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Psychological Chisels and Tools
Salvia divinorum
by Ed. Co.
Citation:   Ed. Co.. "Psychological Chisels and Tools: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp46616)". Dec 17, 2018.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Salvia saves the day

My usage of salvia really came at a time when I was no longer using psychedelics or ecstacy or anything much any more, not because I was going straight for the sake of it but because I had experienced profound changes within my psychological make up that urged me to explore the potentialities of consciousness without chemically bending it. My most profound and often disturbing experiences had been happening without much or mainly without any chemical initiation. They had been since an experience of turning inside out and finding my self in the land of the dead having ingested LSD and asked to meet God. This was betond psychedelic and now I was with it fairly permanetly...I had changed and change I had to live with.

I had come across salvia rather seriptitiously and the first time I smoked it was in a pipe and it made me feel as I described it to those who watched me, was like I had horizontal plnes comming out of my right arm. That was pretty much it, but the specific architectural quality I noted.

I bought some and cautiously used it at home. I was fairly if not very cautious of the power of these drugs as I had experienced their power to as I felt permanently change me, and my attention had as a result moved away from the flora and fauna experience or the firewrks to will this actually land on me or affect my life perspective. No longer were drugs something to cerebrally wank through, they were now multi dimensional psychological chisels and tools, so I looked at them in that way and as of that as I say I was cautious.

My first and only group experience of it was sitting with a table of people I knew fairly well and a bong of salvia was moving round the group. We were outside in a garden. There was a calm but expectant slightly scary air and the bong came my direction, I felt like passing but instead I inhalled and inhalled deeply. The bong was wooden with metal tips. The first thiong I noticed about the salvia was it had little body to it, and its taste was especially metalic. As the bong returned to the table I fell into the feeling at the table and the slowly nodding heads acknowledging the group sharing of something completely alien. The pipe went round and someone diagonally across took a large inhalation, as he exhalled he got up and walked out across toward the building...I took this as some form of omen. The pie came round to me and I inhaled deeply this time all around me froze. The defined area by my eyes became a block in time like a unit. This unit was a unit within a tape. But all I could experience was the freezing of this holon or time / space capsule. I instinctively got up to react, partially qued by my friend having walked out. I thought 'he's got it thats why he has left' as I thought this the words formed felt objects in my world. Mt reasoning was saying 'I have to get back to were I was' bacause I could no longer reason of future and this will end, therefore I reasoned to go back. After all this was a unit. As I got up I used the words I had thought as steps to push my hands against to push myself back. The people at the table told me after ward that this looked like an elaborate dance...if they only knew!! The actions of this attempt to return back down my train of thought to the past only resulted in me getting up moving round and sitting in the seat to my right, by which time the salvia was starting to wane. Thi brought me back to the flow of time and back in with the scene as dynamic around me and not a froz=e component of my mind. I then got up and left. My reasoning being a third time where will that go?

A good intorduction to salvias architectur but not really what iwas after. A while after I smoked it again at home, and I got a memory comming up and a release of some feelings I had had toward my father. Unfortunately I can't remeber the details this is now some six years ago. But as he had died some years before for me it was significant and I felt benificent.

I smoked it again another time some years after this and I felt liek I had become partially an insect. I had asked it toi help me with bad feelings and anger I had toward an ex colleague of mine who I still saw and I had unfinished financial interrests with. This did'nt become relevant while 'high'; but I just climbed about the furniture and felt like brundle fly. The interresting thing happened the next day. As iwas riding around doing my job as a motoercyle courier I found myself getting built up and angry toward my old clleague, this was nothing unusual and why indeed I had asked salvia to help me. What was interresting was, as this cresceboed and I rode on I built and biuilt untiol I was spitting in my helmet and then all of a sudden like a ghost it left me, literally like a human ethereal form had left me. While still doing 40 mph this was some feat! It did'nt cure everything but ti did go to show me that what you ask for can happen.

Which brings me on to my last and final salvia story. As similar to above but I can't remeber dosage but probably of the same manner, smoking a joint. But the interresting thing happened the following day. I had been doing my final job of the day in Camden, a pick up job from a bank. I parked the bike walked fifty yards, got the bag got on the bike. The keys could'nt be found. I retraced, asked looked everywhere. Checked my pockets and re checked my pockets. No where to be found. This just did'nt make sense. Any how had to call for help and someone picked me up. Next day I use my mates bike. At the time I was riding with no tax, and no insurance. I borrowed his bike, it was hired so it was legal. Just two hundred yards from my front door theres a police check point, Oh how I laughed As I got pulled over knowing that I was legal. I thought fuck you.Now that would have been a different story otherwise. (I got into work laughing all the way...telling my mates in work the story I'm doing all the gestures, patting myself down looking for the keys from yesterday, and than as I do I feel this big lump in my back pocket...its my keys! And then it all makes sense...You little beauty!!!!

My relationship with salvia ended there because I knew it was with me and thats what I thought it was all about, not the hit of the pipe.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46616
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 17, 2018Views: 677
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