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Addiction? Not for Me!
by AC
Citation:   AC. "Addiction? Not for Me!: An Experience with Cocaine (exp48440)". Feb 20, 2020.

  insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)


This is not as much of a story of a single experience as it is of the drug cocaine in general. I usually do about 3 lines of cocaine each time, and its maybe once a week, but mostly on irregular intervals.

I never, EVER, do cocaine again within a week of the last time I do it, except for a few instances when I would do some the next day (since I usually do it on weekends, and during/before social events).

What I get from one line is an uplifted mood, faster reflexes, some shaking of my limbs and joints, and basically a more pleasant view of life. I would maybe do one line if I was feeling depressed (because of something that occurred, I have never been unnaturally depressed due to drug usage even though I use drugs regularly. I believe that if they are used responsibly, then instances of depression and most other bad side effects would disappear).

What I get from 3-4 lines is a very much uplifted mood, stiff joints, blurred vision, a headache but if you can believe it, a pleasant one, almost a surreal, yet happy existence. Basically it feels almost like I am orgasming for a bit more than an hour or so. In all cases, if I need to do what I call 'mopping up', which is just licking up any excess powder or crystals, I get a very pleasant numbness in my mouth, as well as a little boosted high. When combined with old dependable marijuana, the high is always better, getting a mix of both substances is truly an experience. And besides, based on the recent study that marijuana stimulates brain cell growth in rats, marijuana can gain you back whatever cocaine makes you lose!

Yes, these highs don't last very long. After, all, it's cocaine, not LSD. But what I have found is that even with as much as 3-4 lines, if I just resist that small initial psychological urge to do more, at least for a day, for me I usually have my normal work week, that physical urge never arises.

As for side effects, I really don't have any the day of. My headache that I get with higher doses that was at one time pleasant, slowly turns annoying, as my perception of pain changes. The only side effect I get consistently, using the drug responsibly, is the day after, I am usually quite irritable until a certain point of breakdown. At this point I just burst out and let all my anger out, usually when nobody is around, I just yell to myself. Afterwards, I feel as mellow as I did the day before, and the anger never returns until the day after the next time I decide to go skiing.

I believe that by simply using drugs responsibly and in moderation, the risks for addiction go down exponentially, even with substances that are regarded as so addictive, such as cocaine. Cocaine truly has the potential for a butterfly effect, but I can decide early on whether or not it will escalate into a serious addiction, because once the problem grows, so does the effort necessary to curb those addictions, and withdrawal symptoms come in.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48440
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2020Views: 740
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