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Sick, with Visions
Cyclizine (Marezine)
Citation:   Donetomuch. "Sick, with Visions: An Experience with Cyclizine (Marezine) (exp45634)". Apr 21, 2008.

12 tablets oral Pharms - Cyclizine (pill / tablet)
I've tried just about every common drug there is to try and have had a positive experience with the majority of them at least for my first time. One of the few exceptions to this that stands out in my mind is your basic motion-sickness 'trip'. I'm not sure what chemical is in these motion sickness pills that make you hallucinate when you overdose on them (which is essentially what you are doing to cause your body to react with hallucinations), but the ones I took were Merazine(spelling?) which I believe are anti sea-sickness pills.

I was 18 or 19 years old at the time and had already experimented with other hallucinagenic drugs like LSD and Mushrooms. I had done Mescaline once and had a really positive trip, and my 2-3 LSD/Mushroom trips were for the most part positive and enjoyable as well. What I was looking for, however, were better hallucinations than I had had on LSD/Mushrooms/Mescaline. Because I was an inexperienced user and the source of the drugs were usually unknown to me, I was never quiet sure how high of a dose I could handle and was afraid of 'overdoing it' and having a bad trip. So I never took enough LSD/Mushrooms to hallucinate anything other than vivid colors, walls breathing, tracers, and general distortion of images. I had heard through stories that for serious hallucinations motion-sickness medication was intense. Plus I didn't have to go very far to find it as it is available at the local drugstore and that eliminated my fear of the unknown source as well.

A good friend of mine with which I smoked weed on a regular basis and I were hanging out one day and we were bored and looking for a little adventure. I don't know how it came up but one of us mentioned taking motion-sickness pills as we had talked about it before together but never acted on it. We both had nothing better to do that day and decided to try it. We drove to the drug store and couldn't find 'Dramamine' but figured 'Merizine' would have the same effect as it was also motion-sickness medication and my buddy said the stories he had heard about included Merizine as the drug used. We drove back to his house to our 'spot' which was his patio outside his room. This place was were my friends and I had spent many a day and night getting stoned and drunk and I was comfortable being there. It was about 5 or 6 in the evening and the sun would be going down soon which was fine with me. The darkness always seemed to comfort me when I was getting high as I felt safer, like people couldn't see that I was fucked up or something cause it was dark out.

I was unsure about the dosage but from the stories I had heard people usually talked of eating anywhere between 10-20 pills. My friend suggested eating 15-18 but just to ere on the side of caution I only ate 12. After I had eaten mine my friend suddenly got cold feet and backed out. This pissed me off of course cause I didn't want to trip alone so after some arguing he ate about 4-5 pills. We sat there for a little bit, I think we might have smoked a bowl and I was still bitter about him backing out on me so I picked another argument with him and left his house to go for a walk on my own.

His house is only a few blocks from a local elementary school so I headed towards it as the sun was setting and it was starting to get dark out. I walked around the school for maybe 1/2 hour and sat down on a bench by some basketball courts. I remember felling a little depressed and lonely and forgot that I had eaten the pills. It had been approx. 45 min to 1 hour since consumption. Suddenly, as I was staring out over the courts, a giant wave of concrete rolled from one side of the courts to the other. I remember thinking 'Holy Shit, I'm in for a wild ride tonight!'

I immediately felt excited and wanted to share with my friend what I had seen so I headed back towards his house. It was completely dark out at this point and my mind started to play tricks on me big time. Everywhere I looked while walking back I was seeing 'shadow monsters'. Every shadow took the form of some person or living thing from the corner of my eye but when I looked directly at it I would see nothing. I was constantly looking behind me as I kept sensing someone or something walking up behind me. This amused me more than scared me as I was able to remind myself that these were the beginning effects of the drug and I knew nobody was really there.

Once I got back to my friends house I apologized to him for picking a fight and we made up. I told him of my experience at the basketball courts and about the shadow monsters. Once inside his lighted room the hallucinations stopped and I felt only anticipation for what was to come. He was busy cleaning up or something and wasn't feeling or seeing anything from his dose and I got the impression that he was just going to watch TV when he was done cleaning and go to bed so I had to find another place to go. I called my girlfriend up and she agreed to come get me and take me back to her apartment. Then I walked a few blocks back to my own house to wait for her. Again I saw the 'shadow monsters' all the way home. When I reached my house I sat there waiting for her and was staring at my front gate when suddenly one of the iron bars went limp and then wrapped around the bar next to it as if it was made of rubber or rope. I blinked my eyes trying to comprehend what I was seeing and in an instant the bars were back to normal.

When my girlfriend arrived I got into her car and on the way back to her place I explained what I had taken and what I was seeing. She seemed mildly amused but it was getting late at this point (around 9 or 10pm) and being that she had school the next morning she went to bed shortly after we got to her place. I sat in her living room smoking cigarettes and thinking when I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. I didn't know what to do with myself and was getting bored so I tried to go to sleep. I joined my girlfriend in her bed and was laying next to her on my side and noticed that she was just staring at me. I asked her 'What? What?' Then she rolled over and I realized she had been laying on her side with her back to me and I had been staring at the back of her head but clearly saw her face with eyes wide open looking at me. She groggily asked me who I was talking to and I said, 'Whoa, I need another cigarette!' I got up and went back into her living room to smoke and think about what I had just seen. I think its important to note here that I kept forgetting that I had taken the pills. Unlike LSD or Mushrooms everything appeared normal and there were no vivid colors or image distortion so it was easy to forget that I was seeing things.

As I sat on her couch and smoked I started talking with another friend of mine who was sitting in the chair across from me. I don't remember exactly what we talked about but it was a normal enough conversation. Then my girlfriend came into the room and asked me who I was talking to. I looked over at the chair where my other friend was sitting and there was nobody there. I was sitting in the dark talking to my hallucination and didn't realize that this was a trick of the mind, a reaction to my overdose of the pills. I clearly saw my friend sitting there and clearly heard him talking to me even though my girlfriend and I were the only ones in the apartment. My girlfriend started laughing at me and said, 'Oh my God, you need some sleep.'

I returned with her to the bedroom and layed down again but the sickness I felt in my stomach earlier only got worse. Then I started to have these brief periods where suddenly all the muscles in my body would tense up and I would shake for 2-5 seconds. This would continue every couple of minutes for the remainder of the night when I was lying down. It was very uncomfortable and most unpleasant. I started to worry that I had taken too many pills and might die. I chased this thought out of my head and returned to the living room to smoke.

In the living room I had a repeat of seeing people who weren't there and having conversations with them. This happened 2-3 more times over the course of the night although my girlfriend never returned to interupt me. The conversations lasted between 5-10 minutes and I kept forgetting about the previous times I had done this. Each time the people would fade away eventually and I realized I was sitting in the dark in an empty living room talking out loud to my hallucinations. One time during the course of one of my conversations I was talking and I looked over at my friend and he had this sort of 'You are out of your fucking mind!' look on his face. I wondered why he was looking at me like that and asked him 'What is it?'. He looked across the room at another friend of mine who had a similar look on his face and then back at me. I realized this time that they weren't really there and the moment I had this thought they slowly faded away and were gone. I felt stupid and foolish that I kept forgetting that I had taken these pills and was talking out loud to people who weren't really there.

After much shaking, sickness, and utter misery and discomfort I was finally able to fall asleep some time early the next morning and when I awoke later I was relieved that the sickness was finally gone.

Some final thoughts: Although I had some of the most intense hallucinations of my life the sickness I felt made the experience not worth it for me. Also, being the only one of my friends to have done it, and done it alone, people were fascinated by my description of it but couldn't relate to it and I wish someone else could have experienced it with me, it's never as much fun to trip alone. Its been 8 years since this experience and I have never wanted to do it again. In my journey with drugs I have found many other substances to be much more enjoyable than motion-sickness meds. As far as hallucinagens go, I would much rather do mushrooms as they are a more spiritual and fulfilling experience, given the right set and setting.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 45634
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 21, 2008Views: 17,764
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Pharms - Cyclizine (234) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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