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Yopohuasca Kicked My Arse
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & A. peregrina)
Citation:   ShpongleAteMyDMT. "Yopohuasca Kicked My Arse: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & A. peregrina) (exp48377)". Dec 27, 2005.

T+ 0:00
5.0 g oral Syrian Rue (seeds)
  T+ 0:20 2 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina (ground / crushed)
I'm a 21 year old male, reasonably fit and healthy, and experienced with all mainstream drugs excluding heroin, with a particular liking for acid and dxm. I always enjoy wrapping my mouth around new drugs, so it was with much excitement yesterday, that I peeled back the packaging on my freshly delivered parcel to find a plentiful supply of Anadenanthera Colubrina seeds and Syrian Rue.

I am experienced with psychedelics (though I've never previously entertained the dmt family) and though I'd read 2-3 seeds was enough for a first time, in my infinite wisdom I decided that these recommendations did not apply to me, and that 6 seeds would be much more appropriate.

These seeds were heated in a dry pan until they popped, then ground to a fine powder with a mortar and pestel. My vendor had been kind enough to include some sachets of lime powder, which was added to the seeds such that it made up 1/3 of the total volume (a lot I know). It is interesting to note that while the site I ordered from listed the seeds as the colubrina variety, the seed packet was labelled peregrina. Unfortunately I still live at home, so with no little impatience I dutifully waited till later that night, when my family had retired to bed, before using the powder.

About 5-6 grams of the Rue was downed on an empty stomach about 20 mins prior to the seeds, simply swallowed and washed down with water. I'd expected them to be tasteless, but found they resembled what I imagine to be a dilute version of eating instant coffee. I decided that as the powder has a quick come-up time, I would attempt to snort it as quickly as possible. I had read that this was a painful experience, but once again came to the conclusion that this did not apply to me.

I broke the powder into thirds on my bedroom table, roughly equivalent to 2 seeds each pile and a decent whack of lime powder. I took 2 of the thirds and racked them into 2 *gargantuan* lines, and split the last third into 2 to make 2 still huge, but decidedly smaller lines. Rolling up my faithful 10er, I took a moment to reflect how I would show these pussies whose reports I'd read how lines are done. I bit of pain, bah! So down I go, and up it goes.. and up.. and up.. and up.. finished.

T+1sec- Oh sweet Jesus. My fucking nose! My fucking nooose! The pain is intense. My nose is on fire. I almost vomit from the instantaneous pain and taste that assails me. Expletives spill unrestrained from my mouth as I clutch the left side of my face, tears dripping unabated from my chin.

T+10sec- Realise I'm going to have to take a couple of minutes time out before I can bring myself to subject my right nostril to such treatment. Take a swig of water in an attempt to wash some of the taste from my mouth. Doesn稚 work.

T+35sec- Feel the physical pressure I have read about build in my head, at first I associate this with my sinuses being fucked from snorting the powder. I suddenly get very hot and bump up my ceiling fan a couple of notches. These sensations are not pleasant, but nor are they unexpected as I have done my research, and do not overly concern me. I sit down on my bed for a second to get a bit cooler under the fan.

T+50sec- Realise I am definately coming up pretty quickly on the seeds, not just experiencing some fucked up physical reaction to the mutilation of my nose. I am pissed off because I am still in no mood to snort any more seeds and, with the almost instantaneous tolerance buildup, am now not going to have the opportunity to do so constructively. Damn man I wanted to go trippin tonight.. I make a bit of an effort to stash my various drugs and utensils.

T+80sec- Hmmm something is definately going on here.. maybe this will be ok after all. I'm sitting on my bed and look around the room, things have taken on a feeling, different - but similar to, an acid trip. The room has assumed a foreign quality, the various patterns on my wall hangings and the clothes strewn about my room vie for my attention. Lines wiggle, patterns squiggle, everything is dynamic. I reach for my headphones, my faithful tripping companion, preloaded with various psytrance albums that are taking my fancy at the moment. I am still coming up and at a rapid rate.

T+100sec- The visuals start taking on a character different than my acid trips, shit is getting wierd. I notice my phone on the ground and it doesnt have any buttons. It just looks like a grey and white bit of really smooth polished plastic, no screen, no buttons. This is the same for many things I look at - like the actual details, eg the buttons, are gone and replaced with these wierd smooth surfaces. I try to change to one of the later, more chilled out albums on my discman, rather than the more caustic shit I have at the start, as I am a little nervous about how quickly I am coming up. Changing albums requires me to push and hold the >>| button for a second. Trying to do this tripping as I am is a pain in the fucking arse. I cant see the buttons unless I hold it up to the light and concentrate, luckily I have a peice of bluetac stuck across the 'foreward' button from previous trips, so I can change songs easily in the dark. I am trying and trying to make it go to the next album but it wont work. I'm fucking pissed off swearing at it when I realise that its on a nice song anyway so I leave it. (I realise now that I forewarded all the way to the last album and was still trying to foreward it for like 40 seconds, of course it didnt go any further)

T+3mins- Fuck man I'm tripping balls. I glance down at my legs, and they are like this orangey colour and the hair is intense, I think of them as tiger legs. My vision is flanging a bit (chopping) when I look around, the walls are bulging, and every ten seconds or so the room seems to have a different colour scheme- like the walls will have a green tinge to them, then back to normal, then a pinkish tinge, etc. Green was the predominant colour. Everything is like acid*6. My surroundings seem quite alien to me (wierd alien, not little green men alien). I decide its time to lay down, switch off the lights and go for some nice CEVs. Its worth noting that at this point my nose is still fucking hurting but not quite so badly as it was, the pressure is gone, and the heat receeding. My headspace is pretty good - I am still a little toey about the unexpected intensity, but its mainly the physical effects that were disconcerting and they are abating.

Note: I realise I have spent a lot of time describing the first few minutes of the trip, but the come up is intense and worth noting.

T+7mins- I am a bit pissed that I didnt get some better CEVs. Considering what I've read from other people, and the rather intense OEVs I was getting, I thought I'd be in for a nice little ride. A nice spiderey network of stationary pink laser type things that looked like they were supporting a few of these purplish balls was neat, but that was about it. I rarely get good CEVs though, apart from on dxm, so I wasnt too surprised.

I am getting a bit concerned at this stage, as I am getting waves of nausea. I知 very rarely sick from drugs or alcohol so I had assumed that the nausea which had affected others I'd read about, once again would not apply to me.

T+9mins- Nup, I知 not going to be able to hold onto my guts for much longer. The waves of nausea are very sudden and very insistent and I can easily see myself swimming in cola, bile, 6 grams of Syrian Rue, and a gigantic line's worth of South American Crazy Seeds if I dont take rather swift and decisive action to avoid it.

T+10mins- Open my 'door' and move across my upstairs 'living room' in the direction of the toilet. I use the terms lightly as neither much resembled their usual states of existence. Walking took a little concentration but I think I pulled it off fairly well. Now spewing normally wouldn't worry me, but my upstairs toilet shares a wall with my sisters room, and a floor/ceiling with my parents, and as I have no intention of debating my reasons for spontaneous bile propulsion with either in my present state, quiet is necessary.

My upstairs living room has a door which opens into where the bathroom and toilet are. So if you stood in between them you are within arms reach or 3 doors - to the toilet, the bathroom, and the living room. I walk in, switch on the bathroom light, close the door to the living room, and no shit I was literally lost for like 30-40 seconds. I got really disorientated surrounded by 3 doors in this tiny bit of hallway, even though the toilet and bathroom doors were both partially open with lights on inside. It was nuts, the doors were changing visually so much with the light being a bit wierd from the partially opened doors. Every 2 seconds a door would look completely different to me, I was too distracted by them and confused to look past them to the room. Lost in door-world, argh! lol

So I find my way to the toilet, but I'm not convinced it is the toilet, I still have that disorientated feeling. I have to do a couple of reality checks coz I知 paranoid I知 going to end up accidentally yacking all over the bathroom bench or something thinking its a loo. I put my hand in through the opening of the toilet to make sure there isn't like an invisible screen across it that will make my spew go all over the floor. Luckily there isnt so I purge. Black from the coke I drank and littered with Rue, yummy. On my way out I stop by the bathroom to inspect my eyes in case the need arises to explain myself. One glance at my reflection and I realise the utter futility of attempting to gleen any sort of reliable information. I vacate door-world with much more ease than last time and am pleased to see my bed waiting for me and no sign of authority.

T+15mins -> +30mins: Chill out in my room, listening to some more tunes playing with the visuals, which are starting to die down quite a bit, though still on par with a decent acid trip. I notice looking at my hands, that instead of the way acid brings out the intricacy of the patterning, the seeds have that smoothing effect. They looked somehow wierd- like they belonged to a different species or something, even though they had the same basic size and shape of my usual hands. Looking at them, the back of my hand will suddenly turn into the front of my hand or vice versa. It was kind of unsettling but damn cool. Physical discomfort pretty much gone by this stage, apart from the burn in my nose which has also died down a bit. The drip at the back of my throat tastes pretty shitty but feels nice and cool and I actually dont mind it that much.

T+30 -> +1hr: Turn off the lights and listen to some nice relaxing tunes. I am quite physically tired and could probably sleep easily, but am content just chilling out. I dont have any real visuals in the dark or eyes closed. When I switch back on the lights at T+1hr, the visuals are pretty much gone altogether and I am back at baseline. Blowing my nose hurts like buggery and generates me large quantities of shitty brown snot, which persists until about 5pm the next day, just clearing up as I have been writing this.

Summary - The experience was a mixed bag, but overall positive. Very much pure psychedelia, but the body load was a bit of a bitch and detracted from the experience as a whole. Its like I'd been shot into the stratosphere by some high-powered psychedelic cannon, and floating down on a mushroom parachute, with a little gremlin poking me in the guts most of the way.

I did overestimate myself, or underestimated the seeds, numerous times over the course of this little adventure, and I am damn happy and lucky that I was too much of a pussy to get down any more of the powder (three times what I ended up experiencing would have been a rough ride I think). I based my initial 6 seed dose on the other reports I'd read, failing to take into account that the vast majority of those trips had not been potentiated by a MAOI. I知 not going to preach the values of starting low and working up with your drugs because we all know what we *should* do, and choose to ignore common sense as we please.

I now believe Syrian Rue is a necessity given the volumes of seed that might otherwise be required. Snorting gigantic lines of this shit is not a good idea, regardless of how mighty manly I think I am ;)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48377
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Dec 27, 2005Views: 24,038
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Huasca Combo (269), Anadenanthera peregrina (285), Anadenanthera colubrina (139), Syrian Rue (45) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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