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Definitely A Good Feeling
Tobacco (Cigarettes)
by YW
Citation:   YW. "Definitely A Good Feeling: An Experience with Tobacco (Cigarettes) (exp46894)". Jul 12, 2007.

  repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (daily)


I'd always wondered what smoking was like, since I was a little kid. But i was a generally good kid, didn't break the rules nor did I have the desire to. I'd always been told how evil smoking is from a very young age (of course), though I think I can say that that had little effect on me. All I really cared was the fact that it was 'wrong', not neccesarily that it would adversely affect my health, but just that I could get in trouble. I never thought ill of smoking, not even second hand smoke really bothered me. In fact from a very young age I found the smell somewhat good and pleasant.

Anyhow, when I was 17, I'd been visiting Japan where some of my relatives are. Being that my dad didn't come along because of work, I thought I'd give smoking a try. In Japan the legal age is 20, but the it's almost completely ignored, and furthermore there are vending machines to buy them from. So I bought some plain ol' Lucky Strikes, being the avid WWII fan that I am, went to a nearby river and just tried it. It wasn't until much later that I figured out that I was doing it wrong. I just lit up and sucked on the burning stick like I was inhaling through a straw. I felt almost nothing. I didn't cough though, and contrary to all the hokus pokus oogidy boo from the adults, I didn't cough at all, nor did I find the taste horrible. In fact I found the taste to be very good. The experience was interesting but didn't do much. I 'smoked' a couple and tossed the rest away. It wasn't until a year later in college when I gave it another try...

This time I tried harder to 'figure it out'. I thought that there must be more to it. I mean sometimes you hear people say it's very pleasurable, or gives you a 'pick-up'. I wanted to know what this was. Now that I was of legal age in the U.S., I could just walk up and flat out buy 'em. And I did. I bought regulars but Marlboro this time (didn't see any Lucky Strike). So behind the dorms or on the way to a local grocery store I'd light up. After some experimenting, I found I could get a light headed, dizzy feeling. It also elevated my mood. But at the same time I could get nauseous and very disoriented. I eventually pin-pointed how I was doing it, and I came to the conclusion that the way to get this 'tobacco high' was to suck the smoke into my mouth, then open my mouth and breathe it in. But it was harsh. Though the dizzy mood lifting was fun, the nausea was unbearable. Only a couple puffs were enough to make me want to lie down and rest for a while. I ended up just looking online for the answer. Turns out the proper way was to breathe through my nose after taking the smoke into my mouth, though they did say that breathing through the mouth was one way, just harsher.

After this, I tried again, but did it correctly. I found it very pleasurable and fun. After enough tries the nausea goes away too, though i find that the 72mm are all I need, and any more is just too much for me. I also tried ripping off the filter, but found not too much of a difference, and also that the leaves can get messy.

Right now I smoke about 2~3 times a day, whenever I might feel like it. Some days if I'll forget my cigarettes or something but it's no big deal, I'm not addicted or anything and I only smoke because it feels good. It's definitely a good feeling.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46894
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 12, 2007Views: 34,099
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