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My Little Bubble
Citation:   White Rabbutt. "My Little Bubble: An Experience with LSD (exp47878)". Feb 9, 2008.

0.6667 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Hello, I'm 18 years old and come from the most average (boring) place you could imagine. Prior to LSD, I have frequently used marijuana and alcohol, occasional DXM (with marijauana), and I have done shrooms twice. This is my tale of acid.

LSD always interested me primarily because of the place it had in history. Somewhere between my Sophomore and Junior years in high school, I really got into the music that was spawned by the acid outbreak of the late 60's. I was really into Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Country Joe & the Fish, a lot of the real classic and notoriously acid-soaked bands of that time. I read so much about it from studying up on those bands, as well as reading the online info. It was very attractive to me. I had heard plenty of people say that it's 'too hardcore' and 'don't do acid' but I wasn't about to take their word for it. I wanted to try it myself.

Well, good acid these days is very hard to come by. On two occasions I bought what was supposed to be LSD and clearly was not, because I never got any effects from it. However, on the third occasion, I bought two hits of acid for $25 (considering how rare it is here, that's a good price) and decided to take 2/3 of a tab for my first trip. I didn't want to overdo it because I would be tripping alone for my first time as my parents never let me stay out all night. Coincidentally, this trip was happening on the eve of my 18th birthday. I felt I could handle a low dose acid trip by myself, as I had done so with shrooms before. So, after I came home on the Friday night before my 18th birthday the following day, I popped 2/3 of one of my tabs on my tongue and let it soak in (about 11:30, I'd say). I watched some TV.

About an hour later, I felt something. I hadn't smoked in a few hours at least, so there wasn't anything else in my system besides the acid. This feeling built on itself, it was like some kind of energy was building up inside me. When it became very noticeable, I decided to migrate to my bedroom where I would spend the remainder of the trip. That rising energy feeling continued to develop, and for the longest time I sat in my bed waiting for it to go somewhere. It kept getting more intense, but the feeling itself wasn't really changing. Finally, a little over two hours after my dose, I began to see trails behind my hand as I waved it around. The trails gave way to other things, and within a half hour I was tripping acid. For real.

What I 'saw' is different from what I 'felt.' I saw things like my posters melting down the walls, my carpet had moving patterns on it (as well as my bed). I have a big Jim Morrison poster and Jim's face kept changing into the most intense visual display I've ever seen. He would grow facial hair that looked like snakes and his skin would melt off, revealing a bloody skull with eyes and hair, and instantly return to normal. His eyes and mouth would change, sometimes it felt like the Jim poster had as much ability to think as I did, and was screwing around with me. As crazy as that all sounds, never did any of this feel overwhelming to me. But that's just me.

The most profound moment, however, was when I took out a small mirror that I keep in my room. For a long time I stared at my own face in the mirror, watching as it changed. The ways my face changed were confusing, sometimes I didn't realize anything had even happened to the image until it returned to normal. My face would change in some way, then return to normal when I realized it was different, then change again. I would open my eyes and mouth very wide and my entire face would hang down like someone had just draped the skin over my face. At one point, I sat and stared at a fixed point right between my eyes in the reflection. The image of my face the lifted off the mirror and floated toward me. It was my face, but it was completely out of order. It was as if someone had taken all of my face apart and reassembled it completely randomly. It was smudged and swirled, but I could locate all the features of my face, though they were just all in the wrong place. Sure enough, if I moved my mouth or blinked, the image would correspond in the same way, even with things being in the wrong place as they were.

There's a lot of things I don't really have to explain in detail. I was thinking a lot, about myself and my place in the world. I was listening to the music that had originally sparked my interest in acid, and I could see how this drug and this music tied together so closely. I just felt that even though I was so removed from the world at the time, somehow I was the world. The world was all contained within my small bedroom, and I was the center of it. How the world acted depended on me. This was my world, my life, my decision.


Prior to doing acid, I felt often that I didn't know who I was. I felt lost, I had dueling personalities (maybe even three? no idea). I was confused about life sometimes (a lot, actually). After the trip, though, I kind of felt like I found myself. I really knew who I was now, and what my place was. I don't want to pretend that acid solves problems and that drugs are the solution to anything, but this stuff really does work like that. It's a remarkable substance, unfortunately victimized by a world that doesn't understand the things it could be used for.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47878
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 9, 2008Views: 7,266
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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