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Weird, Strange, and Very Emotional
Salvia divinorum (5X Extract)
by jon
Citation:   jon. "Weird, Strange, and Very Emotional: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5X Extract) (exp47767)". Jun 22, 2021.

3 bowls smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


Well first off I did a shit load of reseach on this very interesting, very legeal drug salvia...I've smoked the leaves before and only got a slight feeling of relaxation and euphoria for about 5 min.

So there I was walking down the street with my new little purple case of salvia (this was called 'purple sticky salvia') and I was very excited to try this 5x extract. It ran about 30 bucks for 1 gram. Anyways I got back to my dorm (yes I'm a college student) and I got my bubbler out, which only has a really small bowlhead....but it really didn't matter.

I had to have someone watch me as my sitter so I didn't do anything stupid while on the drug. So I laid back in my bed made the room a little darker and then packed half a bowl into my lovely little bubbler, I torched it and within 10 no about 20 seconds I felt like everything in the world loved me after I exhaled the smoke. I was laying back against my wall in my bed and my heart started beating really hard, I mean I could feel it in my chest trying to get out!

Then came the next bowl within a min, and wow patterns on the ceiling started forming like red and green spiderwebs, but all of them were not exactly full blown hallucinations but almost like see-through hallucinations but they were spectacular. Then the ceiling started coming closer to me if I tried to make it do that, and it started looking like the icing on a birthday cake.

Now comes the scary, but very crazy and weird part! After the next bowl (I could hardly hold the bowl and lighter) but when I took it I immediatly wanted to fly over my bed and through my ceiling,but somehow I knew if I did I would get hurt, its almost like I told myself but didn't say anything.......THEN shit started happening, I started to get pulled into the ceiling corner of my room by these like 3 conveyor belts which were all going very fast, and they had red, blue, and yellow balls on them. I wanted to go to it. Then it just felt like someone really needed me, I mean REALLY needed me like everything depended on just going with this person. So I tried to put my arms to this 'feeling' and it just faded out and left>


So all of a sudden I just felt alone, I mean very alone, like nothing I've ever felt before it was so real and lonely... Like I was the only human left in the world and my only way out was to go with this thing. So I started screaming my head off, I mean VERY FUCKING LOUD at the top of my lungs and bawling my eyes out saying, 'why did they leave me, I was supposed to go with them!!!!' and, 'whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!' I really thought someone left me and it was important to go with them. After that I just bawled hysterically, then all of a sudden laughed! Because I realized what just happend!!!! Haha I know its a weird story but it actually wasn't what I would say a bad trip, I just was so into my own head and my emotions were obviously getting screwed with.

After that the rest of the day was wonderful like the grass was green as ever, the trees swayed my way, and everything was like perfect...nothing went wrong the rest of the day, and actually the 'hangover' which comes 10 min later after the trip is better than the trip!!!!

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47767
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 22, 2021Views: 489
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