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Railin' No-Doz
Caffeine & Cannabis
by cheef
Citation:   cheef. "Railin' No-Doz: An Experience with Caffeine & Cannabis (exp4770)". Jan 3, 2002.

T+ 0:00
100 mg insufflated Caffeine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 100 mg insufflated Caffeine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:30 2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 6:30 400 mg insufflated Caffeine (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:30 7 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)


T + 0.00 100 mg insufflated crushed up No-Doz pill
+ 0.30 100 mg insuffalted crushed up No-Doz pill
+ 3.00 2 hits marijuana smoked
+ 3.00 400 mg insufflated crushed up No-Doz pill
+ 2.00 7 hits marijauna smoked

It was a Friday night and end of exam week. I had been sick earlier in the week and could not go out. Plus there were no parties and my friends were not doing anything interesting. So I decided to stay home and chill by myself.

After school I felt exhausted. I was completely out of my typical uppers (meth or adderall) and all I had was a bottle of No-Doz. Usually I only take No-Doz if I'm desperate since I almost always have two better alternatives. I've always taken 2 pills when pulling an all-nighter and following it up with a 3rd two hours later. This is the only combo that has seemed to work for me.

I had karate tournament team practice at 4:30 that afternoon. Earlier that year, one of my friends had mentioned something about trying to snort caffeine and how he didn't feel anything. At 3:00, I was bored and wanted to experiment. I figured that if snorting it didn't wake me up in a half hour, I would simply swallow one and go to karate.

I chopped up half of the caffeine pill. I remember looking at it and thinking 'whoa, thats a lot of powder.' I did not expect for a half of a pill to create that big a line. I cut it into 2 piles since I did not know how much it would burn going up.

At 3:30, I snorted up one of the piles. A sharp burn but nothing I hadn't experience before. It continued burning for about 2 minutes. I immediately noticed that the awful drip had begun. 3 minutes later, I snorted the other pile. The burn lasted longer but was not as severe. It felt almost as if I had been punched in the nose. I snorted saline solution 15 minutes later.

After ten minutes, I began to feel slight tremors in my fingers. At 4:00, i cut up the other half and snorted it. The drip was awful, very bitter. I tried not to swallow but since it was very slow and continuous that method did not work.

At karate, I felt so much energy, unusual since I had only taken 200 mg so far. I could feel each individual muscle working as I did my exercises. When I did my jump kicks, I seemed to spring off the ground with little effort and each time I kicked, I felt as if my leg would separate from my body from the force. I noticed that my hands were shaking and my legs were twitching a bit, as if I had just finished running a long distance. Voices were sharper and clearer. Everything had a sharp outline around it. I was very hyper and could not stand still. I also had difficulty concentrating, all I wanted to do was move.

At 6:00, practice was over and I was still feeling energized. I went to my room and sat at my computer. Whenever I tried to type, my fingers would move too fast for my mind. I made lots of mistakes and got frustrated at myself. I hit myself in the head in exasperation and noticed that the sound my hand made echoed throughout my body. I began to feel slightly scared that I had really messed up my body.

At 7:00 my friend came over with a joint. (My parents were on a business trip that weekend). I quickly lit up in hopes that the weed would cause me to relax and come down. I took two hits and it seemed to intensify the effects so I stopped. I could feel the smoke going into my lungs and I knew that the smoke had somehow leaked and was travelling to my toes. My friend suggested that we should go do something. Maybe I was freaking out since I had nothing to waste my pent-up energy on.

He drove me to the mall. Once I was walking around and talking with someone else, the eerie effects subsided. I now felt similar to what I usually feel when I swallow 3 pills. Very jittery and interested in everything. My eyes felt heavy from the weed but I was not tired at all. Around 9:00 we left the mall and he dropped me off at home since he had a 10:00 curfew.

I put on a trance CD and put on Winamp's plugin Geiss. I turned off all the lights and laid down in bed. The lights on the screen and trippy patterns calmed me down. At 10:00 I started to crash but I did not want to crash just yet.

I crushed up two whole pills this time and cut them into piles. I used two straws to snort up both piles at the same time. My eyes teared up and I felt intense pain. I was convinced I had just caused permanent damage in my nose. I sat there for about 15 minutes holding my nose rocking back and forth. It stopped burning after a half hour but it continued to throb. The drip was making me feel nauseous so I ate some ice cream. After an hour I snorted saline solution and then water. This seemed to ease the pain.

I was in ultra-hyper mode. I could not sit still. I began to clean my room. Around midnight I became tired of the 'trip' so I rolled a blunt and stepped outside to have a quick smoke. I took 7 hits and extinguished it. Soon I felt the weed relaxing me but at the same time I was still wide awake. I was convinced that I had done something very stupid. I could not understand why snorting it would be this intense. Over the course of the night I had taken 3 pills, my usual amount. Yet it seemed as if I had taken alot more than 3, because the effecs were so mind-blowing. No-Doz is meant to work with the stomach acid which makes it seem that railing caffeine pills would cause lesser 'watered down' effects. I pondered this and worked for two hours on an essay due next week.

At 2:00 I felt slightly exhausted and tired of being so hyper and thought that if I closed my eyes the caffeine would wear off sooner. I felt extremely hot even though my fan was on full blast and I was wearing light clothes. I took off my clothes but soon put them back on since I realized that I was hot because there would be a fire soon. I was too afraid to move as my mind raced. I then realized that I was letting the caffeine take control and brought myself back to reality. I was still extremely hot so I took my clothes back off. I cooled down but my head throbbed and my ears began to hurt. There was a small line of skin from my ear down to my neck that still burned. I wondered if my brain had boiled and was leaking out my ear. I could not sleep. If I laid down on my stomach the room would spin and I felt as if the room had disappeared. I found that I could only lie comfortable on my side and pressed up against my wall.

At 3:00 I looked at the clock and noted the time. I then fell into a dreamless state almost like a blackout. I jerked out of it and hit my head on one of my bed slats. I noticed that only ten minutes had gone by and yet it seemed as if a whole day had passed. I continued to have these 'blackouts' throughout the night. I would fall asleep without warning and wake up around 10 - 30 minutes later, always jearking awake as if an electrical impulse had run through my body. I did not dream, instead I felt as I was falling through blackness. During some of these trances I would remember falling, others I could not remember anything. I could not even remember being asleep. I became convinced that while staring at the clock, all the energy in my body caused the time to jump ahead.

I finally fell asleep at 6:00. I woke up the next day at noon. The hangover was slight, I felt sluggish and occasionally my hands would shake and my fingers would twitch.

I doubt I will ever snort No-Doz again. Perhaps my experiences could be attributed to my cold earlier in the week. I had been taking robitussin twice a day up until thursday for about a week (the day before my experience). Whatever the reason for my unusual experience, it scared me and I will stick with swallowing No-Doz and leave the snorting for meth and adderall.

I believe that my experience is isolated and I doubt that snorting it will cause these intense feelings for everyone.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 4770
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 3, 2002Views: 112,576
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Cannabis (1), Caffeine (11) : Alone (16), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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