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Morning 'Glow'ry
Morning Glory (Extract)
Citation:   Iscreamtruck. "Morning 'Glow'ry: An Experience with Morning Glory (Extract) (exp46887)". Jan 8, 2008.

3 capsls oral Morning Glory (extract)

Weeks earlier I did a preliminary extraction using only 8 grams of morning glory seed to determine its psycho-activity. The extract from 8 grams was bearly noticeable, just enough to tell that it was indeed psychoactive. Then I proceeded to extract from 30 grams morning glory seed, with the following procedure.

Ground 30 grams of morning glory in a coffee grinder until powdery. Split the powder into two 15 gram portions and put each portion in a 500ml jar. Filled each jar to the brim with VM&P Naphtha, purchased at a hardware store. Allowed to soak for a day. ~ 24 hours. Filtered naphtha solution and morning glory seed pulp using a filter flask, buchner funnel, vacuum filtration, and filter paper. Let the seed mush dry until powdery and smelled of no petroleum. Split the dried seed powder into two equal portions and added to 2 new 500ml jars. Added ~100ml of 95% ethanol. I used 190 proof everclear. Let sit for 4 days. Filtered the resultant solution(s). Put the liquid in a pyrex dish to begin evaporating the ethanol. Put the remaining filtrate seed mush into one of the 500ml jars and added enough ethanol to cover the seed mush, plus a little extra. Let sit for ~2 days. (while other part was evaporating). Filtered solution. Threw away seed mush. Added the liquid to the pyrex evaporating dish and put over a warm water bath to finish up the evaporating. Scraped the resultant goo/mud off the bottom of the pyrex dish. Looked like a blob of gelatin with fine silt mud mixed in. Got a glob about the size of highlighter cap. Divided it up into visually equal thirds. Consumed two-thirds of total extraction. Put into three '00' capsules and took orally.


30grams of seed (assuming 34 seeds/gram) = 1020 seeds

Assuming Heavenly blue to be .02% by weightÖ

30g * .0002 = .00600 grams alkaloids.
Or 6000 žg alkaloids.
Or 6 mg alkaloids.

Considering that crude extractions are rarely very effective I used an efficiency of 50% of total possible alkaloid to be extractedÖ which landed me in the 3 mg of alkaloid range to be consumed. I used 2/3 of the total extraction which put my experience right around 2 mg of alkaloids. Active psychedelic dose for LSA is 2-5 mg.


It took place between 4:30 pm and 11:30 pm in my dorm room with only small lamps to bathe the room in a warm and inviting orange light. I had heavy blankets for security, and my hoodie (those are always the best). My roommate left during the rise and peak of my experience, so it was un-interrupted (which was nice).


4:23: admin 2/3 of the extract from 30g Heavenly Blue.

5:00; (T+0:37): can definitely feel the sedative effects of lsa. Iím very tired. Very minor peripheral vision distortions. Looks like the lights are flickering. Feeling some nausea, as well as some tension in my back, similar to very minor cramps. Face is beginning to tingle. Iím feeling cold.

5:30; (T+1:07): incredibly lethargic. Feels more like opiates than psychedelics.

6:00; (T+1:37): feels like the beginning of a mushroom trip. Very jittery. Rooms seem bigger. Feels like I canít breathe in enough. Somewhat euphoric. I want to smile a lot. Still sleepy. Pupilís dilated. Silence seems deafening. Eating something felt good. Helped take some of nausea away.

6:30; (T+2:07): intensely physical trip. No visuals. It feels like my mental and my physical self are becoming one state. Very jittery. Very tingly. It feels like a perpetual half a second after orgasmÖ very euphoric. Food is very interesting. Feels like a trip without any of the visuals or mental confusion. Itís seems as if reality has been lubricated. I canít open my eyes enough to take everything in. My movements are very slow and deliberate. There seems to be an imbalance of pressure in my ears. Very enjoyable. Iím smiling ear to ear. Colors seem intensified, but not altered. White seems whiter. Time seems slower. Slight nausea still there. It feels like Iím seeing sight. Instead of visuals, of stuff. Iím having visuals of sight. When eating, Iím acutely aware of every taste and texture in my mouth. Textures of fabrics are very pronounced.

6:45: shaking, tremors in my legs and hands. I canít believe how physical this is! It feels like Iím plasma.

7:00(T+2:37): I canít tell what might be the distortions of vision. Still intensely physical. It's like all the physicalityís of tripping without any of the mentality.

7:05: I think things are starting to get visual. When I look at stuff close up, it looks like there are layered patterns. Nausea comes and goes. Not cold anymore. Looks like blobs of rainbow when I close my eyes. They kinda fade in and out with the regular blackness of my eyelids.

7:10: all the physical plasma-ness is subsiding, but I'm still jittery as hell.

7:30; (T+3:07): now itís lot more like a traditional trip. Still not much visually. Things sorta have that swell. It feels like this music is being felt by my mindÖ not listened to by my brain. Very pleasurable. Closed eye visuals look like the varnishes of reality just slipping off their substance, like paint being washed away. Leaving trails that look like the insides of jawbreakers. Visuals arenít fluid and flowing like mushrooms. They seem to take more of your imagination. Shadows and color variance are much more visual than patterns.

7:40: there's big patterns on the carpet, makes it look like the floor is a giant oriental rug.

8:00: typing feels very weird. The patterns in the shadows and texturing on the wall seems to be telling a story. But I canít tell what..

8:30; (T+3:37): got diarrhea, stomach still a little upset. Maybe shouldnít have taken the extract on empty stomach. Spit gets very thick in my mouth. Remembering other trips. Still very tremory.

-2 hour gap- <---peak

10:23. effects subsiding. Coming back down. No more patterns. Much easier to type. Everything still has that trippy glow. Music sounds incredibly good. Diarrhea still there.

11:12 pretty much done.


The beginning was cold, then warmed up. Had to put on a hoodie in the beginning.

It was an intensely physical trip. The physical trip peaked way before the mental trip. I had a lot of tremors as well as a general jittering. It took a long time for the effects to be noticed. The effects were very gradual and had many levels and plateaus. It took about 2 hours before there was a profound altering of my consciousness.

Once the LSA had fully taken effect, I saw realityís veil slip off of its face. There was only scaffolding for the reality of reality. The essence of reality is just a scaffolding to build the reality that we see. Itís not that there is a reality that we see, and a ďrealĒ reality, where one is different than the other, but rather they are the same. The scaffolding allows us to create what we wish upon it. Reality is what weíve made it become. It's that scaffolding, the essence of reality, the very notion of reality, that allows us to perceive anything and everything else as real. Now some people would think to dig underneath this scaffolding to see an even more raw reality. But underneath that scaffolding is nothing. Itís emptiness. A void of nothing. And if one gets cause in thinking that thatís what the real reality is, then they will never escape their delusion. That emptiness is all encompassing. Itís not the emptiness that Buddhism speaks ofÖ this is bitter emptiness. Nothing. If I grab onto nothing, thinking it is THE something, everything else that was really real vanishes from my grasp. All I have is my nothing to hold onto. I canít escape its vast nothingness.

Felt much more earthy than acid, but not as fluid as mushrooms. Acid fills my head with its influence like a liquid being poured into my mind. Mushrooms are breathed into my mind and feel like an aura or vibe permeating my substance. But morning gloryís influence was pushed and held into my head. It was as if morning glory had plugged all my holes and was slowly forcing itself into my mind and keeping the holes shut tight so that it could not seep out. If acid, mushrooms and morning glory were elemental symbols, they would be water, wind, and earth or rock, respectively.

The patterns on the wall were moving but with a sort of stop animation, as the whole experience was pulsating, not fluid and flowing. At first the pattern animation on the wall seemed vaguely tribal, I figured of Amazonian extent, but it wasnít until later that I realized that the patterns weren't Amazonian, they were Mexican, like the Aztecs and Mayans! Which is fascinating, since Ololiuqui was traditionally used in Mexico.

Afterwards there was a pronounced ďglowĒ to everything. The trip was more of an elucidating glow than anything else. Many times it highlighted past experiences as well as made sense of choices that I still decide today. A very enlightening experience.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46887
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 8, 2008Views: 36,837
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