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Gentle Sally
Sally divinorum (5x extract)
by Drellion
Citation:   Drellion. "Gentle Sally: An Experience with Sally divinorum (5x extract) (exp45284)". Erowid.org. Dec 18, 2008. erowid.org/exp/45284

500 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


Well, I have had a salvia experience!!

Iím trying to put things in to place still, man what a trip. Ok. I thought it was time to have a look and decided to only have a small bit, just to see what gives. As Iíve had some plain leaf I knew a feeling would come over me but the 5x extract given to me by a friend was much stronger.

After work, some light exercise and a shower I set out over the dunes away from camp with a torch (time 02:30), blanket, drink, water bong and herb. I work in the desert and the night was very cold. I sat on the blanket and packed the bong set it down and relaxed for a minute, molding my body into the soft sand. I picked up the bong and ignited the herb while sucking down hard, I suppressed a cough, which caused me to stop toking. After setting the bong down I laid back holding my breath and waited. A small continuous wind made the lighter flame go out before the herb was finished and I thought this bowl was probably wasted due to high heat not being used, I was mistaken.

The familiar body buzz started and got heavier and heavier and a strange feeling of separation began like I was changing or stepping out of this reality. A realization that our reality is like a channel on an infinite T.V set was shown to me. I was hesitating and a voice, mine or another's I can't say, told me to let go and that all would be ok, no harm would come to me. It was truly a beautiful thing, I was smiling and sporadically giggling the whole time.

However the effect was wearing off and I slowly came down, very gentle the salvia was. Oh, my intention for the night was to only have a lil peek at Sally's intent and not have a mind blowing trip where I would be knocked stupid. Given this I had to have another slightly larger dose as I wanted a bit more of a look this time hopefully without coughing. I repacked the bowl with a bit more herb than the first and ignited. No cough, I laid back looking at the clear starry sky and slowly exhaled, the whole body pulsing started, beautiful feeling, then I sat up and said aloud, another !! I finished the bowl and laid back again.

After exhaling the buzzing / pulsing grew and grew, I felt layers of me and all of my worries and concerns just fall away. They were like suits I suppose, suits of me and all my aspects being removed. The feeling is best described as slowly walking though a waterfall with the water going right through me but not striking me from any one direction, but cleaning me from my core. The most wonderful feeling ever. I was lifted up and at times felt my rational self hesitant to let go, I was again told to let it flow and go with it, not to panic and all was going to be fine.

Although my body did not move I lifted my head up and saw that our reality was only one of an infinite many and that this is natural and how things are. There was a huge wheel like thing revolving and within it were many many realities. I felt that if more sally d. was taken I could go and look. Strangely this whole thing / process felt very natural, even the separation I had from this existence was like a natural but definite mechanical & step by step process. Insanely hard to describe in humanities descriptive words of mundane experience.

After seeing the massive and ultimately complex wheel I slowly came down, again a very gentle process. As I came down I realized that I was very cold, not to the core but surficially. I was shaking like a leaf and spilled my drink with the shivering. Hastily I gathered up my things and made a fast retreat to my room, which was a toasty 90įF. The slow stripping off of my fears and such was one of the best parts of the experience. I stuck to my intent of having a lil look and this is what transpired. I will be having another taste very soon but I must stress the importance of warmth. Although I have had the opportunity to take the 5x extract for a number of months I have felt that the right setting was paramount as I did not wish to have a sitter.

During my experience I was pleasantly relieved that I was still me, I hadnít turned into a monster at all. In fact I remember being told that respect for others was very welcome in salvia space. Salvia space seemed pleased that I try to respect others and that respect for life was required from all beings. Oh and there was absolutely no body load, no hang over, nothing.

The best way I can explain the S.D experience to others is as follows; Imagine I took you to a place in complete darkness (eg, a forest) but you donít know this, you can't see the place, it's there but you are in darkness. Imagine you sit down and relax, you are unaware of the complexity of your surroundings. Then over about 10 seconds the sun comes up from total darkness to full daylight very quickly. You go .... 'Oh I didnít see that before' it was there all along but you couldnít see it, then suddenly the forest came into view. Ok have you got the picture. Now for the modification. If you swap our reality in place of the total darkness you were in before sun-up you have what S.D is like. The light changes and you have another plane come into your conscious experience in place of ours. Like changing channels on the T.V but where one program slowly fades to reveal another.

What an amazing experience, but I know that it was indeed just a look. Salvia's strength can be described in terms of a powerful V8 supercharged engine in your car. Although you can cruse around at 30 miles per hour, you can fell under your foot the sheer power potential just waiting. A full on sally experience would be ultimately mind expanding, I look forward to this. Sally D. is precious, it deserves our respect.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45284
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 18, 2008Views: 4,563
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