Passion Before Christmas
Passion Flower
Citation:   Dr. whereami. "Passion Before Christmas: An Experience with Passion Flower (exp4681)". Jan 15, 2001.

4 tablets sublingual Passion Flower (pill / tablet)
On the day before Christmas eve I walked into the natural products shop and purchased 40 passionflower extract pills. =) It said on the box that the recommended dose is 1-4 pills a day. So i decided to give 4 pills a try. It also said on the box that the effect would be stronger if the pills were kept in your mouth until they'd melt.

I put the pills in my mouth at around 17 pm and waited for them to melt. The taste wasn't pleasant, but not too bad either. My mouth looked disgusting, because the melting pills coloured my saliva brownish yellow... :(

I did various things and didn't feel any effects. Until when I went to a nearby shop to meet my girlfriend. I ran almost the whole way to the shop, but it's hard to say whether the passionflower played a part in this, because I sometimes have this kind of outbursts of energy. This was around 18:45.

I arrived at the shop maybe 5 minutes earlier than my girlfriend. I was being very restless. I had something that one might perhaps call a minor panic attack... Once when i was on a train i started pondering if i was on a wrong train... I felt my pulse rise, i started sweating and got REALLY nervous. That day i had had a lot of coffee though... =)

Eventually my girlfriend arrived and we bought what she wanted and left off to my home. When we got to my home we started watching this show on the tube that we thought would be good and I layed down on the floor. I noticed that sound and vision were enhanced. Especially sound. I felt calm and good. There was some kind of nausea/dizziness present, but it wasn't bad. I felt like smiling =).

When going to bed I remember pointing my hand and saying something like: 'Isn't it amazing that my hand is here, and this is my hand, a part of me' to my girlfriend. It felt pretty amazing then... =)

The next day i wasn't in quite a normal state, but calling it a hangover, would give it a bad name. I was feeling kind of lifted.

I have tried it a couple of times later, but it is quite problematic to use because you have to watch your diet. I even tried to smoke it, and remembered afterwards that high temperatures destroy the MAOI molecules. It did produce some effects... walking became fun and everything was 'kinda weird' =)

If you plan on trying it, do some research, because doing wrong drugs, or even eating wrong foods with it, or after or before it can be dangerous.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4681
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 15, 2001Views: 64,507
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