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Citation:   Murdock. "Pure: An Experience with Cocaine (exp46954)". Jan 1, 2008.

3.0 g insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
This is a story of my experiences with the one and only white lady. I will not try to sway anyone's opinion of this substance one way or the other, this is just a report of my experience with it.

I must first say I have had exposeure to a good range of drugs, though marijuana and shroomz were my choice substances until I discovered that strange, numbing, amazing white powder. For whatever reason, I had always had an interest in trying cocaine long before there ever was the chance. I was only 16 when I had my first experience. Now, coke is the 'hardest' drug that I have done, so I am by no means a junkie or even a habitual coke user, but I was always adventerous and was willing to seek cocaine out. Because I was involved with a good group of friends, the opportunity to casually try some never presented itself.

So, it was christmas time and there was a holiday formal happening a couple days after christmas. I had been to this formal before and I figured that this would be a fun and safe environment to have my first experience; good music, dancing, females, and the whole 9. Anyway, I was going through what few connections I had at this point and no one could seem to point me in the direction of any coke. So, on christmas eve at around midnight I told my mom that I was going out to meet this girl that I had an interest in, and I would be back in a half hour or so. I left the house and headed straight for the projects. When I arrived I made contact with a guy on the corner and he took me over to his man and (from what I know now) I purchased a slim 8ball, probably closer to a little under 3 grams. But I was so happy that I had finally scored and on my first trip down there no less. I told the guy merry christmas, gave him a bump and headed home.

On the way I was smelling the powder and it was such a great smell, one like no other on earth, I could not wait to dip into it. So I got home and went upstairs into my bathroom and locked the door. I had seen coke used before in the media like everyone else so I had a mirror and razor ready and waiting. I dumped the rock/powder mix on the mirror and chopped until I had about 3 very fine lines. I was very lucky also, because after more experience I realized that this powder was suprisingly very good quality.

So I have 3 shimmering, beautiful white lines looking back at me and I roll the dollar bill up stick it to my nose with a little hesitation, and I sharply inhale. There was a slight and pleasant sting in my nose and I rubbed the residue on my gums as I had seen done. It was fucking magical, it sounds queer but when people say there is only one first high they aren't kidding. I could feel something creeping up within me, excitement and euphoria. I bent back over and did the remaining 2 rails. I cleaned up and put the coke away until the formal.

I left the bathroom and everything was so perfect, things twinkled and my parents had Burt Bacharach playing, and that was perfect, nice a soft, good music. I was floating in absolute heaven. I walked down stairs and I wanted to talk with my parents some, I don't know what I said but it was some damn good talking and they gave me some champaign which was great. I just remember feeling euphoria like I have never experienced before or since, and probably never will cause I will never use crack, heroin, meth, or any of that. If I could use one word to describe it, it would be pure, everything was just right and the high just felt so genuine and....pure. Not like other chemicals that disorient me and cloud my head, I felt sharp, confident, and so wonderful.

Fast forward to a couple nights later, Iím on my way to the formal with a buddy and we got there, it was fun and everything, after a half hour or so I dissapeared into the bathroom. I went in the stall and stuck the straw into the bag (which I had pre chopped) and took a sniff, not thinking about the 2.5 grams that the straw was submerged in. It was a big hit, especially for a novice. I made my way back out onto the floor and the twinkle came back and I danced for the next 3 hours straight, with sparatic bathroom trips of course. The experience was great, I'll never forget it.

In the three years since I've used coke 50 times give or take, no more trips to the block to get it though. Coke is just it for me. But from what I have learned I know that for me high quality shit produces a completely different high than the normal shit. I eventually began to start slipping, so I quit for a while. I've used just once in the past 3 months. I wanted to let it get out of my system and I want to begin to use it on 'special occasions' because afterall its funner that way and the less you use the better the high is when you do. I have also found that cocaine is far more mentally addicting than anything else. You begin to fall in love with everything; the high, the smell, the taste, the ritual of cutting out lines, just everything. So I am mainly sticking with the buddah, and learning to use blow sparingly and only when I can procure some hq powder...or if its free!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 46954
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 1, 2008Views: 40,443
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