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Drawings In the Sky
Citation:   A Pagan God. "Drawings In the Sky: An Experience with MDA (exp47596)". Sep 14, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDA
  T+ 3:00 1 tablet oral MDA
  T+ 5:00 1 tablet oral MDA
I've been using the MDXX chemicals for the last three years now, and for reasons that are entirely unclear to me, I find that I have much more interesting trips on MDA. At least,that's the assertion I can gather from the scattered and fleeting pieces I can put back together. The memories of my experiences are fragmented, and I'm sure I speak for everyone who has ever tried MDA when I say that it's saddening when you can't remember the good times you think you may of had.

Anyway, I can vividly remember one experience for it's unusualness. There were five of us in total and we each had a variety of pills, different 'brands', but from the same dealer. I was the only one with five tablets ( I like to buy more than I need in order to save any more trips to the dealers house. You know how seedy and unreliable they can be. . .)So we all took a pill around 11:00 P.M.,and headed to the beach. It's about an hour drive, so when we got there we were already starting to feel the effect of the MDA.

So far, nothing unusual. We all seemed to be on the same plane; we all felt energetic, euphoric, light, and incredibly warm to the new experience(being at the beach while on E). We parked our car in the middle of the beach and took turns choosing music, as we all like to contribute to the echoic aesthetic. We had the following selection: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins, Appleseed Cast, and some other prog rock. For anyone unfamilar with the musical experience on MDA,I recommend choosing anything that you like, don't get stuck with anything too abrasive or annoying. I recommend Tool's Salival - the No Quarter track is great.

So after about the three hour mark, we took another pill, and then we popped another in a of couple hours. (this may seem excessive but we use E once a month, so it becomes an event)Soon the sun started coming up and this is where the most remarkable part of the trip occured. We were all familar with MDAs physiological, visual, empathetic, and psychological qualities (as an aside, the psychological aspect can be particularly strong. a friend of mine had a pathological fear of the ocean since he was a child; MDA allowed him to overstep that fear, and soon he was submerged in water despite our attempts to disuade him from tracking water and sand into the car), but this was something entirely new.

As the sun started to come up, I became fixed on a particular funny looking cloud. It stretched across the entire length of the beach, just above the horizon, where the water met the sky. There was something unusual in it's shape, but I still couldnt quiet make it out. I pointed it out to a friend of mine and soon we both noticed that we could see. . . a minature city in the clouds. It was there. It wasnt a type of hallucinogenic visual,and it had no psychedelic aspect to it. It looked as if someone drew it in the sky. You could see so much detail - bridges, castles, futuristic-looking buildings, smoke. It was a weird fantasy/industrail mix. Soon we could all see it and we each pointed out particular details. And what's even more remarkable for me is that the pictures began to shift, and by that I mean that what we saw was something entirely new; the old image was lost. The clouds werent moving; they didnt change shape. We just percieved them differently.

And as time went by, we were incapable of making out old pictures because the formation of new ones were dominant. We saw a boat sinking into the water, minature people were falling off it's deck and smoke and fire were superimposed as it was billowing out of the tanker. It was as clear as a photograph. We saw a gigantic house with palm trees, a huge fence, and it took us a while before we realized it was - my house! We saw a formation of king kong ripping apart a radio tower. We saw a dolphin, a T-Rex, a man sitting on a toilet! It was weird, and stimulating, and we spent nearly 2 1//2 hours walking along the beach, pointing and laughing and crying out hysterically. Now remember, it's 7 in the morning, so there's people out and we must of looked like some sort of drugged up crazies staring at the sky in amazement.

Anyway, that's the way it went. I wish to repeate the experience but everytime we decide to roll together it seems as if there are no clouds, or it's too dark to make out the formation. I wish to try this agian soon, and I recommend that if you're bent on taking MDA, you should try seeking out an image in the sky.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47596
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 14, 2010Views: 8,771
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MDA (34) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4)

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