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Better than MDMA and Easy on the Brain Cells
Citation:   NickAtNight. "Better than MDMA and Easy on the Brain Cells: An Experience with Methylone (exp47220)". Jan 16, 2008.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 200 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:30 1 glass   Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 5:00 2 glasses   Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 0:00 1 repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
Who: Myself and and a friend, D

What: Nearly pure methylone (checked out at 98% pure)

Where: Clubs, bars, and then a friends apt afterward

Why: Ive had very pure MDMA twice before and it kinda left me wanting something a little different. It was a little too aggressive and a little too jittery for me, though I did enjoy the majority of the effects. I also did not like the idea of the neurotoxicity associated with MDMA and according to the research I've done, Methylone looks to be much less neurotoxic if at all, and with similar overally effects.

Experience: Both D and I have pretty extensive experience with just about everything. A short list: nearly every narcotic made, kratom, opium, various benzos, ambien, MDMA, mushrooms, lsd, lsa, salvia, weed, 2c-i, 2c-d, 2c-e, coke, ritalin, amphetamines, barbituates, 4HO-DiPT, DXM, kava, absinthe, get the point.

0:00 - 150mg Methylone was measured out for myself, and 200mg for D on a scale accurate to the 0.001g. It was dissolved into a shotglass filled with water and swallowed. Both of us had pretty empty stomachs. Wow this stuff does not taste great, very chemical tasting. We both used gatorade chasers and headed out to the bars.

0:15 - Arrive at the bars with both us definitely feeling as if we were coming up, but without the huge and somewhat overwhelming rush that one experiences with MDMA. In addition, whenever I am coming up on MDMA I experience slight visuals that go away once I am 'up.' This was not present with Methylone. The come-up felt fairly gradual and easy to deal with.

0:45 - After visiting with several friends, we both decided that we wanted a more chill atmosphere. On MDMA Ive noticed I almost cannot sit still when there is music playing and there is a party atmosphere going on, with Methylone its similar but a much more gentle feeling. So, we started to walk over to the local hookah bar, only finding it was already closed for the night (it was now just after 2am).

0:55 - We encounter two friends of D's, who were pretty intoxicated, and were telling us a story of how they had a near-fight with a bunch of belligerant guys at the bars through no fault of their own. I felt very connected to them and very empathetic with their situation. At this point we were both feeling very euphoric. The feeling was similar to MDMA, but again, not quite as aggressive of a high. I certainly felt stimulated, but not jittery or uncomfortably so. The best way to describe the feeling is a very 'energized, yet calm,' very euphoric high.

1:10 - We both bum a cigarette from the guys. I am not a smoker and neither is D, but it just felt amazing to smoke. I get amazing tactile enhancement from MDMA, and I definitely felt this on Methylone as well. We decided to head over to the gas station down the street and get some smokes.

1:20 - Exit the gas station and we both decide we were really enjoying the experience thus far, but having read about the relatively short duration of Methylone, decide to head back to my place and 'boost' with another dose.

1:30 - Measured out 200mg for each of us, and take it the same way as before. I really enjoy drinking red wine while on psychoactives, and we had gotten a call from a friend that was having people over for a party...'bring your own drugs' style. The booster dose hadnt kicked in yet, and I felt in control of myself enough to drive over to his place. In hindsight, Id like to point out this was a stupid decision, as NO ONE should ever drive while on psychoactives. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

D decided, against my advice, that he wanted to supplement with several ephedrine throughout the night. It is my opinion that this was unsafe, as combining stimulants is never a good idea and I already felt plenty stimulated.

1:40 - After picking up some girls, we arrive at H's. Timing worked out amazingly well, for just as I parked outside his apartment, the booster dose hit. This time, it was much more like an MDMA feeling, there was a definite rush we both felt at nearly the same time. We both felt extremely euphoric, almost to the point of being overwhelmed with the feeling. I have a pretty awesome sound system in my car, and we all just sat there in the car (the leather seats felt amazing) and listened to music, which I could immerse myself into almost completely. I also dont think I have ever felt as good as I did then. D had brought some leather cashmere gloves and other things that just felt totally amazing to feel against my skin. The girls in the car had not taken anything yet at that point and were touching us (non-sexually) which also just felt ungodly good.

2:00 - We finally muster up the willpower to leave the car and head up to J's apt. He has a 'trippers paradise' of a place, there are very colorful psychedellic tapestries up everywhere, great mood lighting, a kick-ass sound system, candles, and incense. All of this sensory stimulation was greatly amplified, but I didnt experience any kind of sensory overload, it was a perfect place to be. Id also like to note that I am a very outgoing person and I love meeting new people, and Methylone added to this as it seemed to dissolve any kind of social ackwardness usually encountered with meeting new people in a different place. I felt amazingly euphoric still, but had leveled off a little from when I was in the car.

4:00 - At this point the effects were definitely still present, and the party had shifted to a more 'chill session.' I felt very comfortable around everyone, and I noticed that similarly to MDMA, it was much easier to share parts of me that perhaps I might have been a little more guarded with normally (though not in a bad way). It felt very liberating to feel comfortable about being this open about myself and who I was.

5:00 - The effects have started to wear off a little from time to time, though they do come back, and sometimes a little stronger. Somewhat sine-curve like. At this point, I decide to give the wine I brought with me a try. After the very first few sips, I noticed I was sent back up the sine-curve, perhaps even above where I had been perviously. This was pretty suprising, and it happened almost every time I took a good couple drinks from my wine glass when I felt that I was starting to come down a little. After a couple glasses, I decided I didn't need to be drunk, so I allowed myself to come down, which was relatively quickly but lacked the 'crash' that so many people describe being at the end of an MDMA session.

After a while, I decided that I needed to head home, as the sun was starting to come up. I didn't get to sleep more than maybe an hour before my first class, but the sleep was incredible! Between napping throughout the day, I slept maybe a total of 2 hours, but I was in a great mood and felt very well rested. I havent ever experienced the 'crash' or depression that comes in the following days after a night of MDMA, for me its the contrary; I'm usually in a better mood for the next several days. However, D definitely experienced a crash and some depression as he would normally get from MDMA. However, I think a large part of that stems from his addition of ephedrine throughout the night as well.


I greatly enjoyed Methylone. For me it has all of the positive effects of MDMA that I enjoy without killing brain cells, it's legal, and lacks many of the negative effects that I dislike about MDMA. My only complaint on the stuff is that I had a slightly sore jaw the next day, but it really wasnt even that noticable. I do not think I will ever do MDMA again if Methylone is available instead. I can't think of a time or a high thus far that I have enjoyed more. Be safe, be smart, know your source, and have fun!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47220
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 16, 2008Views: 21,059
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