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Recconecting with the Joyous Vibrations
Citation:   Catfish Rivers. "Recconecting with the Joyous Vibrations: An Experience with 5-MeO-AET (exp45083)". Erowid.org. Apr 3, 2006. erowid.org/exp/45083

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked 5-MeO-AET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:42 4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard  
  T+ 7:13   smoked Cannabis  
I had been hanging onto a 100 mg sample that had come my way for quite some time in the hopes of seeing some info on dosage pop up, but not that much did not pop up, so I decided to ramp my way up the dosage scale...

2 pm> less than 5mg (which was measured out, but I assume not all of it got into me from smoking it. I will assume this for the rest of this report.) placed on top of a small bowl of cannabis and vaporized.

2:05 pm> I feel a slight activation. Something is going on somewhere. Ever so slightly off baseline, head space feels a bit trippy, and there is the faintest glow simmering in my chest. Country music playing on WFMU sound especially interesting, which surprised me! There's a slight bit of anxiety underlying everything, but I attribute that to the fear of the unknown, which is a very healthy fear in some respects when testing exotic chems out on yerself...

2:10 pm> There has been a slight increase in the intensity of the experience already. I can feel it ramping up somehow, but at a comfortable pace. The experience is overall still very subtle however.

2:15 pm> vaporized another 5 mg, holding the smoke for 15-30 seconds. I thought for a second that the taste of the smoke was very much like 5-MeO-DMT. I feel this hit increase the intensity of the experience nearly immediately. My head feels nice. I am enjoying bobbing it to and fro to the music on the radio. I am feeling a slight ecstatic joy from my experience of the music playing over the radio. My body is asking me to dance...I notice an increase in the warmth and circumfrance of the glow in my chest. I am starting to feel a lovey feeling, very much wanting to talk with good friends or my lover.

2:35 pm> 10 mg vaporized and held for 15-30 seconds. Definitely buzzing. I can feel a definite empathogen like quality. It reminds me very much of the very positive experiences I had a while back with IAP, booze, and cannabis. I wonder if this chemical also intermixes well with a few drinks...I feel very good over all. I feel the experience mounting as I scribble in my diary. The intensity is climbing...

2:46 pm> 5 mg vaporized, held. This feels good! All the positive bliss effects one achieves after surviving the terrifying elevator ride through the skull when smoking a good sized dose of 5-MeO-DMT. All the bliss without the terror. I have a slight bit of facial tension. There is a good deal of hypnagogic-like imagery behind my eyelids. My body sways to and fro as if entranced. The body glow is rather nice, a good clean sensual vibrational energy dancing about where my attention aims it throughout my body. The more I focus on manifesting the body energy, the more powerful it becomes...at some moments it is nearly orgasmic, but not centered in the crotch.

2:50 pm> 5 mg vaporized, held. Very stoned feeling. Open eyes have a visual strobing to what I see, as well as seeing a grainy, vibrating particle type of film over everything I see.

3:29 pm> Coming down a bit. The duration for smoking seems a but short, but it is a rather nice ride while I'm on it. Playing guitar was quite enjoyable. I felt my fingers learning new pathways as I played along to my new favorite artist, Sufjan Stevens. I feel a bit flushed and overheated, but I was really moving about as I wailed on the guitar.

3:42 pm> Threw back 4 shots of Southern Comfort. Vaporized another 10 mg. I feel myself lifted back into the joyous, music loving state as before. I feel a bit more intoxicated cause now I am a bit drunk too, but the booze adds together nicely with everything else.

3:54 pm> I decide to up the ante, since I had been smoking the stuff for a while now and sort felt it would be safe at higher doses since I was never really blown out from it, I went for a hefty 40 mg dose. I cautiously smoked about half of the material first and held my breath. I started feeling a euphoric mood elevation rise almost immediately so I went ahead and finished the other half. I am overstuffed with positive vibes for everything around me, even the mess of my apartment, and the loud workman using power tools in the yard behind mine. This also reminds me a bit of DPT freebase as well. I am compelled to move my body and dance spontaneously. I feel the semi-heavy depression I have been carry about lately has all but vanished. I recognize 'my depression' more as a pattern of thoughts rather than in my body.

4:05 pm> I feel awesome! Music is blowing me away. Carrying my mind off while leaving my body to dance until it returns. I throw my arms spontaneously skywards and shake them in rapture. Overflowing chest glow. I am awash with love. I would love to use this material with a loved one. I could see this one lending to deep and connective dialogs.

4:16 pm> Food tasted amazing and didn't hurt my stomach at all. I was impressed at how amazingly delicious everything tasted.

4:30 pm> I feel very relaxed. My body feels unclenched and at ease. I do feel as if I am a bit tired from this stuff, almost like at the end of an opiate experience. Music is still rather amazing to hear. The chest glow is still rather encompassing and present. I am at a +++, which I have dabbled back and forth with all afternoon. I decide to lay down for a nap...

9:13 pm> Had a very restful nap. I wake up relaxed and with a nice afterglow in my whole body. I don't feel depressed at all, and am thankful for that, as it has been quite an oppressive parrot on my shoulder lately. I still feel something going on from the drug, underlying, but noticable. I don't feel all that sober really, but I could act sober. I am rather impressed at the anti-depressant effects of this chemical are on me. It is as if a veil of false sadness has been hoisted up and away by some kind Stage Hand of the heavens. I smoke some cannabis from the same pipe I used before to vaporize the 5-MeO-AET. I feel myself rocket back to the same positive space as before my nap. There must have been a good amount of material that had found its way to the bottom of the pipe. Definitely back in psychedelic headspace and the body glow has reappeared somewhat. The chest glow has also returned to a nice enjoyable amount, making me want to hug my body into itself. Strobey vision has returned and music continues to be ambrosia to my ears.

And my notes end there, but what I ended up doing was reading a book about Jung and the Tarot, relating Jung's archetypes to the Trump of the Tarot. I was totally absorbed in the material, exploring the Fool card, and creating a Tarot diary for me to draw the card and also to keep track of my impressions of the cards as I learn them. I had alot of fun drawing the card into my diary, and I found so many connections between the Fool and myself...

I had an excellent experience with this material. It totally washed away my heavy helpless coating of depression slime. I feel good the next day, without any of the cold, heavy, emptiness in my chest that had been running me for the past few weeks. I am very thankful for the reprieve as I was starting to imagine ways out of the whole trap of my life...I feel much more balanced after this experience. It was a much needed afternoon of recconecting with the joyous vibrations in life.

Later that evening I poured 80 proof alcohol in the jar that had the 5-MeO-AET powder in it an shook it up until it all absorbed. I then held that in my mouth, under my tongue for around 15 mins. I had a similar experience as earlier, but it seemed to last longer, but was just as nice. It lasted for about a good 2 and a half hours before I felt it start to slip away. I am sad I used all of my sample in this one run...I could imagine many instances in which this material would prove beneficial.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45083
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 3, 2006Views: 10,145
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5-MeO-AET (370) : Alone (16), General (1)

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