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Going on a Bicycle Ride
Citation:   Zetscho. "Going on a Bicycle Ride: An Experience with LSD (exp48302)". Feb 15, 2008.

8 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
When this experience took place, I worked in a club as a barkeeper. The shifts were usually quite straining because it was one of those clubs were they play stupid pop songs and sell very cheap alcohol (one beverage - one Euro), thus the customers were all very loaded and quite annoying. Also the club was usually very crowded so as a barkeeper you would run under adrenalin for about six or seven hours without any break. Just as that night. I drank a few beers and Jägermeisters during the shift so I was a little light headed when I got home around 6 am.

I shared an apartment with a girl that was on a long trip to India at the time so I allowed a friend, let's call him B, that didn't have a flat and obviously no intentions to get one, to live with me for a month. It really eased the life of my other friend, let's call him M, because B has accomodated himself at his place for a long while now. So when I came home, tired and looking forward to my bed, these two guys were sitting on the couch watching TV with a bottle of Jägermeister and a few beers - obviously in a good mood. It was the winter of the glorious Hoffmann 2000 acid papers (if you remember those :-)) and these two guys where having a nice evening with each a half of one. M had bought himself a few sheets so he was always very well equipped and taking acid was at that time for M (my closest friend back then) & me a very common thing while B was more a Cocain-guy and experienced but not used to acid.

As I sat down, opening a bottle of beer and taking a sip of the Jägermeister, they exposed me the plan for this morning: Taking a cab to M's place and split up a whole sheet of Hoffmann papers. First I was very doubtful but they were so enthusiastic and infected me with it, so I agreed and we went to M's house. We took one sheet (25 Hoffmann hits) and placed it in a cup of water. We then counted together up to 25 (so the trips were nearly half a minute in that water) and shared it. We immediately called a taxi back to my place and started to get dressed. It was very could outside – middle of January. Just when I put on my jacket, just a few minutes after taking the acid, I felt the first acid rushs in my body. Then it hit me: Jesus, I just took up to 8 hits of Hoffmann acid. That was the biggest dose of acid I ever took and I thought this could be the night I end up in a mental institution. I saw in the faces of my friends that they were feeling and thinking similar. We were all nervous and a bit scared but I also knew it was to late now so I tried to just let go. During the ride the acid kicked in fully and when we deboarded the taxi we couldn’t really talk anymore and just giggled and snorted with laughter. The taxi driver, an elder man, must have thought we’re some kind of idiots.

The first hours were really hard. We lied down on some matresses. I lied on my front and lost the feeling for my body. I became two wide opened eyeballs lying on the bed and watching the television, all the impressions just battered in my mind remorselessly. None of us was able to talk so we communicated with strange noises, gasps and desparate laughter. It was more like an impulse-reaction thing, not a controlled perception. The trip ascended and ascended, the intensity grew stronger for about two or three hours (I completely lost my sense of time). Sometimes I thought “When will this end?” or “Will it ever?” But I tried not to concentrate on that, I tried to stay in the flow. My hold was the television which gave a little bit continuity in that exploding chaos in my mind. There were the Teletubbies which I saw the first time. Very funny and yet intense, the sun with that stupid baby face even gave me some freaking kind of awe. Then there was this ridiculous guy from the education’s shows that are on at forenoon in German TV, who wore an awfully ugly wool sweater with corny patterns and colors. The imagination of him unwrapping his Christmas presents and getting that sweater made us laugh for at least 30 minutes.

All three of us had the urge for free air and kind of an electrifying summer feeling inside. We opened all windows in the apartment to let the sunny weather and blue sky in. It was about minus seven degrees (Celsius) outside but we were sitting there in T-Shirts feeling like on an open air festival in summer. The coldness was just one more energy shower in my body. We stood at the window laughing at the people walking by because they were all walking like robots. All the city life appeared to be very mechanical, cars holding at the traffic lights, then one direction flows, holding, then the other etc., in-between that robots walking with a straight direction, energetic but cold, like it all was a computer program or something like this. We laughed our asses off at some people which they must have realized as the apartment was only in the first floor directly to the street, but either they ignored us or somehow didn’t recognize us. As if we were in a different world or at least a different energy level.

After some hours I felt that the peak was over and that the trip reached that steady level that I like so much where I have control over it and not the trip over me. I was relieved because I knew by then I wouldn’t land in the nut house today. M and I wanted to listen to some music. The problem was the hifi was plugged in the other room, not where our camp was. So I tried to manage it and put the music to our camp. That was a real intellectual challenge. All the materials were very abstract and meant absolutely nothing to me. All my intuition was gone far away and busy with the looks and feels of the cables and speakers so the only mental source I could use for that matter was my intellect, which I found out wasn’t very helpful. After decomposing my room for about 20 minutes I managed to have the speakers in the other room, the cables laid and a CD running - but still no music. I was very confused and strained the laughable rest of my mind to find the source of that problem, but I just couldn’t find it. M helped me without success. After a long while I saw that I laid the cable correctly but forgot to plug it in the speakers. *D’oh* - so much for assembling technical things on LSD.

It’s always fascinating how the sense of hearing mutates on acid. We had a nice and floating psychedelic trance CD running and I couldn’t tell how loud it was or if the music was fast or slow. The velocity kept changing all the time. But simultaneously I was able to hear the slightest little sounds in the background, some of which I have never realized before on that track. Also I was able to split up sounds, so that I could concentrate on one and observe its behavior like an investigator would observe some exotic animal. Furthermore my rhythmic sense was highly increased. It was as if I could predict the percussions coming up. It was great. M and I started to dance and it shifted me into another dimension. I could physically FEEL the sounds floating through my body.

At that point our threesome trip unity broke up. While M and I, acid-heads that we were, floated into the music and tried to explore the trip now that we had control over it, B, coke-head that he was, started to act very “sober”. He stood at the window and continued to laugh at people but not in that frisky childish manner from before but in an arrogant Cocain manner. For instance he laughed a people who would drive BMWs because this would be a shitty car and so forth. It was very destructive and had nothing to do with that trippy world I was in. Unfortunately M tried to join him – I guess he stood between me and B. I then felt a bit left alone as if they tried to limit my trip. Fortunately I was a quite experienced user so it didn’t bother me too much, it just was annoying. Beginners can get real confused from such situation, I know that very well.

Later, when the trip started to descend, I got flatulence which is a normal reaction on acid. But I farted once and that was truly the mother of all farts. Although all windows were open, the ugly smell just wouldn’t go away. We fled into the kitchen but it came after us. We laughed a lot and my friends were a bit angry at me for that. I couldn’t help myself to be a bit proud for that achievement. In the kitchen there was a newspaper with a picture of that mouse they genetically modified with a human ear on its back and that really gave me the creeps. I was very empathic for that mouse and its fellow mice on which the experience was tried and failed before.

The trip lasted much longer as usual I still felt on at 11pm in the evening. In retrospect it was a good experience but despite the high dose it was nothing spiritual like I had before nor was it too scary. It was just a confusing and funny trip without any real deep thoughts. When I think it over we were all very lucky because with that high dose, it could have gone completely wrong. But I think as it was such a spontaneous action I just didn’t have anything special in my mind, so it didn’t get difficult at all. I’m glad that I experienced it because it was one of the most intense trips I ever had but I would never take such high dose ever again without preparation. I usually take LSD in small amounts and dose it higher later if I like to go higher. But this was a decent and good experience.

And if you’re asking yourself now why I called this article “Going on a bicycle ride” than think of the Hoffmann sheets that have a happy man riding his bicycle through the Swiss mountains. In my peer group then, going on trip, would be called “riding a bicycle”.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 48302
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 15, 2008Views: 34,273
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LSD (2) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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