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DOC and the Monkeys
by yaj
Citation:   yaj. "DOC and the Monkeys: An Experience with DOC (exp47214)". Dec 5, 2005.

2.8 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)


A recent sample of DOC made it into the lab. Now after reading about this item for several years, and hearing a personal account of this and DOI from an acquaintance who researched these items during his doctoral studies, I was quite happy to acquire some. Ook Eek, happy monkeys!

The substance had a fine, white crystalline appearance, and the mass to be tested was measured on a recently calibrated 0.0001g balance +/- 0.1mg readability. Due to the minimum expected length of the experiment, the experiment was started early. The weather was beautiful, mindset was positive, some coffee and bread were the only items consumed in the morning. Baseline pulse was 88 and blood pressure was 117/80. The scale was tared, and the mass of the weighing paper was subtracted from the weighing paper/DOC, giving a mass of 2.8mg DOC.

12:41pm - DOC was placed in 4 oz of distilled water and consumed. There was no distinctive taste noticed.

12:55pm – Pulse was at 90, blood pressure 118/80. I noticed a little head pressure. Nothing disconcerting, but I cannot definitively attribute it to the substance. Possibly just allergies or a psychosomatic reaction.

1:20pm – At this point in time, I had an awareness that something was going on. I knew I was off my baseline, but nothing more than that. I can only explain it as just “feeling off”, so I decided to get ready for the day’s adventures, so I played a Dead Can Dance live soundboard recording, shaved, showered and got dressed. The girlfriend had gone to work, so I had a number of hours to explore.

1:48pm – There is definitely something happening. I was watching the last half of “Finding Neverland”, while waiting for the substance to make an appearance. The light was shining in through the glass wall, giving a specific hue to the room. The images on the screen started to have extra outlines on them, as well as most items in the room. It was at this point in time that I noticed slight stomach discomfort, and throat dryness. Swallowing occurred to be a more pronounced action than it should have been, so I figured it was almost time. Water was refreshing, and when I went into the restroom, I noticed that everything was shimmering and moving. The towels had a slight undulating motion to them, and the numbers on the scale were blurring. This point started reminding me of previous experiments with LSD, and I started giggling at the prospects of leaving the house to return the videos. Pulse check = 84. Load the backpack with the essentials needed for the day, refresh the IPod, keys in hand, prepare for the inevitable and…

2:30pm – As soon as I get outside, the world has changed. The only way I think I can describe it, is if you’ve watched war movies, or at least the commercials. A good example would be for that new show “Over There”. The grainy, washed out desert look, and quick cut visuals in the commercial, well that was my vision. The headphones cut out most external noise, so I was bathed in a world of swirling vocals, world instruments and chants as I walked to my destination. I knew I was out there by this point, so I just enjoyed everything. There were a number of just weird occurrences, and the other people walking around provided so much entertainment. There is a weekly Farmer’s Market, and it was on my way to the video store. The colors, and textures of the fruits, vegetables and flowers were beautiful, unfortunately I was still a little stuffy, so that sense was useless. I was still walking with camcorder vision, walking through crowds, just looking at everyone while the music played. I felt like I was in a bazaar in some other country. It was here that I reiterated the 3 rules of science most important at these times, which are
1. Fire Burns
2. Gravity Hurts
3. Cars are real
So while waiting for the crosswalk, I realize that I should probably go sit somewhere shortly, since the ride seems to be reaching for a higher level. Deposit the movies, and with a little difficulty, order a coffee at Peet’s. Now armed with one of my favorite beverages, I walk to the lake. I start doing double takes at people passing me on the sidewalk, but dammit, that man was walking in a tux with a crown and sash on. I forgot to write down some of the other things that amused me, but I thought I would remember later, and I was wrong.

I find a bench to have a smoke, and just look at the people lawn bowling and others playing soccer. I decide I don’t like this bench, and retreat further into the park. Along the way it seems the squirrels are paying particular attention to me. The geese and ducks are just looking, but the furry little bastards keep coming up to me, standing on their hind legs, and staring. I stop by the gazebo, and just stare back. Well, I thought it was a form of staring, since I couldn’t really focus on the specific shape, just the fuzzy energies surrounding them. I tire of being harassed by the squirrels, and move to a nice, spot on the hill overlooking the lake. The green grass is vibrant and quite comfortable. I have another smoke. Cigarettes and research go well together for me, and with the DOC, each smoke was such a satisfying sensation. By now I’m at another level, and everything is just not right (not in bad way, but a funny way). I lay down, close my eyes and immerse myself in a vibrant world of colors, scenery and thoughts. The closed eye visuals were incredible, and continued a short while after opening my eyes. I got lost in my thoughts, and kept visualizing myself in different scenes. Think of the movies, how people are in a scene and walk into a dream sequence, well that is the only way I can think of explaining this. I saw myself walking into the lake, itself shimmering like a white pearl, opalescent with pinks, lavenders and blues, and interacting with a different world. This went on for awhile before I decided it was probably best for people running the lake, if there wasn’t someone just uncontrollably laughing at the world. I loaded up and wobbled home. Distance perception was distorted, so I would not even chance crossing the street without the crosswalk signal.

5:00pm - I made it home, turned on some music and lay on the bed with serious open eye visuals. Fluorescent outlines were dancing, and every tile pattern was morphing. Lying on the comforter, it didn’t matter if my eyes were open or closed, I was in other fantasies. I found out I could concentrate enough to focus on specific parts of my body. I had fun picking different parts, and trying to really feel them with just my mind. Sure it sounds kooky, but I was having a blast. But the time had come to nourish myself, so I figured I couldn’t destroy the kitchen with a bag of ramen. Plus the girlfriend would be coming home shortly to find the monkey has conducted an experiment. I was lounging, listening to music, watching “The Warriors” (I forgot how horrible the dialogue is), when I finally got the “Bad Monkey! Oh my, look at your eyes!” Sure, I tried to play it off, but I think the giggling gave it away. So she fielded all the phone calls, made me some food, and generally laughed at the goofiness that was I. I stopped checking my pulse and blood pressure since it rarely changed. Just an hourly “Whoa!” and seeing that I was still at the same plateau for the last several hours, and as I found out, to still go.

The Bay Area is quite an entertaining place, especially during research. Tonight was extra special, since besides the earlier adventures; there was still my friend’s house, the museum opening, and the carney circus.

9:00pm – I guess I have to finally start motivating, but it seems to involve getting a cigarette, sitting on the couch, noticing I have a cigarette in my hand, and finally going out to smoke. My girlfriend is quite entertained by me, and helps co-conduct one experiment, which was quite pleasant. I finally get into the shower to clean the outside world, and lounge sweat, off of me. The tactile experience was nothing spectacular, but I could see each drop of water. I figured I would need another pack of smokes for the night’s adventures, but was hesitant to walk up to the local store due to still being quite out of my head. But I kept my head down, got my smokes, some Anchor Steam, and a diet Rockstar for my gf. It seemed I was finally starting to come down a little, which after 8 hours wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I was wrong. We get in the car, she loads up a Paul Van Dyk cd, and off we go into the city. Since they were doing construction on the Bay Bridge, we took a different route. The music starts building, and I guess I keep getting lost in my head and all the passing lights, because she just can’t stop laughing at my goofiness. I feel like I’m in a spaceship, rocketing past stars. The sound of the tires as we go over the Richmond Bridge is so foreign that it takes me awhile to figure out what is happening. After wrapping around into Sausalito, we crest the hill, and I’m confronted with the most beautiful view of the GG Bridge and the San Francisco city lights.

10:30pm – Arrive at my friends’ house and get ready for the evening. I think I picked the most opportune day to sample, since once some other folks arrived, we were heading to the opening ceremony at the new DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park. From midnight to 6am it was open with Om Records DJs. My friends had decided to go with MDA for their entertainment, but I was still going quite strong. Finally had my first beer of the day, and it was quite refreshing. We tried to engage in conversations, but I kept getting distracted by an art piece based on fluid dynamics. A glass case filled with different density liquids, and pressure controllers. I can’t really describe it, but I was creating worlds and watching them erode. Right before we left, around midnight, I noticed that the flooring wasn’t breathing as much. I was kind of relieved at that.

12:20am - So several of us take off and wander through the park. Now, picture a newly remodeled museum, 31 hours of festivities, and DJs all night long, and every nightlife person in one spot. I have no idea how many people were there, but there was thousands. We stood in line for an hour or so, while having a blast watching all the other addled people in line. It was just a giant party whether you made it in or not. Finally one other person and I decided to see actually how much further we had to go. Well, we found out and decided to get the rest of the group, and just entertain ourselves looking through the glass into the museum. We turned the people inside into art. We laughed, stumbled, ran around, and have a better time than if we actually got in. Wandering around the park, we eventually went back to the car and returned to our friends’ house, to prepare for the circus party back in Oakland. Now all driving tonight was done by the designated sober person, since we are a little smart.

3:00am – Still going strong, but feeling a little tired. Been up since 9am, but I am not feeling any push from the substance. I could go to sleep it seems, and most likely still be coming down when I wake. We arrive at the warehouse just in time to watch a carnie band of hobo goblins playing crazy songs, and a girl in a leather bathing suit shooting beer cans off folks’ heads. The amount of surreal things I’ve seen today, is just to mind-boggling, let alone that they were actually there, and not just in my head. So around 4:30, I’m just pooped. I’m still feeling the substance, but starting to get a little headache from not eating very much over the course of the day.

5:00am – Go to bed. Still feeling the effects, but since I want to go to sleep fairly quickly, I take 0.5mg Xanax. Now I’m not sure what parts were dreams, or if I was awake and visualizing. Not very much difficulty in nodding off.

11:00am – Wake up and still feel a little bit of the chemical. I would say +1/2. Not feeling cracked out, but just that I had not received enough sleep. The rest of the day was spent lounging with the gf and starting work on this report. No problems going to sleep later in the evening, and feeling 100% on Monday.

Overall I think this was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had. The visuals and surrealism I experienced were far better than any of the experiments with any other phenylethylamine or tryptamine. I am looking forward to repeating at a slightly higher level, but I think I will savor this one for special occasions. The duration is the main factor for me. I noticed very little recovery was needed, but I always want to try and have a 24 our period before I have anything to do. There was some DOI that arrived with the DOC, so I think that will be the next experiment. I’m looking forward to my next desert camping trip, where I can utilize this in a more barren setting. I definitely think a good scale is important for weighing out these small amounts, can’t imagine what >5mg would be like.

Thanks for reading

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47214
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 5, 2005Views: 33,274
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