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Quite Disappointing
Temazepam & Alcohol
Citation:   Joshua. "Quite Disappointing: An Experience with Temazepam & Alcohol (exp46963)". Jan 17, 2008.

T+ 0:00
180 mg oral Pharms - Temazepam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 4:00 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
Since there is a general lack of useful information on the internet about this drug for the recreational user, I felt it was important to submit an experience report about my Temazepam experience. The purpose is two-fold: To prevent experimenters from accidentally overdosing and to prevent recreational/experimental users from wasting their time and money (and possibly lives) with this drug.

I was prescribed 30mg/night of Temazepam for insomnia about one month ago by my doctor. Before that, I was taking 10mg of Ambien to sleep at night. I was taken off of Ambien because of its habit-forming properties, and ironically put on a notorious Benzodiazepine called Temazepam. The hypnotic effects of Temazepam are much less than that of Ambien, but it works nonetheless. Now on to the experience.

I had been skipping my nightly dosage of 30mg of Temazepam for about a week, substituting 3mg Melatonin so that I could save up some Temazepam for a good Benzodiazepine high. Not wanting to start things off with an overdose, I doubled my prescribed dosage and took 60mg on my first attempt. I felt absolutely nothing, not even the slightest hypnotic effect. Slightly discouraged, I thought that maybe the slow metabolism from oral use caused the lack of effects. The next night I emptied out two 30mg capsules and snorted the fine, white powder. Other than a temporary feeling that I could inhale more air into my lungs than normal, there were again no effects. This lasted for about a minute.

Not quite sure why I felt nothing, I decided to Google around and try to find some dosage information about Temazepam. After many hours of frustrating and fruitless searches, I finally found a small snippet in an article claiming recreational users typically inject anywhere from 90mg to 150mg to get high. Score!

Now before you go out and try to inject this stuff, PLEASE heed this warning: Injecting Temazepam is ***EXTREMELY*** dangerous!! Temazepam injection is for people who have their self-destruct switch set on high, and they don't care what happens to them.

I saved up for a few more nights, and then waited patiently for the perfect night to try them at the higher dosage I read about. By this time, the Adderall I had taken early that morning was fully out of my system, so I was not on anything else at the time. Not wanting to take them on a full stomach or waste them on a night when I would be cooped up in my room alone on the computer, I planned to go to the theater with my friend. I figured a night on the town under the influence would be a blast. Stupidly and bravely, I decided that I would increase the dosage I read about and take 180mg (six 30mg capsules) 30 minutes before I ate dinner. The reason I upped the dosage being that I wasn't injecting so there would be reduction of effects due to metabolism in the digestive system.

While I ate my dinner, I noticed the effects coming on. I began to feel a little slow and detached from the world. Not wanting to be high in front of my parents, I quickly finished dinner and went upstairs to get ready to leave. Unfortunately, my parents asked me a couple of things before I left. I canít remember what was said or what I did, but according to my mom the next day, I was very wobbly and my speech was slurred. Being a pretty straight person in her eyes, she accepted the excuse that I was acting so strange because I was sleep deprived.

I left about ten minutes later, around 1 hour after I took the pills, when my friend came by to pick me up. I only remember small bits and pieces of what happened after this point. I don't even recall what theater we went to. I pretty much only remember things that I took note of while I was high. I'll give an account of things I remember since the list is so small: being very amazed at an advertisement projected onto the floor of the theater lobby from above that reacted to my feet when I stepped on it, nodding off twice during the movie previews, and the last few seconds of the movie. I also remember thinking to myself how in-control I felt at the time. I didn't feel I was in any kind of stupor where I wasn't able to go out in public, I felt very in-control the entire time. Physically, I felt a little bit like I was made of Jell-O, although it was a very slight feeling, and I felt very relaxed. The last thing I remember was standing by my friend's truck in front of his house with a beer in my hand. Not very much fun for a night where you can barely anything that happened.

The next day, my friend informed me that I was a total drag the entire night. I was very slow to respond to things, totally out of it, and confused about everything. He felt he had to baby sit me the whole time we were out. Unfortunately, I don't remember any of this so I have to go by his word. After the movie, we went over to his house, had a beer, and chilled for a while. By this time it had been about 3.5 to 4 hours since I had taken the Temazepam. I then walked back to my house, went to my room, and passed out.

In conclusion, I feel that Temazepam as a recreational drug is virtually worthless. Itís not my idea of a good time to wake up the next day unable to remember anything that had happened the night before, including whether I even enjoyed it or not, and having to answer questions from my parents about what was wrong with me last night. On top of the anterograde amnesia, the very high potential for addiction, ease of overdose, and loss of inhibitions while on it make me wonder why anyone would even use Temazepam recreationally at all.

Overall, I rate the Temazepam experience a 3 out of 10.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46963
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 17, 2008Views: 120,001
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