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Intense Euphoria
by Cautious Psychonaut
Citation:   Cautious Psychonaut. "Intense Euphoria: An Experience with Kratom (exp46384)". Feb 4, 2014.

T+ 0:00
3 g oral Kratom (tea)
  T+ 1:25 3 g oral Kratom (tea)


July 12, 2005

6g of kratom extract were bought from an online vendor. Consumed them a few hours before bedtime after an exhausting day.

Dissolve half of the extract in steaming water. This ‘tea’ looks like muddy coffee with an oily froth on the top. I taste a sip of it, which is bitter but drinkable, then drain the mug. For the next 20 minutes I do some busywork. The first noticeable effects occur at:

T+25min I’d been washing dishes when I notice an ill-defined stimulating feeling. It is pleasant to actively think about things. There is a tiny head buzz, but whether its euphoric or depressing I’m not sure.

T+1h Been browsing the web a little, feel edgy and lazy at the same time. There is a tiny bit of sedation that makes sitting in a comfy chair extra nice. Thinking and visualizing come very easy, ambient music is a perfect match for my condition. However these effects are not very strong, so I get up and prep+consume the other 3g.

T+1.25h Drink other half of extract.

T+1.5h Mental effects become much stronger. There is a certain degree of disassociation and I cannot stop daydreaming as I ready a few things for the morning. It is 0:45am and shortly I will lie down and listen to a few more songs. Have not sat down since drinking the second portion.

T+1.75h All things are in order and I gratefully lie down. Peaceful music is playing in the background, the room is pitch black. As soon as my body reaches horizontality, a startling change in my mindset makes itself apparent. It is wonderful to lie there, feeling warm and safe under the blankets. There is a slight rising feeling to this, meaning the strength is slowly increasing. Music sounds extra wholesome, but doesn’t grab my attention yet. Rather it is as if I’m slowly, luxuriously drifting into ever-higher states of bliss and detachment. Soon I feel as if the emotional side of me was well taken care off, held securely in a chemical embrace that lets my thoughts wander at will, to indulge in fantasy. After a while I notice that single objects or ideas would start to “float” in my mind’s eye, though they become less and less important. Maybe half an hour had passed since I layed down. I spend the next hour in a heavenly state of dreamy bliss, mostly listening to music or simply being happy to exist. It felt as if no effort were required to fall asleep, nor to stay awake. The dreamy headspace decreased very smoothly during that time, having peaked maybe 20 minutes after I laid down.

T+3.75h The euphoric buzz has started decreasing noticably after 1.5h in bed, and the music has stopped too. The happy effects peaked maybe +15min after the “dreamy” stimulant thoughts have started to decline. Half an hour after the music stopped I decide to let the substances of kratom take me to sleep as long as they still could.

Kratom affords an amazingly strong sedation for a legal herb. There was NO nausea, just a gentle itch. This was the second time I tried Kratom, the first time was stronger but happened on the tail end of a powerful daylong cannabis trip. There were no aftereffect or comedown. Since then I’ve bought a 120g bag of “strong commercial” leaf, which had totally different effects than the resin. The leaf does not give much of either euphoria or “dreamspace”, but is very sedative and has a pronounced body buzz. It seems that kratom, like cannabis, has many different active chemicals that make up its profile. I don’t understand why the strong euphoria and sedation don’t trigger an urge to repeat the experience, like opiods benzos or stimulants would cause. The addictive potential seems even less than that of cannabis.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 4, 2014Views: 47,144
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