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Chewing: The Best Route of Administration
Citation:   Chicoverde. "Chewing: The Best Route of Administration: An Experience with Coca (exp47110)". Jan 16, 2008.

  repeated oral Coca (leaves)
I'm a college student and my drug use history is as follows: cannabis-smoker for five years, cig. smoker for one year, weekend drinker, psilocybin mushrooms once, amphetamines occasionally for studying (adderal, etc.), vicodin and oxys once a month or so, and a bunch of natural herbs and supplements in small and large experimental doses (kava kava, valerian root for dreaming, etc.)

Anyway, having an interest in the historical/cultural use of plants and substances, whether it be tied to economics, religion, or society in general I began reading about the Incas, the Andes Mountains and other hisorical information relating to the coca plant. I soon decided I would order some tea online from a popular Peruvian vendor; I went with 100 bags.

This experience report will not focus on one particular time, but rather the range of effects I've gotten from the leaf. Also I decided to give a long report of my experience for those who are curious on the exact process of absorption and what effects to expect from given doses.

First of all, when taken as a tea, mate de coca is little more than a good cup of black coffee, although it seems to bring about a distinct 'warmness' in the stomach. When I tried two tea bags steaped in 20 oz of hot water, this effect was pronounced and the warmth spread to the face.

When chewed, the coca is a horse of a different color. First of all, I made sure to acquire some baking soda and magnesium/calcium powder to mix with the leaves for when I chew. Then I rip off the top of the tea bag, and put the ground leaves between my teeth and lip like a dip (though I do not chew tobacco, I'm assuming it's done in exactly the same way) and sprinkle some of the alkaline substance on top. The first time I tried this, I was very surprised how numb it made my lips. Again, I felt the subtleness of the tea effect with a more pronounced feeling of warmth and a stimulation slightly stronger than a cup of coffee. Since some of the alkaloids are absorbed through the mouth AND the stomach, I wait 5 minutes or so before swallowing to allow the coke/other alkaloids to numb my mouth first. I kept doing this in a similar fashion for a few days, having a bag every 6 hours or so but one day I decided to binge and see if I could get a stronger effect.

After reading that each gram of coca leaves contain between 5-10mg of cocaine, I figured if I chewed five or six bags over a forty or fifty minute period, I could absorb the equivalent of a medium sized coke line (30-60mg). Obviously the effects would be much less pronounced given the more sustained blood concentration and I would not get the 'rush' or any of the ego-inflating effects of cocaine concentrate, but I found this a preferable option being very wary of coke addiction, for reasons that I will not go into here.

Anyway, I had six bags (30-60mg cocaine) in one hour, broken down as follows:

T=0 Two bags combined with plenty of alkaline sucked on hard for twenty minutes, then chewed (literally with teeth) to release all possible juices, then swallowed the juices before spitting out the leaves.

T=20 Process repeated with two more bags, spit out in 20 minutes.

T=40 Process repeated with two more bags, spit out in 20 minutes (T=60)

I don't exactly remember when I started feeling the effects or even whether or not they were a result of digestive absorption or mouth absorption, but they were surprisingly significant. I felt a moderate to 'low-strong' physical stimulation, slight jitters, increased heartrate, flushed face, and then surprisingly, a fifteen or twenty minute wave of mild euphoria, similar in intensity to a moderate adderal dose, though much different. This I can only describe is sort of a more 'clear' marijuana-like head buzz but with much more warmth and a weird sort of feeling in the head that I would liken to getting my sinuses unclogged, except in the head (a drippy feeling in the head I guess...hard to explain). In addition nearly my entire mouth was numb and even a lot of my throat, so much that when I drank a glass of ice cold water it tasted warm. My eyes hurt a bit too, maybe as a result of pupil dilation.

Also, having some experience with stimulants (dextroamphetamine, methylphenidate and caffeine) I found the coca stimulation to be somewhat odd. The PHYSICAL stimulation was very strong and I noticed my pushup count and weight lifting stamina increased, which I found surprising. I was equally impressed with the subtle, yet noticable aprodisiac effects, mainly in stamina. These sort of physical effects have a range of 50 minutes to two hours.

Mentally, although my mind feels clear, there is little to no mental benefits and it didnít seem to help my studying like the other stimulants but rather made me want to either exercise or lay back on a chair and listen to some good music. Itís a stimulation that gives me a choice: either I do something physical and hardcore, or I just sit around and enjoy the buzz, unable to find the WILL to do heavy mental work. However, this effect probably varies a lot from person to person.

So here I am now, twelve days later with 20 tea bags left, and I'm still enjoying the effects. However, I don't think I will buy any more anytime soon as I don't want it to become a habit. For one thing it leaves chunks of leaf on my teeth and slightly yellows them so I have to brush after each chew.

As a final note, I let some of my friends try this method, most of them being very skeptical of my described effects and sure enough, they were all surprised by the numbing sensation and the moderate (comparatively mild to coke, as some of them have tried yay itself) buzz and stimulation.

Anyway, if you're like me, drink a ton of coffee, and have a HUGE caffeine tolerance, are sick of the jitters and the minor crash and headache, chewing coca is the way to go. In normal doses, it's mildly stimulating, aids digestion, and stabilizes the mood, all without a crash. If you test the waters, you can absorb enough for a strong, clear buzz. Either way though, chewing is the way to go as it is significantly stronger than drinking it in tea form w/o alkaloids.

Remember: Do it Andean style.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47110
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 16, 2008Views: 53,215
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