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Stupidity Leads To...Paxil
Paroxetine & Alcohol
by The Moon
Citation:   The Moon. "Stupidity Leads To...Paxil: An Experience with Paroxetine & Alcohol (exp4799)". Jan 6, 2002.

6 tablets oral Pharms - Paroxetine (pill / tablet)


A year or two ago, in March, I believe, I went to a friends house. Aside from some slight drinking (though I did feel it), he gave me a bottle of pills. He said that they were Paxil, and that he didn't take them. He also said that they make for a pretty good recreational drug (though, I should have taken into account that he is a compulsive liar). I asked how many he usually takes for recreation, and he said 6. So, I took 6 (20mg each?).

About one hour after ingestion, I felt completely drained of all energy. Every muscle in my body ached horribly. I was shivering to the point of a cold sweat. I would have tremendous heat waves, and horrible chills throughout my body. It was hard to regulate my body temperature, as it seemed the only thing that would do it was shivering. I then began to feel naseuos.

Roughly an hour and a half or perhaps two hours later, the naseua began to intensify. I felt like my body was rejecting the pills that I put into it. I wasn't smart enough to vomit, to try and eject what may be left of the paroxetine in my stomach, because I simply hate vomitting, to an extreme extent. I figured that if I hadn't died yet, the pills should be on their way out soon. What I didn't realise is that paxil is a medication which is to last all day. And it would be with me at least 12 hours.

I lied there, for two hours, my friends thinking I was just relaxing, perhaps about to nod off, in extreme discomfort. I tried to get up to urinate, but my legs wouldn't hold me up. I half-staggered half-crawled into the bathroom, ready to vomit. Of course, nothing came out. I urinated, and left. I layed back on the couch. Everyone was sitting around, watching tv. I tried to, but my head felt like it had been hit by a brick, and even minute amounts of light hurt my eyes horribly.

Some time later, I don't remember when, I got home. I was in a stage of extreme body heat, and my parents had bought me ice cream (oblivious to what I had done), and I tried to eat it to try and cool my body down. It tasted, quite simply, like plastic. I had no appetite whatsoever. I just threw it away, and lied down to rest.

Sometime during the night (all of the effects which could have been credited to alcohol were gone), I woke up in a cold sweat (not surprising for me at the time), and proceeded to my bathroom where I vomitted. This wasn't a normal vomit. There was thick, brown chunks, which I believe could have been from the beggining parts of my upper intestines (poop). They plugged my nose, tore through my throat, and landed into a bucket-full of stomach acid. This went on for about 2 minutes, off and on, and eventually I started to dry-heave. After about 5 minutes of trying to re-cuperate from such a horrible experience, I went back to my bed to try and rest.

Sleep didn't come at all. My bed and pillow felt like solid steel. I had fever-like dellusions. I remembered looking at a clock some time that night (before or after I vomitted, I don't recall), and seeing the time like 3:30. I asked my brother when I vomitted, and he gave me a timeframe, where 3:30 A.M. resides perfectly. This meant, I could tell time (roughly) without a clock that night. I have never been able to do that.. strange..

I had quite a few more fever-like dellusions, most notably one where I was on my computer, but when I realized it wasn't happening, I saw my desktop. Eventually, I believe to be around 5 or 6 A.M., I got a few hours of sleep.

My mother awoke me for school, perhaps an hour or two after I fell asleep (roughly 7:00 A.M.), and I went into my bathroom. My legs still couldn't support me, and when I hoisted myself upon my sink, so I could look into the mirror, my pupils were abnormally huge. In my bright-lit bathroom, I could barley see any color in my eye, other than white and black. A small ring of brown(?) was evident, but that is about it. I decided I wasn't going to attend school that day. I tried to smoke a cigarette, but after a few drags, I became very naseous again. I was still having enormous trouble regulating my body heat. My skin was a bright red. My heart was beating weekly (I don't know if it previously was, if it was I didn't notice it until the next morning), and at a fast pace.

Two days later, besides a weak, fast heart beat, I felt normal.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4799
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 6, 2002Views: 41,724
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Pharms - Paroxetine (148) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5)

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