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Visitors from an Emerald Dimension?
Wormwood (Extract)
Citation:   Mystic Cannibal. "Visitors from an Emerald Dimension?: An Experience with Wormwood (Extract) (exp46685)". Feb 29, 2008.

  smoked Wormwood (extract)
    smoked Cannabis  
I had been planning to make myself some home made absinthe when I read that you can make a hash from wormwood. From the experience of seeing little gnomes pop out from behind street signs i decided this was something Id have to try. Ive heard about the green fairy but the idea that wormwood can iduce visions of gnomes and possibly other creatures interested me, as its most likely at least partly responsible for the original legends. (though maybe mushrooms helped too)It seems a personifacation of the plant is a common theme with pretty much all plant hallucinagens and i wanted to meet this teacher.

Anyways i baught myself about 4 ounces from the local health food store for an incredibly cheap price as far as drugs go, then i baught some icpropanal from the drugstore which is 99% rubbing alcohol. And made it exactly how I always used to make pot oil, I soaked the chopped wormwood for some 10 hours (not so long for pot oil) then i strained it over a bowl pressing it down into the sifter. I took a dark greenish black liquid and stuck it into my microwave which i had brought outside. (it was like 1 in the morning) Its a good idea to do this in about 4 minute intervals as the alcohol will start to boil quite heavily and you want to give it a bit of time to cool down in between intervals.I evaporated it all that way then burned what was left very quickly, not actually burning the oil. I got about 3-4 grams this way which i scraped with a razor blade.

I took the hash the next day to the woods to try out and started smoking, mixed with a bit of MJ but mostly hash. I got nicely stoned much like pot but more of a lighter feeling to it, not so much of a burn out feeling, and being able to concentrate better, somewhat like coke but not so full of energy. Also there were mild hallucinations, i saw faces on the ground which is a pretty common thing for me when doing hallucinagens. Doing a little pot definitely helps, also using a torch lighter would definitely be a bonus if you have one. The high went on for about 5-6 hours though it was pretty mild and not really any hallucinations.

After 5 or so hours i went to bed thinking it was all over, i was just lying there when all of a sudden i heard but more importantly felt the sound of something metal hitting glass or maybe a gem? It was like a 'ting' sound. I opened my eyes kind of shocked, then I saw in my room clear and realistic as anything 5 or so green creatures, not like aliens, more like what you'd imagine forest spirits to be like, kind of leafy, but beautiful, definitely humanoids, all looking at me friendly like. They were about as tall as an average human male, (they all appeared to be male)this lasted only a second or two and then they were gone and everything was normal again. Wondering what i had just seen i went back to trying to get to sleep, thinking well they were green but they had no wings and were definitely to big to be fairies. Fifteen minutes or so later i felt the same noise, but i saw this giant green emerald cut like a diamond floating in space and i got the sense that maybe these creatures dimension was inside this emerald. Perhaps ours is in some kind of gem too?

Anyways Im not sure what all this means, but ive tried more of the hash, also more in one sitting yet nothing like that ever happened again. I think the fact that i was in a semi meditative state because i was going to sleep probably helped, but when i saw them i was WIDE awake. (this stuff would be damn good for meditative purposes) Whatever the case is I defintiely want to do some more experimenting with this stuff i think a little LSD would help the visions, but maybe thujone has something specifically to do with fairies. I dunno, one bad thing though was that my hash tasted really bad like the alcohol which didnt much help. Ive made pot oil many times this exact same way and it never tasted bad but each time i make the wormwood hash it tastes like alcohol, i cant seem to evaporate all of it.

Lots more eperimenting is needed, from what ive read thujone doesnt seem to be very toxic, and the madness absinthe is attributed to probably has more to do with drinking 75% alcohol everyday. Somebodies gotta find a way to get a purer form of thujone..

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46685
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 29, 2008Views: 19,036
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Wormwood (50) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Nature / Outdoors (23), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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