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What a combo
H.B. Woodrose Seeds & Salvia divinorum
by Mad Scientist
Citation:   Mad Scientist. "What a combo: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose Seeds & Salvia divinorum (exp4634)". Erowid.org. Dec 30, 2001. erowid.org/exp/4634

11 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)


My friends and I are very interested in entheogens and decided to try out some 'legal' ones. So we ordered Morning Glories, Hawiian Baby Woodrose, and Salvia divinorum from a company called Pure Land Ethnobotanicals(www.ethnobotanicals.com *check it out*). As soon as the package arrived I, being the scientist of the group, started a water extraction of the HBWRs by first crushing and then soaking the seeds in water overnight. Each of our teas had been made with about 11 seeds and were all filtered prior to drinking. Dramamine was taken 15 minutes before to help with any nausea but we had plenty of weed to take care of that problem if necessary.

We all consumed our teas the next evening(8 pm) at my friend A's house since his mom was going to be out. My friend M and I both drank all of our tea and A only drank half of his. Since I had been fasting the day before, the effects began showing up after 5-10 minutes. It felt very much like coming up on cid with feelings of alertness, body sensations, and a zoomed feeling. Unfortunently A was having some nausea but he says that he never hurled. M and I were basically fine and I noticed only mild tightness in my stomach the whole night. After about an hour I was getting some mild visual effects. At this point the psychological and physical effectes had become very strong. M and I were talking about how good we were feeling and agreed this was like acid without the dirty, cracked out feeling you get from it. The seeds have a much cleaner high that really open the doors for some good intellecual insights. Unlike acid they make you want to sit instead of dance or move around.

At this point we decided to smoke a bowl(of weed, not Salvia) in praise of the Gods and Goddesses that make drugs so cool. We loaded some good shit into A's glass piece and went out to sit on the back porch. Our vision was really enhanced on the seeds. I could see perfectly even though it was a pretty dark night. The THC accentuated the LSA just like it does for LSD. My OEVs were much more pronounced and my CEVs were downright incredible. We cashed the bowl and went back inside to investigate the kitchen, I was f*cking starving from all the previous fasting and we all pigged out major league. This was very odd because I can't eat a thing tripping acid. Sitting at the table eating with my eyes closed staring at the intricate patterns that would form on the back of my eyelids occupied my time for a while. I love the CEVs on LSA.

A couple hours had passed since drinkage had occured and M and I were having a great time giving A shit like we always do. We tried and tried to get him to finish his tea to no avail, but I guess he had a reason since his mom was going to be home later. A was reporting the same sensations as we were, but his were probably a bit weaker, although he claims they were the same. I was still coming up a bit at this point and was pretty messed up. LSA gave me the same 'acid head' sensation as the real deal, you must know that crazy acid induced thought process that I am talking about. The visuals off of the plain LSA weren't really getting any stronger so at 10:30pm we decided to try the Salvia out. We were going to find out soon that we had all underestimated the power of this plant.

We got the bong ready with ice water and put a party bowl on the stem to get some good ass hits. This was going to be M's first Salvia trip and A and I's first time trying it with another psychedelic. We all headed out to sit in my car since it was pretty cold out and we didn't want to be tranced out laying in the snow. A decided to go first and took 3-4 good hits, holding the smoke each time, and then passed the bong to M. In a very short amout of time A was talking really crazily about shadows touching him and that his arms were all weighted down. Then I quit trying to listed to him as he kept nodding off. M took 3 hits in the same way and passed the bong to me. One of his hits kicked his ass and he didn't really say or move after he handed it to me. I should have waited for them to get back to reality before I toked on it but I guess I'm impatient. I took 3 hits and got hit by the Salvia fast.

Salvia is really strange shit, lets put it that way. After my hits there was a pull on my head to the left so i rested it against the car window. OEVs were getting stronger and stronger but I couldn't keep my head in the car. It felt so much better to just close my eyes and let go but when I did . . . WHAM! The sights that you encounter on a good Salvia journey are second only to DMT. You get lost in your own hyperspace. I some how knew that I was human and in the car but it was much easier on my brain to let the Salvia to take the lead. I saw strange repeating pentagonal patterns(soccer ball style) that stretched on to infinty in all directions. These patterns contained distorted images of people I suppose were my mom and dad. This pattern would sometimes morph into designs of words, patterns, and faces that would morph back into the pentagonal pattern. During this journey if I at times gained enough will power and self recognition that I could open my eyes, I would pop back into the car, but the real world was just as distorted as the Salvia realm so I would go back there for a while. All in all it was the most powerful hallucinogenic experience that I have ever had(over acid, shrooms, ketamine, MDMA, and DXM(and if you have never tried a high level DXM trip, it is very intense)). The visions of my parents were disconcerting while tripping and made me feel a little uncomfortable. This could have stemmed from problems that I have with them and I think I gained some insights into my relationship with them.

I was the first to really come back and the other two were starting to come back as well so I said I was going inside. A minute or two later they came in. All we could really say was 'wow.' Later I asked them how their trips went and both said that they had gotten lost in the music which was understandable since we had some PSY trance going in the CD player of my car. I never really noticed the music while we were in it but the said it was like the music was all around them and all throughout their bodies with crazy visuals that coincided with the sounds. Even after I had come back inside if I closed my eyes I could get the pentagonal pattern with less intensity. This faded after 15-20 more minutes.

This night proved to be a good one for all and the remainder was spent listening to music, playing N64, etc. The Salvia was the best part by far and now that I know what it is all about I am eager to try it again in combination with other entheogens. Some 5x extract of Salvia sounds spicy as well. I learned to respect the plant that night and how to flow with the journey if I choose to use it again. I feel Salvia has the power to open doors into your own mind and exposed you to other realities. What a cool plant! Another thing we found out is that LSA is just about as cool as its cousin acid and in some ways LSA is better. If we had done acid we would have been up all night, but we were all able to fall asleep around 2am. The next morning came and we all felt OK.

Summary: LSA is equivalent to LSD but was a much cleaner, mellow high
LSA + Salvia divinorum=INTENSELY COOL
Total Time: 6-7 hours
All drugs and chemicals ingested: LSA, THC, Salvinorin-a, Dramamine(otc), Vitamin C+E tablet, hella pizza

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4634
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 30, 2001Views: 20,543
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H.B. Woodrose (26), Salvia divinorum (44) : General (1), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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