Induced Clairvoyance
Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   J-Bomb. "Induced Clairvoyance: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp46953)". Jan 8, 2007.

13 oz oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (extract)
  1 tablet oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
Captain's Log - Star-date 6 October 2005,
Topic of discussion: San Pedro Cactus

Apparently hallucinogens are not yet out of my spectrum of experimentation. After speaking with some buddies of mine it was decided that using Psilocybin was a good idea. Despite the fact that all previous experiments with the chemical have been relatively disastrous - all with the exception of one, but never mind that.

The procurement of the mushrooms came to be somewhat of an issue, oddly enough, in the midst of the climax of what should be the right season, there is a problem with finding an eighth of some good quality boomers - odd predicament. This posed a serious problem and seemed to dominate the majority of our discussions. A friend of ours then tipped us off to a website which contains, as she puts it, 'Everything'. http:***edited for legality issues***

A quick perusal of the website revealed her advice less than 100% correct. The website is, obviously, based out of the UK. which means that there are certain illegal items available. However there are no illegal mushrooms, the only boomers displayed on the website are Amanitas, which are a poisonous (but of course) strand, more toxic than Psylocybin. This particular type is notorious for the possibility of some mean nasty trips, plus massive amounts of nausea and vomiting.

This is where the discovery came. Looking for certain 'legal highs' on this newly obtained web address, I stumbled upon a certain strand of cactus, listed alongside with Peyote. 'San Pedro', T. Pachanoi. This seemed worth checking out.

After doing some research, and hearing nothing but good reviews concerning the trips that come about from San Pedro, it was obvious that this would be a good strand of plant to try. Further more, that certain type of cactus is legal in the US, granted you have no intent of human consumption - which was obviously my case, I am nothing but a law abiding citizen. The chemical specific to San Pedro is Mescaline.

The cactus was obtained from ***edited for legality***. It was prepared using the following technique:


-One 5.5' X 2.5' section of San Pedro (diameter measured from peak to peak) + one 14' X 2.75' section of San Pedro. Total amount = app. 19.5' X 2.75' @ rate of $30
-6 Cups water
-blender, large pot for boiling
-cutting tools
-3 lemons

Prep time = app. 1 hour , cook time = app. 40 minutes

1. De-spined cactus using a knife, cutting out each spine independently to save as much skin as possible
2. Removed skin using various cutting techniques (the skin is known to contain the vast majority of the mescaline in the plant) resulting in app. 4 2/3 cups chopped, dark green skin
3. Skin and 4 cups water placed in blender (split up due to volume) and pureed into green pulp/puree
4. Liquid placed in pot for boiling process, 1.5 lemons added to help with chemical extraction - Boiled down for 15 minutes
5. 1.5 more lemons' worth of juice added to solution, along with two more cups of water - solution boiled down for 25 minutes

Result = 30 oz. green, pulp and liquid, frozen for later use.

As of this entry, I have not yet taken the San Pedro, unfortunately. I'll most likely take it within the next few days, expecting a euphoric/spiritual trip (spiritual, hence 'entheogen'). As a matter of fact, at this point, I should have received my blue lotus by now, which is known for helping induce a euphoric state, perhaps I should combine the two and make things real interesting.

NOTE: next entries are added whilst on San Pedro

**after the previous entry, I continued to boil down, and strain, the pulpous material to approximately 24 ounces of fairly pure, but foul tasting, green poison. The mixture was not all taken at once, (probably for the best as I had not any experience with mescaline at that point) but was consumed on consecutive nights, along with, for nausea, 3 dramamine on the first night and 1 on the second (11 ounces cactus juice taken the first night, 13 the second). The first night was unsuccessful, as the dramamine flat put me down like a sick dog. However after waking up and feeling highly nostalgic, similar to emotions which I hadn't felt that thoroughly since early childhood, I decided to take another gander at this mescaline stuff.

***Break in text***

As of right now, I am approximately 4.5 hours into my 'trip'. There is not much to be noted in terms of visuals - vision is slightly tunneled, lights are more intense, and focusing on things is becoming increasingly difficult. Mentally there is a fair amount to note, more specifically, my thought process itself. However how to explain the mental change is fairly difficult. It is similar to a kind of clairvoyance hitherto far from grasp. Everything that has happened in life, and possibly everything that will happen, all makes far more sense than ever before. Chaos is no longer quite so chaotic, there is an apparent order to life. As I type, I get the feeling that my thoughts are going in thousands of different places at once, and yet when I look back over them, they seem to be perfectly in order. Order is what I am focused on at this point.

A thought has crossed my mind, not very organized whatsoever, this is the case since right now I am basically taking up stream of consciousness for the sake of correct reporting. Mescaline is a drug of consciousness expansion - such a god damn phony term (flashbacks Catcher/Rye), however that is the correct term. Hey, if the shoe fits. It seems to me that I lack a completely clear conscious in my every day activities, as though I am mentally withheld from seeing what is really capable of being seen. It seems as though mescaline has given me the ability to see and think more clearly.

I wonder if I have been, for years, inhibiting my ability to see things for what they are as a defense mechanism. That would make a lot of sense given my history of precocious clairvoyance and as a result intense mental pain. I believe it may be a sort of defense mechanism because my thought process right now feels very natural, and feels like it is the way things should be. Perhaps from here on out I should confront the truths of the world and begin to man up to things the way they are - this does coincide with my typical attitude of 'be a man about it' in most other aspects of life. What doesn't Kill you only Makes you Stronger. Interesting which words I capitalized in that last sentence, I instinctively capitalized the most powerful words in the sentence.

Almost 5 hours into the trip, I believe I have now reached the climax, things seem to not want to stand still when I stare at them. The visual hallucinations are still minimal, things just don't seem very steady to me. Back to writing down what I am thinking, this is good stuff.

Captain's Log Star-date crack mofo biatch
Concerning: Good vs. Evil

Speaking of such things, when am I going to read Nietsche's analysis? WTF it has been over a month of all talk. Just that, all talk. I will go get that book this week as a matter of fact, while you go and get your coffee (Haggard). It is hard for me to do a proper analysis on good and evil right now, since I am having trouble seeing the 'evil' side of things. Isn't that the right approach? In order to come up with a solution you must first understand the problem?

I am starting to think that most evil deeds are committed out of human instinct. We are our own enemies (however not quite so cliché and heavy-hearted). But that is basically the truth, perhaps most people are, for the most part, good and what compels them to do bad things is a primitive drive? However this leads me to a far more basic question… what is good and what is evil? Right now I am thinking of both (good and evil) in an instinctive approach, one that my intrinsic knowledge is pushing me towards. That good is helping your fellow man, not hating, loving when felt, and knowing truth. Perhaps what is stereotypically thought of as good in Christian society (could this be because of what I have been taught growing up in a Christian household?); and that evil is… (allow me to attempt to put myself in this place)…very difficult at this point, mescaline has a very positive effect of the mental state… Perhaps listening to evil music will help clear things up.

Evil is selfishness, anger, hatred and boldness manifested as egoism. Selfishness - that is my final conclusion. Without a doubt, evil is nothing more than brutal, relentless selfishness pushed to boundaries unknown to people of good intentions. There is a devil and there is a god, god is our intrinsic knowledge of good and truth and evil is selfishness and an obscurity of lies.

This is where the birth of Christian conservatism comes from. A lack of knowledge makes it out to be something it isn't. Christianity is, in it's purest form (un-tainted by religious fronts put on my hypocritical liars) 'the light'. It is a truth that real good manifests itself in the form of selfless acts, and that selfishness is the root of all evil. This is most likely where the republican persona of the elephant crushing the needs of the people comes from. People who do not fully understand what is 'good' and what is 'right' believe that leaders attempting to get individuals to act unselfishly (and, as it is interpreted, exploitatively) are really attempting to crush their individual needs. What is the saying - the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Good is truth - an understanding that evil is manifested as selfishness.

At this point I am beginning to fade, I can feel my mind dulling. I need to go attempt to sleep (if possible).

***end of report***

As I woke, I felt slightly mentally dulled, however nothing even comparable to the mental stupification experienced after a hard mushroom trip. Interesting to note, last night I pulled out my Calculus book and delved into the realms of mathematics while on San Pedro. Oddly enough, I was far better at math that ever before, it was almost like everything I had known, but had inhibited myself from doing out of insecurities, was then completely available and at my disposal. Certain math tricks that I previously thought I knew, but was unsure of, were now as apparent as white on rice. I absolutely demolished my work with ease, and felt very happy with this new drug.

In summation, this trip was very rewarding, yet mellow. The dosage was moderately low, and my trip relatively mild (I would range my dosage of mescaline to be roughly 150-200mg based on other reports). This seems to be a very appropriate drug for both recreational use (similar to the context in which Hunter S. Thompson experiments with it in FLLV) or for spiritual use if taken in higher doses.

As of last night, I ordered Peruvian Blowtorch with the hopes of a more powerful trip. The taste is god-awful when imbibed as a liquid, therefore I am going to attemt to dry, crush, and powder the cactus skin and place into gelcaps.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46953
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 8, 2007Views: 10,698
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