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Spiritual Ego Orgasm
LSD, Fluoxetine, & Cannabis
by Thee Observer
Citation:   Thee Observer. "Spiritual Ego Orgasm: An Experience with LSD, Fluoxetine, & Cannabis (exp4609)". Dec 28, 2001.

4.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)


The first few times i tried acid i didn't seem to be very effected by it. I would only hallucinate if i were in a familiar environment, like in my room, and it had to be dark too. I never used to experience any kind of transendece or spiritual experience.

This must have been due to the different anti-depressants i was taking during those first trips. For the record, they were all SSRIs, and they seemed to greatly hinder the effects of LSD on me. I always read about amazing sensations, this and that melting, all these bright colors, everywhere. I was disappointed that i never experienced these things.

Anyway, i recently have come off my medication and LSD is like a whole new drug for me. I had my day pretty much planned out. Since i didn't have to work, and I would have the house to myself for at least a couple of hours, i decided i was going to experiment with at least twice the dosage of LSD i've had before. Although in the past i've taken up to seven hits, that was when my medication was interfering. I had bought these tye dye hits before, and i was stunned by their effects. I thought that i should be cautious in how much i take since i was off my medication.

Tthe first time i took them i only took two, and they blew my mind. Today, i took 4 - 4 1/2 hits, of what i assume were about 100-150 ug each. I had taken them at 2:00 pm, which gave me 45 minutes until school let out, and one hour until i got home. The idea was to be peaking as soon as i got home. Thank god that i had finally bought a glass pipe just recently, i was in no condition to try to roll a joint, besides a joint of this bud in combination with the acid would have driven me mad.

So when i got home i smoked a bowl of some nicely potent grass.
Then i laid in my bed, with my blue lava lamp tinting the dark room, and listening to Radiohead. As i attempted to mumble the lyrics, encompassing visions appeared to me in my room, all around me. The acid colors combined with the structure of thc hallucinations to create very vivid, yet obscure images which i can't recall, but are of no real importance. the importance of this trip is in the physical experience i was having.

I felt as though my skin were smeared with some warm, thick, wet ooze which was penetrating and massaging every pore of my face. i could feel the serotonin in my brain giving me the most euphoric feeling i've ever experienced. When my mouth opened to utter a lyric i could feel the tingling of the ooze invading my mouth and throat. The relaxation i felt, the utter euphoria, transcended even the peak of orgasm. When i then had an orgasm my mind, body, everything that i thought i knew, and that i thought was good and amazing, it was all blown away by this cannabis-acid orgasm.

The warmth and euphoria i felt during this experience is now incomprehensible to me. I can only hope to experience it again in the near future, and this time attempt to to get somethign more out of it than physical gratification. I am still under the influence of the residual effects of LSD now. The typical tattered mind, exhausted and reeling. still slight visual distortions and brightness.

Tomorrow i guess i'll really know if this experience had any affect on myself and my outlook. i don't see how it couldn't have.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4609
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 28, 2001Views: 10,485
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Pharms - Fluoxetine (80), LSD (2) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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