and any image I thought of behind my closed eyelids, I would immediately see.

I insufflated 2 really big, un-weighed lines (maybe pinkie sized? it was by far the most DPT Iíve ever done) to get there. I was sitting on a couch in a friends living room. There was a large black dog barking in the room and no one else was on DPT. I began to truly grasp the gravity of my situation when I looked at the Super Nintendo next to the TV and it promptly began to bend around, dent, and warp. I was a little anxious as the DPT experience got progressively deeper and stronger, but I knew I was in for the ride, so I figured I might as well do my best to take it in stride.

Once it had fully sunk in, my entire field of vision (with eyes open) was obscured / blurred / glowing / mixing / etc. It looked alot like an underwater las vegas - thick wavy multicolored neon bars. I shut my eyes and thought deathly thoughts, and promptly saw deathly things. I saw a thousand consecutive deaths in incredibly fast motion. The deaths / mutilations / gore went by at first slow, but then began to increase in speed until they where flashing one after another on my consciousness, each remaining for only a split second. Most of them (if not all of them) were on a white background, with the death and gore occupying the middle of my visual field.

Eventually I decided to think about serenity, the death-imagery subsided then and I saw in 3d the chrome silhouette of a cross-legged human figure floating in outer space. This serenity state was abruptly perforated by brief swaths of time where I looked through what were possibly someone elseís eyes, a different set of mine, or both.

Regardless of whose eyes I was seeing with, I found myself in a train station looking around, and I knew a train was coming soon (possibly a train I was waiting for). This happened a few times (Which is why I say that it 'perforated' my serenity experience) and each time the transition was totally abrupt. Kind of like crossing a line, an instantaneous transition that lasted what seemed like a few minutes, and then went back to the Ďnormalí sensual-pocket DPT state. Eventually I began to come down, and then came down altogether. Almost the entire duration of the plateau of the trip was spent sitting in a large chair with my eyes closed. Opening them was not as interesting, and was slightly disorienting due to the complete alteration of my visual field.

After that experience I had many others over the period of a few weeks, all of them were very interesting, many were pretty intense, and a few had some (stuffy / runny / irritated) nose problems.

I finished the DPT by smoking what was left of the HCL salt in an emptied out light bulb. The more I toked, the more I tripped, and this was great.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 44975
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 11, 2007Views: 11,673
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DPT (21) : Alone (16), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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