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I Found the Hallucinations Really Amusing
by mike
Citation:   mike. "I Found the Hallucinations Really Amusing: An Experience with Brugmansia (exp45864)". Jul 14, 2018.

1 flower oral Brugmansia (tea)


Nice Hallucinations

I found alot of Angel's trumpetes growing in our neighbourhood and one day I picked some flowers. I started out with small dosages until. The 3rd time I took a whole flower and made a tea out of it. The taste was actually good. After about 1/2 h I got my legs got shake just as if I was drunk. After an hour the trip began.

I got a really dry mouth which was the only negative thing I experience. For my friends, who were only drinking beers, it became more and more difficult to understand what I was talking and I had to concentrate to speak clearly. I was also talking a lot of nonsense what my friends obviously found amusing.

I went to the bathroom where I was talking to the toilet, I though a billiard ball was an apple and almost bit in it. 3 hours in the trip a friend of mine brought me home to his place what was good but at this time I didn't see reason for that. There I thought I saw my friend's dad and said hallo to him, but my friend told me that there was nobody.

In his room I was playing guitar, really good actually until I recognized that I was just sitting there with my hands in my pocket.

By the time I felt fine again I walked home. My friend came with me to watch over me. It was about a 15 min walk and I was talking to him the whole time. Not far my house my friend just turned around and disappeared into thin air. During that night I still talked to a lot of imaginary people, was smoking an imaginary cigarette (I am a non smoker)and did a lot of other weird stuff how I was told.

The next morning my vision was blury until the afternoon. Besides that and the dry mouth while tripping I found it really amusing. But I guess I kind of scared my friends with that since they were all a little bit worried about me.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45864
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2018Views: 1,090
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Brugmansia (84) : Various (28), Personal Preparation (45), Hangover / Days After (46), General (1)

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