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Resonating Peace
Citation:   Divine Janitor. "Resonating Peace: An Experience with DOM (exp47372)". Nov 1, 2005.

1 hit oral DOM (blotter / tab)
After taking the DOM, I assumed the meditative position and prepared myself for what was about to be revealed to me. I knew that I was in for a long ride, so I adopted meditation as my number one focus. At first, it was hard to get in it, but I found what I was looking for, and I opened myself to be shown whatever was in store. My goal was to boil up positive energy inside myself and exert it outwardly. I was not prepared for what I was about to witness, but it taught me many many things.

I had reached a point where I was at my highest magnitude of positive energy output. My vibrations were creating gigantic pools of resonating stillness for miles around my place in space and time. I felt that my energy was affecting those beings around me as well. As I concentrated, I would focus on that stillness. The second any want or desire would pop up in my head, I would refuse it for the sake of sustaining the stillness. I convinced myself that I was not only feeling my own wants and desires pop into my head, but I was feeling the wants and desires of the people in my radius, and that I was sending a message for them to ignore those wants and desires for just a little bit longer in order to sustain the peace. I felt that if any one person were to give into their distractions, it would cause a disturbance in the vibrations, destroying the peace. This magnified immensely, and I felt that my radius was expanding, my energy was reaching further, but the further it grew, the more people it encountered, and the more difficult the problems became. I began feeling tension from certain people who were in my sphere, and I would feel their self-destructive habits growing, threatening to take them over.

For instance, I felt excruciating thirst and hunger of people who were starving miles and miles away, and I saw that pain and suffering, and I maintained the stillness. I felt terrifying torture and bloody wars, horrifying things, but I maintained the peace. I felt the urge to swallow, and I attributed it to someone in my sphere of existence wanting a drink of water, but I refused to swallow, as if to pay respect to those who have nothing to drink, to say to those who take these things for granted 'for God's sake, do without your pleasures for a little bit longer, there are starving people in the world, understand that people need our help, and that they need to know that we understand.' As the urge to swallow became stronger, I maintained my stillness, opened my mouth wider, and let it dry up. All of these things were flying at me at light speed, and I remained still as a rock, mouth wide open as if to express something in between pure astonishment and terror. I drooled a little bit.

Things got so intense that I began to question just how much I would be willing to give up in order to maintain this state. My whole life? My girlfriend? My worldly posessions? Just how long could I sit there like that? This began triggering some links to prophets and martyrs of ancient history who went through the same thing. It scared me a little to compare myself to the likes of Jesus, Buddha, or Ghandi. After all, who the hell did I think I was? There were a few apocalyptic feelings, as I envisioned myself continuing this practice and being hailed as The Second Coming, or something to that effect. I've had this before, but I know enough now to be careful in giving it too much credit, as it could potentially cause some damage.

Nevertheless, as the vibe grew more intense, and as the radius grew wider, the space grew wider as well. I was in a completely empty universe surrounded by nothingness, just pure light, luminescent geometric patterns that grew brighter and brighter as the inside expanded further. The detail was astonishing, more astonishing than I have ever seen before. The second hand on the clock on my wall reverberated CLANG CLANG CLANG as if to fill a space that was a billion miles wide. Still, the brightness brightened, sparkles everywhere, brilliant blinding light, all of this seemingly being protected by a ton of people who acknowledged it and worked to overcome their earthly desires in order to build it further.

In these moments, I felt that there was pure peace all around, not a negative action being carried out by anyone.

But this started to prove difficult to maintain. I eventually gave into swallowing, I eventually gave into smoking a cigarette, and it was very sad. As I gave into my own desires, I felt that it sent a signal to those within my radius that it was okay to
do the same. I began to witness all sorts of habitual human failures, everything from a mother ignoring her child, to domestic abuse, to gunfire. All because of petty human emotions. It grew further, and I began to witness a war much much bigger, religious wars, world wars, the largest earthly conflict known to us, as if at any given moment, something could go wrong, and we would blow ourselves up.

I sat down and started again, to emit that peace, and I got there again, although this time I felt that it was not my responsibility to try and influence the actions of others. Everything began to carry on in some sort of perfect chaos that worked as a perfect balance. There were more times when I felt that I was emitting enough positivity that it was creating a sphere of a beautiful peaceful vibe, but it could only reach so far until I came upon something I could not resist or control. The police sirens that sporadically popped up in various parts of Philadelphia seemed to serve as a signal that something went wrong. At one point, my whole body shook as I became aware of a gunshot, and I felt as if I was able to follow the victim to the hospital, be there with the doctors, and aid in the healing process.

After sitting still for so long, maintaining this vibe, I felt that I could actually move around and harness the energy. This proved to be somewhat difficult, as I felt that simply by moving my hand the wrong way, I would send out a 'disturbance in the force' strong enough to really cause some damage somewhere in the world. As I moved, I became aware of the tiniest microscopic movements, closely analyzing them and their effects - but something more happened. I felt that I was being guided. Guided by something or someone else, by experience masters of the skill, far, far away.

At this point, it became apparent to me that I'm a complete novice at this sort of stuff, and there are more experienced beings out there that are keeping a close eye on things. This gave me the comfort of knowing that if I were to do anything wrong,
someone out there would catch it before it could cause any damage. Not to mention that I probably don't have the power to make that big of a difference yet - aside from resonating peace.

This has been revealed in the same way a few times to me during psychedelic sessions. It's almost as if there is a global meeting of the minds going on at any given point in time, that are exerting vast amounts of healing energy unto the world - and even
moreso, tinkering with the gears of the universe. There is much that I don't understand in this realm, and much that is continued to be revealed to me as I go along. I do feel that there is a unifying truth within it all, a manageable space with
rules, destinations, and possibilities just like everything else. Unfortunately, my own experience doesn't seem to prove itself enough to me on the issue, and until I learn more about it, I still have the overriding question of whether or not it's all in my head. It is a little scary going deeper into this, because I am afraid I might get the wrong idea, or that I could alienate myself from reality to the point where I could self-destruct. There's also the possibility of losing friends who just don't 'get it'. I definitely need some partners in this, some affirmation.

All in all, astounding experience. I don't have much to say about the effects of DOM in comparison to other psychedelics, as I believe that they all serve the same purpose - just in varying degrees of intensity and execution. I will say, however, that
DOM felt very similar to LSD in its continual zooming pressure, but the 14-20 hours was quite difficult to maintain at certain points. Whenever I take LSD, it is an endurance test to make the most of it, so the extra few hours with DOM was trying, but I
feel that I got a great deal out of it - more than I quite know how to handle at the moment.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 1, 2005Views: 27,703
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DOM (20) : General (1), Alone (16)

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