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A Powerful Experience
Salvia Divinorum
Citation:   Overthedge. "A Powerful Experience: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum (exp46263)". Feb 9, 2021.

T+ 0:00
4 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
  T+ 0:05 1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I have had quite a bit of experience with salvia before, I particularly enjoy it.

On an evening some time ago I was watching TV somewhat bored I decided to smoke some salvia, which I hadn't done in some time. I constructed a rudimentary water bong from a water bottle, pen, gum, and aluminum foil.I got some leaf I had purchased online some time ago and headed outside to my porch. It was nearing dark outside, the less the light the better I have found to be the best way to experience salvia, and had about 4 “bowls” of the leaf.

Almost immediately after I completed my last “bowl” I began to feel it. The air seemed crisper, the wind in the trees became louder sounding and I felt everything around me spinning. My vision became very narrow, limited to only the center of its normal range. The one thing that I have always felt when doing salvia is this pressure, it pushes me. It feels like a strong wind or hand that is almost always coming from my front right side making it hard to walk and if laying down makes me feel like I am being pushed into the ground. I particularly enjoy it, never have I felt anything like it and I consider myself particularly experienced with psychedelics.

After about 5 min. I decide to go all the way and get some 17-times extract I purchased at a head shop. Believe me this stuff is strong it doesn’t take much for a full blown psychedelic experience, I am not sure of the exact amount I used but it was only a pinch between my thumb and index finger not much at all just enough to cover the bottom of the bowl probably about 1/10 of a gram if I had to estimate. I torched this, in one inhale I cleared the bowl, held it for about 20 seconds and exhaled.

Then reality completely left me, the porch I was sitting on completely disappeared and I saw colors much like I would see on an acid trip swirling around me. Then, they formed to make objects like simple things, simple patterns and checkerboard patterns. The bright colors then integrated to form two men in what appeared to me as cowboy work outfits sawing a tree with a double handled saw. The ones used with two people on opposite sides to cut big trees. I was able to see myself sitting in the chair. I tried to move my leg but was unable too. I was completely unable to move. The only thing I could move were my eyes.

A second later I heard something and looked to my right where another chair had been at one time before I began my journey and saw a man sitting in it. It felt so real, he appeared normal like someone I would see walking down the street. This was the only time I have every smoke salvia where I clearly heard and understood what one of the hallucinations said. This man said: “Hi there. Its been a long time hasn’t it? I haven’t seen you in a long while.”
I clearly heard and understood what one of the hallucinations said. This man said: “Hi there. Its been a long time hasn’t it? I haven’t seen you in a long while.”
He chuckled and turned to look at the men sawing the tree in front of me. I sat unmoving watching the scene play out in front of me.

After some time and a few more visuals I began to return and color swirls. I felt very happy and content like I had just learned a long anticipated truth. Mobility came back to me, I was able to move again about 5 min. later. Within about 15 minutes after consuming the extract most all of it wore off and within 30-40 min I felt completely normal again.

I have had other trips, some more intense then this but for some reason this one stuck in my head, the men I saw and the one that spoke to me struck me. I have had other trips where my body has disintegrated to dust being blow away by the wind where the only thing left was my soul that I saw as a bright light, and others where I saw one of my friends as a train laughing at me in a cartoon world. Some seem to be more profound while others seem to be just weird.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46263
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 9, 2021Views: 555
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