Heavy Skins and Voices
Belladonna (leaves)
Citation:   Pepperlandman. "Heavy Skins and Voices: An Experience with Belladonna (leaves) (exp45757)". Erowid.org. Apr 11, 2006. erowid.org/exp/45757

500 mg oral Belladonna (tea)
I tried Belladonna last night on my own, and I agree with a lot of people, it is certainly not a drug to be taken lightly, I can not emphasis that enough, but that's just my opinion, and this was only my first time.

I put roughly 0.5 grams of dried leaf into 1 litre boiling water for 10 mins. I let it reduced to around 300ml (a lovely piss colour). I let it cool, the taste reminded me of green tea.

45 minutes later I felt a wavey warmth over my brain, I could feel it playing with my brain chemistry. Different synapes being opened and closed.

2 to 3 hours in I had a minor panic attack, because the dehdration was getting out of control, and I also felt really drunk.

All drugs are toxic, but with Belladonna I felt physically poisoned. I had plently of water... but it just flowed right past my throat, where I needed it. It's an EXTREMELY discomforting situation, and in that very moment I severly regretted taking Belladonna. I just wanted her out my body. Because of this, I'm a little reluctant to try it again so soon.

I can't even begin to explain my dreams/waking dreams, or mystery objects in my room that I couldn't pick. My depth perception was simply not there. I tried to pick up things that actually existed in my room, even tried to open doors, but my hand would go right through them. If I blinked they would disappear, and then suddenly I would be in my bed. The same happened with books, pens and paper. I was reading my book in bed, it was physically there in my hand, I was flipping pages, reading, then it just disappeared!

I woke up the next morning with scratches on my stomach and chest. In between waking and dreaming, I hallucinated several family members who came to pay me a visit. They disappeard too, at a snap of a finger. I found myself talking to myself constantly, even when dreaming. It was absolutely randon jibberish, mumbling. Should have recorded it.

I was feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin. I threw up. My heart was pumping so fast. My penis shrunk to a far smaller size, to a quarter of its size, and it was difficult to urinate, not painful, just a real effort. Never could I fully empty my bladder.

My choice of drug is cannabis and shrooms, and I've tried at least 5/6 LSD trips.

I was expecting a europhic high from Belladonna, a connection with my surroundings, transcendence, but what I got from Belladonna was a vague wake/dream/drunk stuper. All I can say it was unusual, and that I have fear for this specific plant.

I was in control of myself, but with a high dose I think I could have lost myself somewhere easily. Sure there's the Belladonna high/drug effects, which are very curious and different, but I found it very unnerving and I wanted that drug out of my system asap. I felt I wasn't full there, like the plant tucked me away into a dark corner of my brain for a few hours. Thats why they have sittes.

I really did feel the toxic effects in my cells. I polluted my ocean, and really the toxics feel heavy in my body and mind. It wasn't a good experience or a bad one, it was just the dehydration that was making me panic and this horrible sensation right underneath my skin, mostly on my legs. I also felt a strong gravitation effect, which made it difficult to move. At that very time the deydration was severe, and the opposite walls of my throat were glued together.

Any higher dose, I believe I would have lost my mind. 0.5g dried grams was enough me. In the future I think I may try it again, but thats a long way off. It really is a heavy poison.

From this experience I've learned to not panic, its very important not to, I was so close to physically sprinting to the local hospital 10 miles away for no logical reason, it was an urgent feeling to get help. I had to just try and take it easy, deal with my dehydration quickly and all the time, because I could have easily gotten lost and confused. Such a mind altering experience, but I can't remember much of it.

The Belladonna trip finished around 10 hours ago (it was in my dreams too).

Side effects are a little rough however. Hot and cold flushes, nausea, sensitive eyes (my pupils returned to normalcy the next morning), fast heart rate, paranoia.

Know myself and the plant first, moderate the dose (I think 0.5g was a lot for my first try), but no means is it a recreational drug, I've been warned.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45757
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2006Views: 39,373
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