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Going to the Divine Picture Theater
Citation:   Nesta. "Going to the Divine Picture Theater: An Experience with DPT (exp46260)". Erowid.org. Apr 23, 2007. erowid.org/exp/46260

45 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)
for a little background information, i'm a 20 year old man who is quite experienced with psychedelics for someone so young, though i only started tripping several years ago. i've had around 30 psilocybe cubensis trips, almost all from mushrooms i cultivated myself. i've tripped on lsd about 10 times or so, and tripped on 2C-B about 8 or 9 times. i've had about 10 full blown salvia divinorum experiences, with 7x, 10x, and 20x extracts. i've used peruvian torch once and DXM about six or seven times, with the most intense experience being third plateau. i've also experiemented with less than desirable results with AL-LAD, AMT, and morning glories. the night before this experience was my first experience with 2C-E, and i've taken rolls about 5 times, at least one of them in combination with mushrooms. i had a lot of experience with tripping, but this was the wierdest thing i've ever come across, and i wasn't sure if i would be able to handle it. sure enough i was, and it turned out to be a beautiful experience.

so against what was probably better judgment i tripped for two days in a row, though normally i try to ensure at LEAST a week between trips. the night before last i tried out the 2C-E i got in the mail, and it was interesting, has some potential, but last night was spectacular, and i tried insufflated DPT HCL for my first time.

first of all, let me assure you i have no intentions of distributing DPT to anybody, even personal friends of mine. i feel this substance is simply too powerful, too earth shattering, and while i had what felt like a beuatiful, spiritual experience, to others it may be a nightmarish glimpse of insanity. certainly i had very little control and very little understanding of what was happening until it was mostly over. i dont think the general public should use something like this for fun, and i do not encourage many of you to set about to try it, unless you believe wholeheartedly in your ability to be propelled to some of the strangest mental states you can possibly experience. i used a relatively low dose, and i was awestruck. this isn't like taking a couple hits of weak blotter.

i ordered 250mg, but was sent a packet labeled as 500mg, but my paypal was charged the amount for 250mg, so i guess it's ok. however what isn't ok is that it wasn't quite 500mg, i weighed it on my .1g accuracy scale and it came out to just barely above .4g, so im guessing its 400-425mg. it was a very voluminous substance, and it was a task but still a relatively simple one to cut it into 8 approximately equal piles. there was some minor variation due to human error, of course, but i dont expect any of them to lie outside the range of about 40-60mg each, mostly centered around the 50mg area. each pile was put in a seperate gelatin capsule for storage, and the eight capsules were put in a baggy in the freezer for storage.

yesterday around 5:45 PM i removed one of the apparently lesser doses and dumped it out onto my chessboard on my coffee table. i cut it into two small lines. i planned on just doing one, waiting a little while until i knew if i could do more or not, and then deciding what to do from there. i had read that 25mg is the recommended initial dose for insufflation to see if you could handle a higher dose or not. so what the hell, i had plenty left....

i sniffed up the first half of the first line in my left nostril, the remainder of it in my right nostril, and then lay down on my couch. i waited approximately 10 minutes and then felt the first few little signs of tryptamine onset, and noticed how natural and gentle it felt. this was nothing to be afraid of...it has the potential to be very intense, i could tell right then, but it wasnt scary and wasn't like being shot out of a cannon into another universe, like injected or smoked DMT or DPT is said to be. i want to say the come up was intense, but that would be a lie. it was very, very fast though. within probably about 20-25 minutes of first starting to do the first line, i was peaking. its hard to say, though, because a moment seemed like an eternity. it wasn't intense, but fast, yet very natural feeling. it didn't feel like 'coming up' at all, it wasn't any struggle, there was no nervousness or discomfort other than a not so well feeling nose....by the time i stopped focusing on feeling the pain, i was THERE all of a sudden. something clicked and i was in the strangest mindspace i've ever inhabited. it wasn't coming up, it was falling into the DPT experience. gently, softly sinking into psychedelia as effortlessly as imaginable. once there it was a bumpy ride, though.

i experienced my first full blown psychedelic induced (rather than meditative) ego-death. i did not exist beyond my capacity to have thoughts, my capacity to have visions, and my capacity to have physical sensation, and while i continuously had all of these things it very, very rarely occurred to me that these things could be assosciated with one another and seen as one personal being. i was thrown around in a chaotic maelstrom of mental activity, with thoughts slipping in and out of my mind faster than i'd ever thought possible. i had visions with eyes closed as i began to leave behind any visual connection to the 'real' world and saw things beyond description. among the most recurrent and memorable things was the sight of a person with multiple sets of eyes that looked somewhat like me...sometimes two sets of eyes, one right above the other, sometimes three sets. i also had 'visions' of similar types with my eyes open staring at the ceiling (i couldn't do too much else) though it wasn't as if i could see things projected on the ceiling in front of me, it was more as if i could at the same time look at the ceiling and open up a third eye looking at a completely different place in space, a different dimension even. that was where i saw things with my eyes open, in my brain, not near or around my physical self.

i don't know how long this trance-like state lasted, but judging by the clock, which i checked only periodically and which had little meaning to me, i was like this for an hour to an hour and a half...two hours to be quite generous. after the nearly immediate peak i enjoyed a more comfortable 3-4 hour decline, where i continued to enjoy a spacy psychedelic state similar to a moderate dose of mushrooms or lsd, but with a very distinctive feeling to it. i kept thinking 'this is the perfect psychedelic' and while i enjoyed my 2C-E experience, it wasn't as nice or useful as most illegal psychedelics. DPT, on the other hand, i found much BETTER than most illegal psychedelics. it is definitely, even after only a single use, my sacrament of choice. i cannot believe that it is not scheduled, and i will do what little is within my power to keep it unscheduled for as long as possible. i will not allow my friends to purchase this off of my for any price unless i feel SURE that they can handle this, and i will not divulge my sources to any more people unless i trust they won't misuse it. i don't want this to start being used by people that are likely to get themselves into some kind of trouble with it.

while coming out of the peak experience, i put in a dvd of bjork music videos. it meshed VERY VERY well with the DPT and i often had trouble recognizing what was cinematography and what was the drug effects. when the dvd was over i just relaxed for the rest of the evening and allowed myself to move about a bit more and smoke some pot and such. though i smoked a lot of pot, i didnt feel very stoned. rather, it seemed to prolong the time it took to come down. though i wasn't tripping per se after 9 oclock or so, i couldnt sleep until about 3. the experience felt entirely natural and beautiful at the time, but in retrospect it was so alien and wierd that i had a little bit of a creeped out feeling for most of the rest of the evening. i have absolutely no regrets however, and the experience was profoundly moving.

i'm still at something of a loss for adequate words to describe the experience and believe that much of this was probably rambling on. let me say that this is almost exactly how i've always imagined a DMT experience would be, with a few differences and of course less of a psychedelic-bullet-to-the-brain effect than most usual DMT routes of administration. this substance makes me feel reborn, makes me feel a whole new enthusiasm for psychedelic use and exploration. i just can't tell you how wonderful it was.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46260
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 23, 2007Views: 11,742
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