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On My Way??
by S
Citation:   S. "On My Way??: An Experience with Cocaine (exp46991)". Erowid.org. Mar 10, 2018. erowid.org/exp/46991

  repeated insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


Six months ago I tried cocaine for the first time. Only did two lines, as that's all there was but immediately I discovered how I will spend the entire night wishing there was more. I waited 37 years to try it, and was always so proud that I never had...

The comedown off of just those two lines was horrible. I had a headache for the entire next day, and swore I would never do it again.

Don't we all???

A few months later, out with the same friend, and she pulled me into the bathroom and offered me more. Of course I did it, and did it and did it that night. And enjoyed it.

A few weeks later, I went out with the same friend... lots of coke this time. Did so much at the start that I broke into a massive sweat (I had drank quite a bit of alcohol before hand). This scared me quite a bit, it was a cold clammy sweat, and I thought I would pass out. But a it subsided and a few glasses of water later, I was back to doing lines... until after the sun came up. Coming down that time was very hard. I felt major panic, guilt, depression and paranoia. I told myself no more, that was the end....

A month ago I bought it for the first time.
And then I bought more last week..
And I sit here tonight... having done several lines. It started at 6:00 p.m. and I thought ok, I'll just do two now, and maybe two at 7:00 and then I have to quit cause I have to work tomorrow... I think I did my second round of lines at 6:30... and more at 7:00 and still more at 8:00 and then swore 8:30 was the last... but it's 9:32 and I just did 4 more.. and I think well, 2 more won't hurt and then if I quit, I can still fall asleep by 11:00... right?

Oh but I won't become addicted... I'm just doing it 'for now'. Why is it that I know that is complete crap and it's already too late, but I just love it right now... although I notice the buzz wears off faster... amazing I can become tolerant so quickly.

What will happen to me? I'll be fine, I'm sure. It's just a phase... after all, I can't really afford it on a regular basis...

Damn it's wearing off already... just two more lines.. I promise...

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46991
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 10, 2018Views: 631
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Cocaine (13) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Addiction & Habituation (10), Not Applicable (38)

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