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Riding the Dragonfly
Citation:   Joka D. Clown. "Riding the Dragonfly: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (exp46640)". Sep 29, 2005.

[Erowid Note: Some blotter sold and thought to be Bromo-Dragonfly has been shown to actually contain DOB. There is reason to suspect that some or even all descriptions of Bromo-Dragonfly on blotter are instead, DOB, LSD, or another long acting compound.]

2)Early Bromo Dragon Experiences...
3)Durations and Doses
4)Bromo and Other Drugs
5)Bromo A. Dragonfly
6)Later Trips

1) It all started during christmas when we got ahold of this. We were originally told it was LSD and received it on blotter paper. We continually received it on blotter for the next 4-5 months until we got it as its liquid form. The chemist who supplied it wouldnt give out any specific info except that there was two kinds. One was the regular strain Bromo Dragonfly. The other was Bromo A. Dragonfly which means its aromatized making it stronger. We had only recieved the normal quality the first few months. [Erowid Note: Bromo-Dragonfly is aromatized. It is impossible to tell what the distinction mentioned here refers to.]

2) Early Bromo Dragonfly Experience...
We thought we would be taking LSD and prepped for it by gathering soft things like all the good blankets around the house, all the best pillows, everything colorful, art supplies to draw and make things with, movies like Fantasia and Pink Floyd Live @Pompeii, and wore light clothing. Usually a tie-die shirt and shorts or something light like you would wear in the summer.

I personally would always take about 3 blotters or more but my friends would eat one or two. I know they were not as experienced with hallucinagens as I am so it hit them hard. I don't understand how people think it's not noteworthy because everyone around here who thought it was LSD absolutely loved it. We experienced visuals but nothing extreme like 5-meo but nothing weak. Colors are very big with Dragonfly. We had black lights and black light paint. Some of the best times my group has had was painting under a black light because the colors were so much more vivid and alive. Sometimes I would mistake splotches of color and randomly placed strokes and what have you for images of a person or object but look at it differently and it wouldn't be there anymore. Cartoons also had been more funny than before.

We confined ourselves in a house and the trip was always fun. We never did it with unstable people and people we didnt know. It always had to be calm surroundings because any chance we had to run from someone or something we could get disorientated and confused. DO NOT DRIVE ON THIS. It is very hard to judge distances, reaction time is slowed, and it can be EXTREMELY confusing at large doses which I will explain later. I suggest a small crowd when inside or if outside a space that could become very crowded should be avoided. I experienced it at an outdoor festival in a forest with concerts, games, swimming, camping, autographs signings, parties at campsites, and everything was actually fun and enjoyable despite the large amount of people. Just recently I was at a large party in an apartment and it was packed inside. I was sweaty but not so much it was annoying, people radiated a strong presence, everything was soooo loud but my buddy who was providing some live music sounded amazing, it was hard to focus on people because everyone was constantly changing colors, also me and two other people were the only ones tripping on it and we stuck out because everyone knew. A few people didn't like it and the vibe sent was bad for the trip. I was also on mushrooms which could of had added to some feelings.

3)Durations and Doses
1-2 doses = A normal 12+ hour trip with light hallucinations
3-5 doses = A heavier more visualy intense trip. Trip can also last longer but not to much longer. 12-14 hours.
6-9 doses = A little bit more heavier than 5 but nothing real noticeable. It will probably last about 14+ hours.
10 doses = Intense visuals, music gives out stronger vibes, very small amounts of shapes slightly changing.
11+ doses = Confusion, everything intensifies greatly, trip lasts 15+ hours.

4)Bromo and other drugs...
Bromo+Weed= Can be odd at first when taking the first few puffs. When we did the first few smoke sessions the weed had a bad poison-like taste and we could barely handle it. It helped us calm down when things got a little intense but very odd. Now after eating over 100 doses I can sit in a rotation all day. It now helps us come up when we start to feel it and calm us when things get rough.

Bromo+Alcohol= Honestly I never felt an extreme difference when drinking and doing Bromo. It will probably just upset the stomach and no one wants to spend a trip with their head in the toilet.

Bromo+Psyilocibin(Mushrooms)= There are two times I tried it.
Ex.1 I ate 5 doses of Bromo blotter form, an 1/8th of mushrooms, and 3 pills of extacy. THE MOST confusing night EVER. I loved everyone but thought that no one understood me and was taking my words out of proportion. Even though people told me they understood I thought they were lying to me. Soon I fell into a bad trip and had started to cry but would stop, there was no colors or mutation of objects, there was some of the strongest vibes I have ever felt, there was a sense of confusion and ackwordness, there was a strong body buzz going on too. I did NOT like it and would recommend not doing it.

Ex.2 I ate 3 doses of bromo liquid form and ate 2 chocolate mushroom bars. This was at the large party I talked about earlier. I had lots of fun even though it being my first party and I am not a social person what so ever. At times I was on top of the world talking to people and having girls come up to me and ask me how I feel and what I was seeing etc. etc. while sitting on my lap or hanging off me. I was really feeling music on this trip because I was loving music I don't even like. I did get kind of sweaty though when it became hot in the apartment which I ignored.

Bromo+LSD= Ive never done it. My friends who went to a festival did and they said they cancel eachother out. This may be false or true. Need to find some LSD before I can tell personal experiences.

Bromo+Ex= I did this once with some weak pills but had a blast. I ate about 5 blotter doses and 3 pills. I was rolling around on the floor with the giggles at one point while another time I was sitting on the couch with my arm over the side of the armrest and I honestly thought his cat was there. I was playing with the cat and laughing my ass off until everyone who was with me told me what are you doing? When I told them simply I was playing with the cat, they paused, told me there was no cat there, paused again, and started laughing at me. It was ok though I thought it was halarious. Later after taking 2 more I was laying on the ground and closed my eyes. I was at a door with a keypad lock in my mind you could say. With my hand I was trying different number combos to unlock the door until I faintly heard my one friends voice. Slowly the voice became louder and I came to. I guess I had my hand up in the air and was pressing on something while mumbling something like, 'I got to unlock it. Hold on. Unlocking it, wait guys wait.' Everyone who tried it had fun. Could be dangerous with good pills and a high dose of Bromo.

Bromo+Coke= A change of the trip. Once someone brought some coke over and it was real bad. People not on bromo thought it was bad but me and my buddy's room mate thought it was amazing. One line had us feeling great and intensified the trip in a speedy way. When the coke wears off the trip didn't seem to be as intense which kinda sucked. I personally don't recommend it, but the trip is different.

5) Bromo A. Dragonfly...
This stuff was crazy. Me and my friend ate a large amount. More so than usual. By the time we got this everything was in liquid form and we would ingest it this way or on sugar cubes. I ate 16 drops while he ate 12. 2 drops = 1 dose of Bromo A. Dragonfly while 1 dose of Bromo A. Dragonfly = 2 doses of Bromo Dragonfly. So you could say I was on 8 doses of Bromo A. while my friend was on 6 -OR- I was on 16 doses of Bromo while my friend was on 12. Either way it was the most intense trip ever. My friend was nearly comatose and speaking in gibberish for the first 6 hours while I was trying to get a TV to work. I got so confused that I would look at the remote, be unable to distinguish what button was what, forget why I was looking at it every minute or two, and get frustrated beyond normal means. I saw the kitchen light on and thought It would help. WRONG, dead wrong. By the time I got to the kitchen I had forgot why I went. I would walk back and sit down, remember again, walk back, forget, sit down. This happened for about 30min so I woke up my friend who wasn't tripping and made him turn on cartoons. Now besides the fact that every shadow in the apartment was a mesh of moving colors I was able to watch cartoons perfectly fine for the next 3 hours.

Meanwhile my other friend is tripping so hard in the other room I would randomly check on him to make sure he was ok. As long as I got a mumble or some gibberish with a little bit of movement I dubbed him alive. About 8 hours into the trip he came out of whatever dream/comatose world he was in. We got really energitic around this time which was odd. We watched Vanilla Sky then Almost Famous which helped the trip along during the second half. My friend felt the need to clean though for some reason. He cleaned his apartment after the movies and then we rode out the last 4 hours listening to music. The trip lasted 22 hours and took me another 5 hours after I went home to fall asleep. VERY intense at high doses.

6) Later trips...
Well when things started to get old and taking one or two doses on the weekends got boring me and a few friends started doing 3 or 5 then I went and did 5+ all the way to one time when I took 10 doses at once then we tried dissolving 5 on my back and took 4 orally about 10 hours after the trip started. Colors become more vivid, music becomes more powerful at times while at others a good conversation will take up hours, and a body buzz still doesnt really become a part of the trip to my experience either. This is more of a visual drug. The harder doses just meant things got a little bit more intense.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46640
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2005Views: 23,134
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