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26 Mile Swimer?
Citation:   Pieter. "26 Mile Swimer?: An Experience with Scopolamine (exp47264)". Erowid.org. Apr 24, 2018. erowid.org/exp/47264

1.5 mg transdermal Scopolamine (patch)
This is a story of me have a trip (if u can call it that) off of scopolamine, even though I didnt relize it till months later.( I think I may be hypersenstive to it or something)
2 summers ago I went to my uncles house in virgina to go fishing. Now, I get seasick easily and my father has used these seasick patches for a number of years now and he decided that I should use one. I wasnt sure what this was until a few months later when I did some resarch (aka find the box in the bathroom) it was the chemical scopolamine which exsists I think in belladonna(nightshade) I put the patch on.

And my cousin as well needed one and I helped him put it on cause he had hair in the way. I did touch the treated part as well and ignored it. My dad told me to wash my hands but I forgot to cause one of the families dogs barffed on the carpet and that diverted my attention. I go to sleep for the night. (at like 1:00 am.) I wake up with an REALLY dry mouth which I found extreamly unconfortable. So I walk down stars for milk to fix it. When I got up I felt very dissy and spacy, like I was walking in a fog. I fell down at the bottom of the stairs. And get some milk. Then I hear this buzzing noise. It was mild but I coudl hear it nonetheless. I go back upstairs and try to sleep with no avail.

We had to wake up at 4:00am to make it to the morining hour finsings spot out 26 miles on the ocean. My dad asks me if I'm feelign alright once my uncle him and my cousin are awake and I tell him my mouth is very dry and it is annoying th hell out of me. I neglected to tell him that I was kinda messed up. The buzzing has stopped and everything seemed more of a foggy image and everything was foggy. When we get in the truck to trail the boat I fell alseep due to sleep depravation. On theway out I was hearing indesernable noises. It sounded like talking but not exactly.

When we are at the launching ramp I seek like 50 large insects fly out of the grass and fly between everyone. And they ignore it, this confused me alot becuse I was not awayre I was messed up even though it was mild. As we are riding out I all of the sudden herd random words being called out. I turned around to yell 'what?' the motor was running so noone questioned me why I kept askign what. At this point I saw what looked like hear ligting in the horizion, yet it was a bluish coloration. Then out of the blue I see a person in a wetsiut swimming in the water using paddles and fins. I call out 'OH MY GOD THERES A PERSON IN THE WATER OVER THERE!' my uncle looked at me very perplexed and moved the boat over to where I yelled. I still coudl see the person. My uncle says 'theres noone in the water what are u saying?' yet the person appared to be swimming away from us. So my uncle allwed me to take the boat over to the area to where I saw. Then I moved the boat to the edge of the person. Proceded to tap him, and he then very very rapidly sped away like a motorboad making no sound. My dad was very confued at what I had just clamed and told me to go lay down in the boat when we got to the fishing spot.

For the rest of the fishing day I lyed on the deck half asleep half awake still hearing a small babling in the backround thinking it is the water. At this point everythign is diffucat to remember. When we got home I imeadtly went for a nap. Wen I woke up I think it is morining feeling gorggy and go down stairs asking 'whats for brefast' and everyone stares at me liek I have loblsters crawoling over me.later on that day I felt normal again, my dad asked me' when you were laying on the boat why were u talking to yourself so much'. I answered 'idk was ia dreaming'. That day was never dicussed again. Later on when I start 10th grade a month later I do resarch to find out what was in the patch.
Well thats my experince. Very mild compared to other things but noneless it was something.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 47264
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 24, 2018Views: 4,951
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