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A Cage-Rattling Experience
Citation:   Jetsam. "A Cage-Rattling Experience: An Experience with 2C-E (exp4746)". Jan 18, 2001.

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5.0 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
6:30 insufflate 5mg of white powder known to be 2ce from a trusted source. my partner, Flotsam, had tried this same substance and method of ingestion the day before. i'm sure what he told me about it colors my experience too. no special preparations made beforehand.

it burns! spend the next 10 minutes trying to deal with the
'busted nose' feeling. just as i think my poor nose has achieved the numb phase, the fun starts. first my eyes, which were closed, seeing the first pastel swirls. i open my eyes and the familiar shapes and colors of my living room are different: colors more intense, shapes are losing their edge. over the next 20 minutes as i hold a kleenex to my nose, my vision becomes exponentially more fractured, trippy, almost dmt-like visions whether open or closed. i feel the first tremors of body load.

i break out in a full-body sweat, feel nauseous, decide to change rooms, walking is....weird. i close the door to avoid distractions from the rest of the household. for the next half-hour, hour(?), this drug has me crouched on the floor behind the door, my back against the wall, hugging my knees, eyes closed and hanging on for dear life. i was in the cosmic egg, i *was* the cosmic egg. i have fleeting thoughts of 'holy god i'm tripping as hard as i've ever tripped in my life'. i can hear the normal sounds of our household going on without me, Flotsam cooking dinner, voices talking, the phone rings--cracks in the cosmic egg. it's very surreal. all that normal stuff going on and i'm curled up on the floor in the computer room by myself having my cage completely rattled.

waves of nausea come and go. i finally puke, sickly and gross. i dislike throwing up under any circumstances and rarely do it on psychedelics. i have no idea how long i threw up. my nose has recovered by now but i have great amounts of sinus drainage. puking makes the effects an order of magnitude more intense. i can tell it's gonna feel reeeallly good when the puking is over.

that done, i sip water. my mind explodes into somewhere else, my vision is positively trippy but i can make out my surrounds with little effort if i need to. closed eye visuals are beautiful, pastel blues and whites, flowing, breathing shapes twining round. mmmmmmm. my thigh muscles are clenching and tremoring hard. i sit and breathe for long?.... i leave the room, lay down for a few minutes, realize sunset is almost over, go outside. on my way outside, another short bout of puking, last one for the night. everything now has a greenish cast to its edges, like a
fungal gleam.

i sit outside in the cool fall air, watching the light fade, my visuals play around, lots of vine-y and plant-like images. i have huge upwellings of gratitude for people i know, family, the network of friends who bring me into spaces like these, how incredibly unbelieveably lucky i am to be where i am now, doing what i am. i'm struck by how few ppl have tried this substance, and i'm one of them. how did i get from being a little girl in a podunk town in michigan to *here*.

i continue to feel like my cage is being thoroughly rattled, mostly in the physical sense. Flotsam wanders outside to sit with me a while, then i wander around our backyard. earlier, i'd noticed that i had gaps in my proprioceptive sense--when i walked, i could not tell where my thighs were, where the tremors were the worst in my legs i could not sense their position as i walked. kinda like a dashed line sensation as i went. now as i walk around the yard i play with this, as if i could shake my legs off or they could go flying off without me. they appear to stay attached.

i'm struck by how transient this life is, this home, my family, Flotsam still alive and with me. i feel i could crouch right on that edge between life and death, halfway b/w the veil. it's so tenuous, our ties to each other, the series of small moments that bring any of us together for a length of time. i get scared. i know how quickly and easily i could lose all of this, the people i love, my family, my very life. i feel very lucky.

T+2 hours, nice trippy space, feels a little more in my control.
this substance has a way of making me feel like, ok i'm having a nice
trip here, i'll do my trippy thing i do, i'm on top of this, and
then wham, next instant it's got me and i'm just hanging on for the
ride. listening to music and dancing feels very good. thoughts of
friends rise up spontaneously, things i should tell them, memories
of good times together, appreciating their impact in my life,
their uniqueness and gifts. deeply appreciating what i've done with
my life, amazed that i managed to pull off a lifestyle where my
life and work are almost seamlessly integrated, doing what i love.

thoughts of birthing rise up, all the ways in which i give birth to
myself, with the choices i make, how i live, etc. the crazy things
i've done, the ordinary way i live. i do some yoga stretches throughout trying to get on top of the body tremors (mostly in the legs). feels good. i can easily feel the interstices b/w muscles, individual muscle fibers letting go as i stretch, how the energy flows around and through my body as i move, stretch, dance.

T+3, the last game of the world series is on. i not only watch it,
i actually enjoy it. normally i don't go anywhere near a tv in these
states. this time, it's a blast. i get the giggles easily at this
point. very fun.

T+6, i fix a little something to eat, still definitely going but much calmer. i write some, lay around thinking. occasional leg tremors continue. take some tylenol due to the muscle aches. fall asleep easily at T+7.5 and sleep my usual number of hours.

next morning, i feel woozy in my body, thoughts wander easily,
good mood, hot flashes. definitely feel altered in my thoughts for
most of the next day....nice! i would do this again, given the chance.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4746
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 18, 2001Views: 39,642
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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