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Trying New Material
Citation:   Samanthe. "Trying New Material: An Experience with GHB (exp48512)". Dec 22, 2005.

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T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 0:35 2.0 g oral GHB (liquid)
Finally, my own stash of GHB. It's been a long search. I happily acquired 200 grams in solution in a mason jar from a trusted source. The dose was 1 gram per teaspoon.

Based on other experiences with trusted friend's material, I've assumed my dose for a strong experience is 4 grams. So, I tested this new batched by starting out with 2 grams for me and 2 grams for my partner [he weighs about 185]. He's only had GHB once; I gave it to him then, too. We were going to wait 30-40 minutes before redosing.

We had had some very heavy conversation, a bunch of sex, a sushi dinner, and more fairly serious conversation. It was about an hour after leaving the restaurant when we drank it, mixed in juice and downed all in one gulp. I've tended to sip the last 2 times I've tried GHB simply because I was unsure of the source, and ended up having a less than satisfactory high, so it was good to know I could drink it all at once.

We kept talking and having sex again. We've both been extremely wound up, he's been numb emotionally because of a very sad event, and I've been tense and sad for related reasons. We haven't seen each other in several weeks. As the effects come on, the eye contact increases and we both 'soften'; it becomes more emotional, less guarded. At the 35 minute point, I check in; he's feeling very nice and wants more, I'm feeling that more will be within the range of 'not crazy' and agree. Even though he's bigger than me, I give him the same dose; I haven't noticed that weight is much of a reliable indicator of sensitivity to G. We each take 2 grams.

Within 10 minutes I feel the effects more strongly; starting to feel a slight rush and tingles. Get the brief 'oh shit should I not have redosed' feeling, which passes. I start to feel even more during the sex, it's more ecstatic than normal. He's much more open emotionally and saying all kinds of nice things; I'm more in my body and feeling little energy surges in my limbs. I start to weep; probably just from emotional release; not anything specific related to what we're doing. There's just been so much going on and I've been bottling it up, and now it's all coming out in a lot of tears. I like how GHB can open things up that way; it occurs to me that it has the slightly fake quality of the similar opening-up that I get from MDMA, but I decide that's OK, this feels good anyway. Release like this can't be a terrible thing.

I start to feel compelled to say something that pops into my head, but stifle the urge until we're done. Then I start talking. He's feeling really relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep [it's nearly 2am, about T+1:45] but he's very attentive to whatever I am going through and extremely tender and supportive (and this is someone who is usually reserved emotionally). I am saying whatever comes into my head stream-of-consciousness, and I can't stop weeping [all related to our relationship, which is at a crossroads]. For about 20 minutes I've had a strange sense of pressure and tension in my face, throat, and salivary glands, kind of like the pressure I've felt right before I pass out. It's a little disturbing but not too bad. I check the clock, wondering how long these effects of extreme emotionality are going to last.

I feel a little wound up physically; though most of me feels really good, I have the unsettling feeling that drifting off to sleep doesn't feel safe. GHB can be unpredictable and the way it can cause a person to pass out disturbs me. My partner keeps saying 'I won't let anything happen to you, just sleep'. I am getting little energy surges that jerk my pelvis, and at one point I start to drift and a bad cough erupts at the top of my throat, like I have a hairball (scary, but I'm not nauseated so little chance I'd vomit and choke). Falling asleep is not feeling as nice as I like. The pressure in my head is uncomfortable; it feels the same as the pressure I felt last month when I drank some absinthe, and the same as the last time I drank GBL. To use an esoteric map, it's like my 5th and 6th chakras are buzzing [normally G feels more specifically 1st and 2nd chakra activating to me].

I don't remember falling asleep, but I wake up suddenly at T+5:30. No more sleep. There's a tense knot in my back but other than that, no aftereffects except for a feeling of serenity.

Conclusion: Next time I'll try 3 grams with no redosing to see what happens. This split dose of 4 grams was pretty satisfactory aside from the uncomfortable pressure in my head. Perfect for sex, and doesn't last too long, but I'll continue to play it cautious with the dosing, and reserve it for no more than once a week, probably less often than that.

One Week Later
[more dose experimenting]

At a evening party at a friend's house, 45 minutes after each drinking a small glass of celebratory champagne, we decide to each take 2 grams (on an empty stomach) rather than keep drinking alcohol. I feel really happy and it's slightly difficult to focus on conversations, I get a little bit distracted trying to focus, and a little more exuberant than usual [again, kinda like an MDMA talkativeness]. We agree that we'll redose later at home. Meanwhile, about three hours after taking the G, we each have another glass of champagne with no ill effect.

Once back home, completely baseline, we take 2 grams and have really yummy sex again, with the same amount of tingliness and 'wow ohmygawd!' of the previous week's experiment.

I've revised my thinking about '3 grams' being a target. I think 2 grams is great. Three would be reserved for some special occasion where I really want to be quite high; the negative effects may outweigh the positive at that dose; I won't know unless I try though.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48512
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 22, 2005Views: 41,925
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