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Lethargically Fucked Up!!!
2C-T-7, Alcohol, GHB & Cannabis
Citation:   NeonSoul. "Lethargically Fucked Up!!!: An Experience with 2C-T-7, Alcohol, GHB & Cannabis (exp4631)". Jan 15, 2001.

T+ 0:00
  shots oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 0:59 1 shot oral Alcohol (liquid)
  T+ 3:00 10 mg insufflated 2C-T-7 (powder / crystals)
First a little background info. I'm a just a guy in high school that likes expanding his mind. Although I've tried LSD, Mushrooms, and 2C-T-7 before I hadn't really had a complete mind blowing trip before. I've taken 2C-T-7 on numerous occasions always oral. The last doses a little under the 50mg mark although it had always affected me it was the sort of thing that I almost thought was all just in my mind..placebo style.

I'm no addict and like to distance myself from some methods of taking drugs which includes injection and snorting. In this case though I had a much smaller quantity of 2C-T-7 and probably wouldn't get anymore for a *very* long time if ever. To make it go the extra mile I decided to try snorting it; something I had never done.

I had just got back from picking up my 2C-T-7 and some GHB which I had not tried before. I planned on crashing but as soon as I was home I got a call about a party going on in town. Looking forward to testing out the GHB I came over pronto. I had been given directions to start with a teaspoon of GHB then move up to another 1/2 in the next glass of juice.

Thats exactly what I started with...a teaspoon and some Capri Sun. I sipped it slowly and waited...nothing I tried another teaspoon in some cranberry juice. Waited...nothing. I took a break. During this break the party completely dissolved all the women left and most of the guys. Only four of us remained. I went back to the GHB and my three friends started on it. Eventually I was taking shots with someone (of GHB). I was still being careful I wasnt too fucked up with breaks inbetween etc. Finally I was sufficently messed up.

GHB is an interesting drug: in my mind I was very fucked up and it felt like my eyes were just moving around in random directions whereas in reality I was walking alright and my eyes were fine. I really like it in that respect (this was verified with video footage :) ).

We got to talking and figured out nobody else was going to be coming out to the house. Might as well just fuck ourselves up badly it had been awhile since that had happened. One of my friends complained about things spinning really fast (something I hadnt noticed tho I had drank a lot of GHB too) and went to his room and crashed it was maybe 1 or 2 AM when that happened. Another of my friends crashed on the couch suddenly. So there was just my friend 'Billy' (not real name) and I sitting at the table. We put some GHB in some beer. I had heard not to mix but at this point I had stayed up late enough and figured even if I passed out it would be cool because I wasnt feeling sick at all and wouldnt be throwing up. I had a little I was drinking it hella slow because I wanted to play it on the safe side. I think there might have been a shot o everclear somewhere in there too I know my friend was drinking a lot of GHB and hard a.

I remembered about my 2C-T-7 capsule I had brought and busted it out. It was 22mg we made two lines, mine was a little bigger but not by much. I was reluctant to snort it because I had heard it felt like a bitch and never snorted anything before. It actually wasnt all that bad. I mean it hurt like a bitch but not nearly as bad as I was expecting...besides I forgot about it pretty quick.

One thing you have to understand about 2C-T-7 is when you take a capsule orally it can take AT LEAST 2 1/2 hours to start to work. I snorted it and within 10 minutes I was tripping hardcore. I went into the bathroom right after snorting it because my nose hurt and I was just wondering how fucked up I looked. The tiles of the floor started going wavy...melty like the mirror likewise. Anyone who has done acid or 2C-T-7 knows what I mean. Pretty soon everything was doing this. I mean everything all over just distorting. I was amazed it looked so realistic from any angle. Soon random sparkles were showing up, as well as some patterns, lights were much brighter and left sparkles/split, tracers on my friend when he walked around. Soon I noticed an interesting body load and dropped to my knees. 2C-T-7 has always done this to me it feels as if my entire body is flexed or ready to act all the time and relaxed at the same time. Hard to explain, its not a negative or postive effect in my book. As I sat there I noticed I was drooling. My friend and I still hadnt talked at all since dosing...we were gone.

I looked over and 'Billy' was in the bathroom puking his guts up. When I say guts thats seriously what it looked like to me. If this was from the hard a, beer, ghb, 2C-T-7 or a little of both I dont know. I went over there but it smelled like shit. I have no idea how much time had passed by then but I was seriously fucked up. I was cold all over from the outside-in something that always happens with 2C-T-7 and me again. I went into a room that we had set up and laid down under the covers. Everyonce in awhile I started to shake. Still it was amazing I was out of my mind. My mind and its thoughts were liquid they just flowed. It actually felt like liquid. My friend came in to lay down also.

We got up after a few minutes and went back into the living room where we dosed. Billy started randomly cleaning now. It was the heighth of his trip he later informed me. He cleaned the entire living room as I just sat there talking to him now and then. Sounds during the heights of the experience were oddly uncomfortable. Seriously Im not so sure I would want to listen to music which is something I always am doing. I went in and out of the bathroom. What a rank sight and smell! Eventually the smell (I think) made me throw up. Once it was out I felt *a lot* better. I just sat on the tiles of the bathroom staring at my vomit as it changed forms it looked like some sort of alien/starfruit like object. I flushed it and looked up there was some sort of saint or crusafix-ish picture above the toilet the colors waved in and out of the picture. The figure told me to get up and wake up one of my friends who was in his room. I ran in there with Billy and we got him up for awhile but he was pretty much out for good. The floors were at this point amazing..they were literally waves crashing against my feet. I looked at his wall and checked out the posters. Dali posters were as always great, but surprisingly the best was a Beatles poster. The band members faces were colorful negatives (thats the best way to describe it) and on 2ct7 they took on a life of their own, amazing.

The rest of the night was Billy and I getting into bed saying we are going to sleep completely tripping out or getting into wierd ass conversations then getting back up walking around getting back in bed etc. At around 5 AM the visuals had died down as far as distortions etc. and we entered this conversation stage. We would just start laughing and couldnt stop for anything we laughed non stop for the longest time it hurt. Then we would stop and start laughing again a few minutes later.

That night was a long fucked up series of events. I had been drooling, shaking, and puking during the trip. It was very hardcore. My friend who has done way more drugs than I have or ever will probably said it was the strongest thing he had ever taken. He told me while he was laying down that green slugs were crawling on him and slapping his face...I dont doubt it.

I consider myself lucky I didnt snort the entire capsule as I had planned. This is just another reminder to be careful with substances. Even I who had had a fair amount of experience with lucky seven simply changed the dosing method and had a much more powerful mind blowing experience.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4631
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 15, 2001Views: 8,923
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2C-T-7 (54), Alcohol (61), GHB (25) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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