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Euphoric and Extremely Peaceful
by open
Citation:   open. "Euphoric and Extremely Peaceful: An Experience with Methylone (exp46340)". Oct 14, 2005.

170 mg oral Methylone (liquid)
This is a report of my first experience with methylone. I had already had numerous experiences with magic mushrooms, pot, and beer, but that was the extent of my drug experiences. I was on a trip with a tour guide and 3 other people. One of them knew the guide, and the other two were a recently married couple. The guide was so irritating to everyone that all of us got very stressed, and it kept adding up until one night, O invited me to his resort room, where he then offered some methylone.

I was apprehensive, but he reassured me that he had taken it every week for about two years, and he seemed normal. Still, this is a research chemical so I had concerns about safety. What if I started going out of control? I was in a third world country, far away from home and decent hospitals, etc. I asked a lot of questions and he answered them all patiently. He wasn't pushy and he said that it was totally up to me whether or not I wanted to try it. But he did say that all the stress would go away.

Going by my previous mushroom experiences, I expressed concern that the extremely negative feelings, and some guilty feelings that I was having would make me have a bad experience, but O's wife, L, told me that the methylone would make all the negative feelings go away. She said that the substance wasn't anything like mushrooms, which tend to amplify mood. She also said that methylone is benign and mild, and that it's really hard to have a bad experience on it.

After many hesitations, I drank the strawberry flavored concoction that O mixed for me (which included 170 mg of methylone with about 3/4 of a cup of water). He said to drink half, wait 7 to 10 mins, and then drink the last half. Since the kratom leaves that I had chewed the previous day hadn't had any effect on me, I had doubts that methylone would do anything to me. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Within about 20 minutes, I felt a strong stimulant feeling. It was the first time that I experienced a stimulant high, and the quick onset made me start to get worried, borderline panicking. The room suddenly felt very claustrophobic, I had wiggly eyes, and I felt like I was going to need to vomit, something that I hate to do. The onset made me feel a bit out of control, and I was worried that it would become even more intense. I've had two bad experiences with pot brownies, where everything spun too fast and I felt out of control and thoughts raced through my head at 300 mph, and I really hoped that this wouldn't be the case that night. I asked O about it and he said that the onset was usually pretty intense, but that it levels off quickly. Suddenly, I needed to go outside, and they joined me. Stepping outside in the open air, next to the long beach, made me feel a whole lot better. O, L, and I sat on the beach. As O had promised, about 10 minutes after the onset, things levelled off nicely.

This high was somewhat similar to mushrooms, but still very different. I felt simultaneously stimulated/euphoric and deeply relaxed and serene. The stress caused by my guide disappeared, as did the feelings of guilt that I was having. Or more precisely, the feelings were there but they became irrelevant. I was now very, very happy and it was difficult to stop grinning widely. I looked up at the moon, and it looked nice and peaceful, but not awesomely beautiful like it does on mushrooms. The silence on the beach that evening was priceless. It seemed awfully serene, and felt 'right', that the moon hung silently in the sky, doing its own thing while not bothering anybody, while the beach remained 'obediently' quiet and the only thing that could be heard were the waves hitting the shore.

I felt a connection with the moon, like it was looking over me from a distance, as a non-instrusive guardian. I also felt very close to O and L, very open like I could say anything honestly without being judged. Keep in mind that I had only known them since the beginning of the trip, so less than two weeks at that point. Yet I felt a deeply human connection to them. It was a spiritual and empathetic connection. It was all very non-judgemental. I could see and understand that they made a good couple, and that they were very compatible. It was more of an intuition rather than a passive understanding. I pretty much FELT what they had between them, and it was beautiful.

This made me think about how compatible I am with my own girlfriend. My girlfriend, T, and I are natural extensions of one another, to the point where we don't really have to work toward our relationship; it just happens. We can sit quietly for long periods without it becoming awkward. We respect each other's quirks, dreams, hobbies, and basic needs, such as her need to be close to her family. All of this became crystal clear and downright obvious during this methylone experience. Even though we've been together for 4 years, it seems like only 2 because we don't even think about it as time goes by, it's so natural. Even though we see each other pretty much every evening after work, it's still exciting every time. We enjoy doing things for each other, like cooking dinner or buying small gifts, but we don't feel obliged to do it. We also have similar backgrounds, with two educated middle class parents who value education and an honest lifestyle. We were both unpopular in high school while our siblings were the popular ones.

Even though I thought about all these things before trying methylone, they became ever clearer now, and I understood, no I KNEW, that T is the one. She's perfect for me and I have a feeling that I'm perfect for her (I certainly do seem to make her very happy). The fact that I want to marry this girl became beyond obvious that night. There was simply no doubt about it. I thought about how even simple bike rides together are a ton of fun, and how we're literally best friends.

Sitting on the moonlit beach, I closed my eyes. My jaw muscles had a tendency to clench, which can be explained by the fact that methylone is somewhat related to MDMA as far as I understand. While the jaw clenching felt good, like a jaw massage, O advised me to consciously try to avoid it. Biting my lips also felt the same way, but he advised me against it because it could make the lips bleed. L and O also periodically reminded me to keep drinking water because methylone causes dehydration. They said that drinking too much water is just as bad since it can made the brain swell and then brain damage can result.

I was simultaneously very stimulated and deeply relaxed and lethargic, such that I had tons of energy to meditate about things for long periods, but not enough energy to move much. Staying still felt extremely good. With my eyes closed, I clasped my hands together instinctively and I had intense closed-eye visuals. I saw many plants, and tons of faces. The faces were of famous people as well as total strangers, some were happy and others were angry. They were 3-dimensional and remarkably detailed. Things smoothly morphed and animated and faded from plants to people to animals and then back to plants. Normally when I close my eyes and visualize something, the colors are dull, but now they were brilliant. I felt euphoric and extremely peaceful as I swam through these beautiful visual images, and the depth and breadth of my inner field of vision were so large that I felt like I was in a different 3D realm. I opened my eyes and I was transported back to the realm of the quiet moonlit beach. Then I closed them again and I plunged back in the inner realm. Although I was in my own realm with my eyes closed, I could still hear the ocean waves as background noise, and I could still talk to O and L, who were in the beach realm. It seemed like they knew exactly when to talk and when to remain silent. It was a perfect, ideal moment.

Lying down on the beach intensified the effects, and the warm gritty sand felt amazing on my skin. Every muscle in my body felt deeply massaged and slightly tingly. I sat up again and opened my eyes. I noticed that one of the stray dogs that roam our beach had peacefully settled next to L. This felt just right, like he belonged there. Everything around me seemed to belong exactly where it was, and there was a sense of respect and inclusion between all things, both animate and inanimate.

Eventually, we all walked back to L and O's room and sat on the floor with a very dim light illuminating their room. O gave me chips to give me back some salt and the feeling of crunching the chips in my mouth was quite pleasant. I wasn't hungry, but I enjoyed chewing and swallowing. I took my time and observed every minute textural detail of the chips in my mouth and throat. I still felt very close to O and L, and it was reassuring to have them there with me even though we were 98% silent. After sitting in their room for about an hour, the effects had diminished enough in intensity that I was able to confidently move about. L looked sleepy so I decided to go to an Internet cafe. O offered to walk me there and I accepted, not that I needed it though. Although the main effects were pretty much gone by now, an inspiring serenity and appreciation of humankind and nature remained. Eventually I returned to my own room.

While not actually 'high' anymore, I felt a little off, but in a pleasant way. I didn't sleep much that night, but it didn't matter. In the end, the main effects had lasted about 3 hours, and the after effects (a subtle but definite serenity) lasted until the afternoon the next day. It was very difficult to get annoyed at anything that next afternoon, even my guide. Everything would just slide down my back. It wasn't apathy, but things just didn't faze me. The positive was amplified while the negative took on an irrelevant quality.

I would highly recommend methylone, and it would be extremely useful in couple's therapy or as an antidepressant. It clarifies things until they make sense, it puts everything together, and it's conducive to forgiveness and acceptance. Unlike mushrooms, I get only extremely positive feelings from it, regardless of how foul my initial mood is. Also unlike mushrooms, my vision doesn't waver or oscillate, and walls don't breathe. Things do look different, more relevant, and more beautiful, but it's somewhat subtle. There is no glowing aura around things like on mushrooms, but edges do seem sharper.

Oh and finally, orgasms are intense on this stuff. And I mean INTENSE! It's a whole body orgasm, where I quake because it's so pleasurable. Fuck I love being human. The mind and body are wonderful things, especially when they're in sync.

And that's my report. I hope that it makes things clear for those fortunate enough to have access to methylone. Have fun and be safe...

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46340
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2005Views: 37,063
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