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First Time Terror
2C-T-7 & Cannabis
by J
Citation:   J. "First Time Terror: An Experience with 2C-T-7 & Cannabis (exp45405)". Nov 22, 2005.

15 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Cannabis  
This was my first time using 2C-T-7. I have smoked pot occasionally throughout my life, and have tried psychedelic mushrooms on 4 occasions, with the first two times being relatively non-intense, and the last two being golden-tops - which led to 2 relatively intense (and quite bad) trips.

We acquired the 2c-t-7 at a party, only being told that it was a type of 'synthetic acid'. I only found out exactly what it was after I took it.

About a week later, me and my friend R, who was extremely drunk at the time, went to a very small gathering at one of his friends house, I was familiar with the people there, but certainly didnt know them. I didn't feel entirely comfortable with my surroundings.

Me and R had previously considered taking the powder earlier on, but giving the time was then 2am, we didnt want to begin tripping at 4am in the morning (we had assumed the drug should be taken orally).

We arrived at this gathering about 2.30am. By 3am there were 7 people left, including R and myself. After the drug being brought up in some discussion, R looked at me nervously and produced the capsule. Out of boredom we decided to split it 4 ways and snort it. The owner of the house seemed to know alot about the drug, however we were only informed of its effects after snorting. I was horrified to learn that it induced vomiting, burning of the sinuses and a very nauseating feeling. I had originally expected the drug to be no more potent than the mushrooms I had done. I was wrong. I decided to smoke some grass, to calm myself down. It didnt help.

As I learned more and more of the negative effects, a wave of fear crept over me, and I began asking more and more questions as the drug set on. I was conscious of this fear and felt that it would surely lead to a bad trip, which again created more waves of panic. All this happened within the come-up - about the first 10 minutes after snorting. Soon, I could no longer even concentrate on my fear, as my mind was ripped apart. The drug seemed to take effect in waves, often with periods of relative lucidity, followed by intense sensory distortion. Time slowed right down. Unfortunately, someone had walked huge amounts of catshit all through the house, and after hearing about the side-effects of the drug, I couldnt stop myself thinking that I had shat myself right there, as the smell was overwhelming.

My mind was soon pulled away by this, as I hallucinated more than I have in my life. The carpet formed all sorts of crazy patterns, which again morphed into pictures and images which I will never remember. Being in the house of a regular user of psychedelics, the walls were covered in scribble and drawings, which melted before my eyes. The lines of the drawings seemed to come apart like snakes, and morph into completely different pictures. I was impressed. Soon however, the nausea I had been dreading approached, and I became desperate to find out whether I had actually shat my pants or not. It was about this time Our 'sitter' left us to our own devices. The only people not on the drug, was a girl who was completely stoned off the weed I had given her, and a guy who lay curled up, seemingly passed out from alcohol consumption.

I made my way to the bathroom. What horror. I had major trouble undressing myself, and must have pulled my pants up and down about 7 times. I could hear laughter from the other room, and assumed it was because of me. It took me a great deal of time to work out that I hadn't shat my pants, and was fine. I felt very sick, but could not vomit.

After about 10 minutes, (what seemed like 2 hrs), I came out to find everyone had completely looped out. My friend R, seemed to be trying to use ESP to communicate with a green couch, and the others were rambling uncontrollably.

'Jesus' I thought, at least I'm relatively aware. Then a wave hit me, and I sat down to enjoy the patterns, which were insane. I felt I was lost in some kind of soup, thats all I can describe it as.

Someone said something about a CD in R's car, and suddenly the thought of the outside world dawned on us. It seemed so far away. R, looked extremely distressed, but tried to act calmly as he agreed to go outside to collect the CD, the girl tripping with us accompanied him, I assumed she wanted to get with him, so I left them alone. Me and the guy who lives there (I forget his name), simply stood in the kitchen and stared at one another, I was engrossed in the tiles, when I saw the masses of catshit everywhere. I was somewhat relieved in that I had not shat myself (although the fear was dispelled earlier, it had still lingered in my mind.) This was confirmation.

Me and the guy started talking, rather awkwardly, seeing as though we didnt know each other. We mainly talked about what effects we were experiencing etc. During this time, I had a mild cramp in my stomach, and generally felt a little sick, although I was still tripping hard, which distracted me.

After a while (time was lost a long time ago), we decided to check on R, and the girl. To our horror R's car was gone. I was especially horrified, considering I had left my car at a bar, which was totally out of walking-distance.

The guy who lived there seemed much more sober than me, and offered to drive me to the bar. I accepted, and as I sat in the passenger seat, I remember seeing all kinds of things on the road, I repeatedly told him to stop the car, as I thought the road was swarming with people.

We got to the carpark at the bar where my car was parked. It was about 530am, no one was around. He was extremely worried about me driving (rightly so), but I assured him, I would sleep in the car until the trip wore off.

After about 20mins in the car, I felt so uncomfortable that I had to drive, there were delivery vans driving through the car park, which caused me intense waves of paranoia.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
I started the car and drove out, thinking I was sober enough. This must have triggered another wave, because almost instantly I had lost my mind, as well as the ability to follow any road rules. My sense of direction was gone as well. I resorted to following other cars, not knowing where they were going, but simply in a desperate attempt to stay on the road.

My mind was in and out of consciousness, often trailing off into bizarre thoughts which seemed to form endless loops of further thought. I occasionally snapped out, and was horrified, I was still driving, appearing to be chasing a taxi, which was speeding off. I quickly turned, went through an intersection, then panicked, turned in the middle of an intersection, through a red light. I looked back and saw a car speeding off away from me, I assumed I had almost died. I came to a large shopping centre car park, and decided to wait it out in the car until I was capable of preserving my own life on the roads.

The carpark was pure horror. I felt myself completely losing it, my legs were shaking uncontrollably, and my shoes were covered in cat shit, which permeated the whole car. The windows were fogged up, and hoping I had gotten over the trip, I gazed out the window, only to realise the patches of fog were taunting me with bizarre patterns, it looked as if transparent leeches were crawling all over the windows. To add to the horror, workers began arriving at the complex, and being in a van, I was completely visible. I tried to pretend I was asleep, thinking they would call the police. I could imagine myself sitting there, stinking of shit, trying to explain to them, I was just taking a nap at 6.15am outside a shopping centre.

After 40 minutes or so of trying to formulate some excuse for myself being there, I decided it was ridiculous. I needed to get home, which was about 30mins drive. I started to drive off, realising that during my time there, someone had chained off all the entrances, escape was impossible. The question then dawned on me: how had I gotten in there? Surely they didnt lock all the gates to the place a few hours before opening? 'My god' I thought, 'what have I done'. I frantically drove to all the exits, unable to concentrate, finally I decided to drive straight over the lawn, and off the curb onto the street. Out of the very few people awake at that time of morning, as I drove off the curb and onto the road, there was a guy walking down the street opposite to me, he turned to see a van speeding towards him through the garden, with some raging drug-fucked psychotic - me - behind the wheel. I simply nodded to him, and skidded off down the road, I could think I no other response.

I found I could just barely drive, although very dangerously. I was blessed to see a sign leading to the freeway, which led to my house. I had previously assumed I was completely lost. During the ride home, I worried intensely for my friend, who had driven off earlier. To add to this worry, my extremely bad driving filled me with paranoia that I would either crash, or be pulled over. I couldnt work out which I wanted more. With many close calls, I managed to get home. I was there before my parents awoke, and quickly went to bed. It was 7am.

This was the scary part. I felt so sick, I felt as if I could not breathe automatically. My hands looked blue, and I found myself losing my breath constantly. I would start to fall asleep, then realised that I had stopped breathing, and force myself awake. I would cough and pant, as I struggled to regain breath. I thought if I fell asleep, I would not wake up. I spent the next three hours leaning against my wall, struggling with my breath, which grew shorter and shorter. I looked at myself in the mirror and was horrified. I looked like a corpse. I was so pale, and my lips were slightly blue.

I felt like I had rocks in my stomach, and my heart occasionally ached. I decided to induced vomiting, thinking that undigested food was clogging my airways, or that my stomach was pushing up against my lungs (I had lost all awareness of my anatomy), it made sense at the time. I realised my parents were now awake, so I snuck into the bathroom, turned on the shower and induced vomiting. After that I took a shower and felt worlds better, although still slightly short of breath.

I awoke at 12am the next morning, a total of 15 hrs sleep. I felt troubled, and could not think straight. I went to bed at 4am, and woke up today at 7pm. I feel unable to concentrate, but I know this is just the comedown. As for the waves I described, this may be associated with the simultaneous smoking of marijuana, it would be interesting if anyone can confirm this.

I still have not heard from my friend R, or anyone else with us.

A piece of advice when taking this drug:

DO NOT DRIVE. I swear I had so many near-death experiences that night, I almost swore never to do drugs again.

SET IT UP. Dont take this stuff at the spur of the moment. Things will go to shit. Unfortunately for me, things like this always happen at the spur of the moment, but this I will never do again with out planning.

RESEARCH: Do not wait to find out about the drug after you've taken it. Know what you're in for and the risks involved. Its no fun finding out you're in for a nightmare at the onset of a trip.

As for whether I will take 2C-T-7 again, I do not know. I will find out what happened to the others, and do some more research. Although snorting was a rush, to avoid the burning, vomiting etc, I will definitely take the next batch orally, if at all.

Stay safe.


Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45405
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 22, 2005Views: 11,077
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2C-T-7 (54) : Difficult Experiences (5), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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