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Trans Pyschey Express Railroads Aren't Short
Citation:   Rie de Soleil. "Trans Pyschey Express Railroads Aren't Short: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (exp46244)". Sep 29, 2005.

1 hit oral Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
[Erowid Note: Some blotter sold and thought to be Bromo-Dragonfly has been shown to actually contain DOB. There is reason to suspect that some or even all descriptions of Bromo-Dragonfly on blotter are instead, DOB, LSD, or another long acting compound.]

This drug has been through my system numerous times, and I feel only post enlightenment awareness. I have taken one tab, half a tab, and a quarter, only to find sheer intensity differs, not length. The experiences in fact, were about as positive as one could imagine. Waiting three hours is nonsense. If I come from a lighter attitude and disregard observed time, the drug kicks in while I remember what it is like to be a human being again.

The visual-audio hallucinations were basically a synaesthesia in of itself. Mild indeed. However, the chemical operons interfering with each other in the brain do have a high affinity, resulting in a long 'trip'. I would personally relate the feeling of the substance as 'stripping reality of the bullshit'. It's amazing what a state of heightened sense of awareness can tell me about the people I am with. Communication between people exists only as visual data and sensory data (sense of touch). This may seem odd for anyone reading this. Hippie shit I think not. In fact, that's what this drug also dangles in the face of the user. What people say and why they say it. A person may say a relatively casual thing, such as 'hippie shit', or 'that's pretty gay'. What I noticed is that the people uttering these common phrases really don't understand what they're saying. They are simply repeating a line which they know leads to friendship or a common belief in another person. I don't need bromo-dragonfly to recognize this out, only a quick mind.

The idea that time is really unimportant to everyday living is more sane than the person who would conversely be calling me insane. I was reading a drug rehab website's featured principle displayed on their website. It spoke of being reduced to a mere fundamentalist, living each day the same, in black and white and shades of gray. Using this idea as a template about people, observations of how society operates is understandable in a very real manner while immersed in public. People’s eye’s contain intense amounts of information, or lack thereof. They radiate color when they are happy, and they are sickly gray when withdrawn and lost. I experienced feelings like this before hallucinating, but it manifested a little bit while on bromo-dragonfly.

This drug lasts between 15-30 hours, which requires an entire day (one earth revolution). Cycles also become very exposed while on bromo-dragonfly. We are seemingly a people on the verge of success or destruction, built upon empires of people with manageable, organized lifestyles. Sound crazy? Really, when time loses meaning, I just sit there. I sit until a feeling begins to pour inside of me. I begin to realize that I'm completely conscious of every sensation conceivable. I say conceivable because feeling things that are not there becomes very real when intensely focused on, as a monk may do during prayer. These 'illusions' may seem like 'hippie shit' to those who may not do drugs, skeptics of manmade chemicals, or even others who have tried bromo-dragonfly. The fact remains that we create our reality based on our attitudes throughout each living day. Each living day also contains a living night, where we dream of distant worlds. I may wake up in my bed tomorrow and believe whatever it is I want to believe (Matrix?). I don't need drugs to realize this. I need an open mind receptive to that idea.

Back to cycles. With the heightened state of awareness, it is also possible to observe those not operating only at functional level. Watching friends, families, and all of nature really broadcasts a strong positive vibration. It is when we dissect and detach from the whole and begin feeling ill one way or another, that leads through an unsatisfying lifestyle. When I became conscious of both options simultaneously, I had no choice but to look in to the light. Most people dissecting or detaching from the world have little love in their life. It is the love I saw in the friends, family and nature which really set the undertones of my 'trip'.

In personal context, I also stopped my lifestyle while vibrating on bromo-dragonfly. I was allowed to question my existence and what lifestyle had I been living? Introspection is huge while on psychedelics, this one in particular. I have been smoking marijuana from some time (4-5 years now), and questioned what that was really all about. Who was I? Who am I? Who will I become? These are all very real questions which we all deal with on a daily basis. We acknowledge them all the time when we judge people, when we clothe ourselves, and especially what say and do. Again, tripping only defined these instances, I was already open to them prior to the drug intake. This led me to the arts.

People in the fine arts are also conscious of their realities. They too, feel instances of 'life'. We even see evidence when we go to museums. We then get to say, that's what this person did, that's who they were, and that is what they became of. I can hear it when I listen carefully to my favorite song/artist's lyrics or messages in general. What is the message being conveyed? Again, my undertones provided a good backbone for my psychedelic experiences. I cannot stress how important it is. This is without any argument, a 'use' drug. Abuse of this drug would be similar to literal bible thumping: Painful, taboo, surreal, empty, draining, and overwhelmingly sacrilegious. I encourage those reading to ask whether or not social relationships are well or not.

Bromo-dragonfly really brings reality in to my entire cerebrum. This includes everything physical (body, bodily secretions, desires for food and water), everything emotional (fear, anger, appreciation, love) and how emotions affect my relationships with myself, friends, family, strangers, and even something greater if desired. This is mainly like a video and sound booth for my brain, like a real nice yamaha setup. Colors become vivid, enhanced, and almost energetic (is light a wave or particle or both or neither?) Sounds also do the same, but in a different system inside the brain, the auditory system. The constant buzzing and pulsing of the dragonfly cruises in and out of sound, light, feeling, smell, tastes, and especially mentally (in the frontal lobe).

I opened myself up to nature, and found a new love in nature. I opened myself up to healing, and became a healer. (I stretch and exercise, eat organics, and vaporize marijuana, not smoking it). I feel this drug is completely safe in the hands of someone who understands what the concepts of respect and appreciation mean. In my case, I started with a little, and came out with a lot more. I never felt violent ever on it (then again I usually don't ever, rarely when I drink alcohol). This is only humble advice from a young man, whose only offering is that of information, insight, and intuition. The likelihood of bromo-dragonfly coming into the hands of those who have it is little, and those who have it or had it will eventually learn why it came to them. Free your spirit and your mind and see what you can find - chain them tightly down and gain an unsightly frown. Life is beautiful - love it, live it, and if need be, alter it for an instance to recognize what it really is.

I don’t know whether the drug made me a better person, or it was inherently destined to happen, or if the drug was contained in my destiny. What I do know is where I am going. I wish to eliminate marijuana which I am so fond of, because I lack intimate relationships, and that Marijuana was my “whatever man, it’ll happen sometime” voice. People thing taking hallucinogens will make you crazy. Maybe. But what drives most people “insane” is their lack of love in their life living isolated, detached lives. This drug is life altering, and I thank God it was for the better. I love pot so much, yet the dragonfly directed me to a set of symbols which made me feel I must move on. To let people know that they can be people, and shouldn’t feel judged for being people.

For the record, all these feelings were reinforced when time came to dealing with funerals of loved ones as of recent. I’ve never dealt with death before, however the natural course of events led to two separate, natural deaths. Confronted with such emotional discharge, the feelings I felt before dragonfly consumption, during it, and after the fact were all similar in that I desired to feel loved and felt loved. Again all things considered, why would I want to alter my reality for 15-30 hours? What will come of it? I found out one way. And I realize now that many religious folk find out by meditating, praying, and filling their fundamental roles with color, meaning, and love. It explains why so many closely knit, third world country peoples live happier as people. All sorts of mental ailments are coming from Americans today as a result from a poor lifestyle. I do not claim my life is better or worse than anyone else’s is. That is irrelevant in context to no time, and to love. This drug does lower appetite; then again my mom once told me that hunger leaves when love enters. Please think before acting. Thinking is our greatest evolutionary adaptation. We are mammals who need to interact with each other like all other mammals. When we think about it though, we find a deeper more powerful love, a spiritual one.

Willy Wonka demonstrates this quite well through the eyes of Tim Burton, as psychedelic buzz turns this movie into a human conquest for meaning at the deepest level. Movies are good, but when I think about them, they glow. When I finally get a girlfriend, may she glow among the stars and the moon when I should be dreaming. I could wake up and find this glowing girl from my dream next to me, only to realize that I never fell asleep, and that she is a dream come true the one night I did not sleep. (All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. --Thomas E. Lawrence)

I put a lot of time into this because time doesn’t matter- it’s at my disposal. Whether or not you read till the end is at your disposal, which is why time doesn’t matter to me. If it matters to you than it does. If not, then welcome. May this document find its way. May you find your way. May peace find its way. And may art establish itself in all of its form for ever.
Art is not illegal, do it all the time!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46244
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2005Views: 16,231
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Bromo-Dragonfly (349) : Unknown Context (20), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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