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DiPT & Methylone
by caw
Citation:   caw. "Interesting.: An Experience with DiPT & Methylone (exp47436)". Nov 3, 2005.

75 mg oral DiPT (capsule)
  190 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
170 pound male with a somewhat substantial history of drug use.

I had decided before going to hang out with some friends that I would try a new combination, DiPT and Methylone. Being somewhat experienced with Methylone, and slightly so in the DiPT I had thought I would be able to be fine on said combination. I happened to be wrong.

T+0:00 My plans were to dose on these drugs about 60 minutes before leaving for my buds house. I weigh out 190mg of Methylone and 75mg of DiPT and place inside a cap because I made the mistake of eating DiPT straight last time. Not a good taste for sure. I ingest both substances simultaneously. I assumed (correctly) that despite taking the oral route, it would hit me quite rapidly as I hadn't eaten anything in some 40 hours.

T+0:20 I begin to feel the familiar/wonderful Methylone come up. Tactile sensations becoming enhanced, hard to resist moving with the music I am listening to. Seems as though Methylone gets absorbed (somewhat) faster than DiPT, or simply has a more rapid come up.

T+0:35 And then the DiPT hit. The lowering of pitch I had experienced before became apparent, although this time sounds seemed even deeper than before. I had noticed that touching myself, although still quite pleasurable, was not nearly as much as it had been minutes ago. The DiPT seemed to be stopping some of the good feelings of the Methylone from showing through.

T+0:50 At this point I still had the plans of going to my buds house, as I have been sitting down for the last 15 minutes and could not tell how physically impaired I truly was. Around this point was when I had begun noticing the subtle visual effects that just started. Some slight patterning on the wall, my fan seemed to be moving in an awkward way, my ceiling seemed to flicker, and the shadow of my fan on the ceiling appeared to be converging onto itself.

T+1:00 I get up to get all my shit together to leave my house, but instantly I notice I am severely impaired. Much too fucked up to drive, that's for sure. So I walk around my room seeing if I will sober up enough to drive and considering my options.

T+1:10 Make the decision to stay home, don't feel like dying and making drugs that much more illegal. Back to listening to music for a while.

T+1:30 At this point I made a phone call to my bud telling him that I can't make it and why. Every time he says something I cannot help but giggle at least a little bit. This small white guy sounded like a huge black man, and the picture in my mind is utterly hilarious. My voice was also sounding quite humorous to me. Carrying on a conversation isn't the easiest thing when everyone sounds so off.

T+1:50-6:00 Reclining in my chair while listening to music (Mostly Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Incubus, and Mindless Self Indulgence) is very intense and enjoyable. I am noticing some CEVs at some points, but the music seems to be at the forefront of everything. The music is definitely strange to the max. Zach de la Rocha sounds like a gangster rapper, Maynard (at times) sounds like he has a gay lisp while at other times he sounds like a robot, Mindless Self Indulgence sounds quite similar other than the lowering of the pitch, and Incubus sounds the most different in a pretty indescribable way. The vocals are not the only thing that is changed in the music. Guitars seem to be impacted quite a bit, as well. It feels as though some parts of riffs are missing, while some parts are added. A definite 'remix' feel to many, if not all, songs. Some music sounds better, while some sounds worse. One thing noted was Tom Morello's solos in various RATM songs. They feel like they are thrown together very haphazardly and sound quite bad, while others sound absolutely outstanding.

T+6:00 The time flew by at a very high rate, 4 hours seemed like minutes. When I again get up and walk around I still notice quite a high level of impairment to physical functions, I still feel as though I wouldn't be safe driving. I talk on the phone again, with similar effects as before. Everything seemed quite funny. By this time I attempted eating, seeing as I hadn't done so in about 2 days, but the DiPT makes eating really difficult. My stomach was hungry, but my esophagus couldn't let food in, even drinking water was a chore and felt wrong.

T+6:15-9:30 This time was spent simply enjoying the oddities of music, very interesting to say the least.

T+9:45 I am feeling tired and awake simultaneously, and know that I will need some sleep to function the next day, so I head off to bed. I turn off all music, lights, and everything else making sound and lay down. I feel like I'm in bed for hours lying awake. There is noticeable tinnitus, but it doesn't seem to be bothering me in the least, for some reason. Also, pretty heavy CEVs are beginning to manifest. Countless circular lines are in my field of view and are transforming around into shapes and end up appearing like a skull. I find this quite interesting, but neither positive nor negative. This goes on for a 'long time' until I finally fall asleep.

From my experiments with DiPT I have found that it gives some insane dreams, and this time was no exception. Extremely vivid and hardly sensible. Quite memorable when I wake up and for hours afterwards.

I have gotten perhaps 4 hours of sleep. I begin taking my shower when I notice the after effects. Tones are still very low and continue to be this way for over 20 hours after the initial dose. Also, my muscles are extremely sore, as usual after taking Methylone. As I go through my daily routine my mind seems quite sharp, but my body is exhausted to a high level. I feel as though more sleep would have probably helped in feeling better in the morning.

This was a VERY body heavy combination, with the DiPT seemingly overpowering the (quite high dose of) Methylone. I will almost certainly not do this combination again because of such impairment and aftereffects. I do notice that, unlike while tripping, hearing people's voices deeper wasn't very humorous the next day. It wasn't too bothersome, but it wasn't all that impressive. Not a very enlightening combination, but definitely ear-opening.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47436
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 3, 2005Views: 11,099
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DiPT (110), Methylone (255) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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