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The Introduction
Citation:   Anonymous. "The Introduction: An Experience with Coleus (exp47160)". Mar 28, 2006.

  smoked Coleus (dried)
    oral Coleus (tea)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It's 8:15 I have about 8-10 leaves drying right now drying with a piece of tinfoil and a candle. Flame is about 8 inches away from tinfoil I got the plants from where I work we have lots of landscaping and tons of different plants that I have planted personally and picked out myself.

Iíve opted for smoking it tho I do have enough to eat some, if smoking does not work then I will take it to the kitchen and chop it up add some water then eat/drink the shit.

8:25 Itís well that didnít take long, most of it is dry I think I have enough to try it gonna go outside and smoke a lil bit of it.

Itís 8:46 just got back from trying to kill the whole bowl. I feel kinda stoned, definitely feel stoned, very hard to concentrate on things tho when I do I feel compelled to stare and zone out .

Its 8:51...I feel restless yet very calm very at ease.

9:03 just cracked open a PBR still feel stoned like a mary jane high...everything seems a lil 'off',screw it I think I will just eat a bunch of this shit as soon as I get an empty stomach(I had dineer an hour ago). Just got back from smoking 2nd bowl.

9:19 Just opened my 2nd PBR listening to some techno, I feel like dancing I feel really good!

Between these times I drank 2 more beers and zoned out on a computer game

10:18 I am coming down (I think) all it was, was a real stoned feel. I didnít see any distortions of any kind, I just felt really stoned but calm as if nothing could go wrong...

12:25 Just drank/ate the rest of the coleeus I didnít count the leaves but it was about 3 good compressed handfuls. I chopped the stuff up as best as I could then added a pint of warm water to it I let it sit for a half hour then I started to drink it when the tea was gone I ate the rest of the leaves with a fork.(I gagged a couple of times those leaves are hairy)..1:02 my stomach seems 'funny' hard to describe.

1:52 I cant even begin to know how much time has elapsed between my last entry and this one. I am not gonna even try to do the math. I have no concentration and the light hurts my eyes...soon to smoke more leaf and some low-grade pot(male flowers) I have opened the wine and soon to drink it with my pot....2:19... 3 glasses of wine (8oz. each)a bowl with half/half of coleus and low-grade pot...mucho buzzz I feel the pot I feel the wine and I also feel the coleus..ive turnwed the light way down and I now have the music channel on..

After this I really donít know what happened I ended up waking at 7 with my shoes still on and fully clothed but in my bed. It was a good time and worth the effort.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47160
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 28, 2006Views: 11,120
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Coleus (168) : Alone (16), General (1)

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