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Morning Glory Experience
Morning Glory Seeds
Citation:   [_eNiGmA_]. "Morning Glory Experience: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp483)". Aug 7, 2000.

13.5 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
Well, the experiment was an absolute success. The LSA alkaloids did do as advertised. However, I still find it to be a better idea to go and purchase LSD-25. The fact of the matter is that the materials are about twice as expensive as the LSD-25 ($9.00), a tenth as potent, nausea isn't a problem with LSD-25, and it (LSD-25) doesn't require preperation. But, the LSA alkaloids do produce LSD like effects with some intresting additions to that; i.e., tiredness, lethargy, nausea, slightly increased physical stimululation in comparison to LSD-25 (can be attributed to other alkaloids present in seed material), visual stimulation(hallucinations) to a lesser degree than LSD-25, 'afterglow' is quite pronounced (greater day after effects than LSD-25).

13.5g Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' Seed Material

12:30 PM EST: Seed material washed three times using dove liquid detergent and fine screened metal strainer.

12:45 PM EST: Seed material ground to a fine powder via coffee grinder

12:55 PM EST: Seed material mixed with approx. 10oz. of carbon filtered cold H2O.

01:55 AM EST: Seed material strained into 12oz. glass using fine screened metal strainer. Resulting in thick seed pulp-like material in strainer and a heterogeneous mixture of seed and water inside the glass.

02:05 AM EST: Liquid material refridgerated (approx. 30 degrees F.).

02:15 AM EST: Half of the liquid material consumed .

02:20 AM EST: Approx. 1 gram of marijuana smoked to ease the nausea.

02:25 AM EST: Remainder of liquid material consumed.

02:28 AM EST: Vomited

02:31 AM EST: Very slight LSD-25 like onset symptoms.

02:45 AM EST: Pulp-like seed material consumed on toasted pumpernickle with butter.

02:51 AM EST: Intensity of LSD-25 like onset symptoms increased.

03:45 AM EST: Approx. time of LSA trip peak.

04:46 AM EST: Mild trip(equivalent: 1 good paper dose of LSD-25), very physical trip(numbness & tingling of limbs and body), Head is suprisingly 'clear'(thought and articulation of sentances), visuals, audio is only lightly affected, slight nausea is present.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 483
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 7, 2000Views: 129,813
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