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Get Better as Asking Questions
Acacia obtusifolia (extract)
Citation:   Samanthe. "Get Better as Asking Questions: An Experience with Acacia obtusifolia (extract) (exp46139)". Mar 19, 2006.

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  smoked Acacia (tar / resin)
A friend and I decided to smoke Acacia obtusifolia extract to mark the closing of several days of self-inquiry and metaprogramming, enjoyed at a beautiful private property several hours outside the city where we lived. The night before we had each done 100 mg of MDMA and had a sweet evening of bonding and magical work. We were poised to dismantle our altar and drive back to the city.

The plan was to each formulate a question to ask of the Acacia spirit, in the style of an elder for whom we had sat three days before. At that time, we sat for her as she smoked hit after hit of Acacia (a new substance for her) and sought answers to a succinct question. This woman has been working with psychedelics for 40 years and is an inspiring example of their mindful use. When she came out of the experience, she began relating what answers had emerged to her question and we transcribed them onto her computer for future reference. I felt honored to witness her introduction to a new material. Here, several days later, I was to have my own modest taste of it.

The Encounter
I’m really not inclined toward the blast-off technicolor mindbending excursion of smoked DMT, which I once promised myself I would never do again. But I had heard such interesting things about the gentleness of Acacia that I forged past my fear to try it.
My friend prepares the pipe with the smoking blend, showing me the intended crumb of resinous brown extract. “Oh just half of that, please.” My intention is to have a taste, an introduction, not a trip. Wreathed by the silence of the woods around the yurt where this is taking place, I state my question and take a sip of the smoke. Then I try another. A sudden feeling of gravity surges down my body, startling me into quickly handing my friend the pipe. Then I close my eyes, steady my breath, sit up straight, get attentive to what I see, and revisit my question. I throw in some prayers and affirmations for good measure.

I am present and in control rather than feeling required to endure something I can’t handle. This is a smooth encounter, a conversation, rather than a journey. The visuals are extremely mild; muted dark blues and yellows form gently morphing arabesques. I attempt to scan what I am seeing and feeling for “meaning” and whether there is a response to the scanning (there isn’t really). I notice how my body feels—very gravity-bound, on-the-earth, with no unusual tension; is this what people mean by feeling grounded? Because this is not how I usually feel. The vibrations become evenly distributed, with a concentration behind one of my eyes.

I realize that my questions were too big for this experience, no “answers” are coming through, but what I am left with is “learn to ask better questions” which is a fine bit of insight. Also, the medium of the information seems to be embodied rather than just thoughts. I can see focusing more on the body sensations with breath and movement, to elicit more information, or release of blockages.

After about 10 minutes, feeling serene, regal and comfortable in my body, I open my eyes and look at my sitter-friend. Once her experience is over, I write down some brief reflections in my journal.

What a treat to have explored a tryptamine without feeling overwhelmed. I would work with this material again.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46139
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 19, 2006Views: 31,698
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Acacia (77) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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