Beautiful, Rewarding, and Underrated
Citation:   Cactushead. "Beautiful, Rewarding, and Underrated: An Experience with 2C-C (exp48532)". Dec 18, 2005.

20 mg oral 2C-C (powder / crystals)
In this report, I try to provide a very thorough and accurate description of the nature of 2C-C. If you donít want to read a detailed description of the effects, then you should just skip to the second to last paragraph ďSummery of my 2C-C experienceĒ for a concise summery of its impression on me.

Previous Experience: As far as hallucinogens go, Iíve explored LSD, mushrooms, mescaline, 2C-B, 2C-I, 2C-E, 2C-T-7, 2C-T-21, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-AMT, Salvia, 5-MeO-DALT, 4-Ho-Dipt, harmaline, ketamine, DXM, nitrous, MDMA and other MDxxís.

Appearance of my drug: Itís a white powder; not shiny or sparkly, but rather dull and chalk-like; it is almost as fluffy as 2C-E and nowhere near as fine a power as 2C-I. The powder IS NOT tan, speckled brown, or even off-white; it is a white powder, BUT it is definitely not as clean and bright as some other white powders Iíve seen (2C-D is a cleaner white for instance.)

Set and Setting: A close friend of mine came up to hang out, and perhaps have a trip with me. Originally we were going to get some acid, but it fell through. Instead, I decided to try a little 2C-C, but he decided not to. I did feel a little nervousness about trying something new, but it was due to the fact I was getting the 2C-C from a different source than my usual one more than nervousness about 2C-C in general. I am well rested and in a good mood.

00:00 Ė I eyeballed approximately 15 to 25mgs 2C-C. I always start a new drug at a lower-end dose. Hope this first run goes well.

00:30 - Feeling slight nausea and Iím beginning to feel the first alerts.

01:00 - My body temperature is definitely out of whack. For the most part, I feel pretty cold, although there is a sort of simultaneous warmth in my chest that is strange to coexist with the intense coldness I feel. Itís almost like sitting near a warm campfire on a very cold night. Iím yawning a lot and feel pretty tired. The nausea is mild and intermittent, but it is a little annoying. Visually, itís pretty comparable to 2C-B, but it does have a tinge of itsí own unique flavor. The visuals are soft, generally translucent, and easy to ignore, yet they are very full and beautiful as well. However, the focus of the experience does not lie in the visuals. I still am feeling very cold, but Iíll wait and see if that changes any.

01:30 - My body temperature seems to have evened out a bit. Iím still slightly cold, but itís not as noticeable or as bothersome as before. This drug definitely has a sensual feel to it; in fact, itsí sensuality is one of its best features. At first I was a little put off by the strange body high, but I think Iím beginning to become more comfortable with it and beginning to appreciate itsí merits. This drug has a very non-threatening feel to it, and a warm, seductive pull. The 2C-C never pushes or overpowers my experience, but instead, it coaxes and beckons me into a deeper, more rewarding level of the experience until I finally reach my peak. I do want to restate that 2C-C feels very sensual, and keep in mind that this is distinctly different from saying that itís a sexual state (although it seems likely that it would play a positive role during a sexual experience.)

The visuals are mostly like 2C-B, but they seem to be more subtle, yet more intricate and fuller. Iím beginning to like this more and more. It would be fair to say this is a relaxing trip, but the word Ďrelaxí is a little inaccurate in describing the experience. Nevertheless, other peopleís descriptions of ďstimulating relaxationĒ is the best description Iíve heard to describe the feeling. Some words I would use to characterize this drug: Soft, sensual, mellow, seductive, dual-natured, rewarding, and yes, quite pleasurable. It had empathetic qualities as well, which was both surprising and welcome. I agree with one of the reports in Pikal describing this experience as having metallic overtones. Itís hard to describe what this means, but itís analogous to other drugs have an electric feeling for instance, or some with digital/artificial overtones and others that have a natural feeling. In the case of 2C-C, it feels unnatural and metallic, yet it is able to provoke some of our most human/animal sensations (of pleasure, sensuality, empathy, and others as well.) 2C-Cís effects have a ďdialectical tension,Ē meaning the experience is shaped by two contradictory forces simultaneously at work, the result of which feels unique and distinct from either of the opposing forces at work. The result is an experience that is neither ďrelaxingĒ nor ďstimulatingĒ and the experience is neither familiar nor is it alien; but to be more precise, it is simultaneously BOTH relaxing and stimulating, natural and unnatural, familiar and alien; this pairing of contradictory sensations produces an experience that is difficult to put into words, but can only be described by using terms that actually contradict one another. The paradoxical effects, itís dual-nature, is one of the most interesting aspects of a 2C-C experience. Mentally, there is very little to speak of in deeply intellectual sense. It primarily manifested itself as a physical trip and as an emotional trip. I found some similarities to ecstasy, but it was far from being identical. Another report compared the effects to those of opiates. I didnít realize this at first, but there is some accuracy in that description as well. However, the presence of ecstasy-like and opiate-like sensations (of serenity and pleasure) should NOT lead you to believe that a person can substitute 2C-C for ecstasy, or that 2C-C can be used as a substitute for opiates. Ecstasy is meant to produce euphoria and empathy and opiates inherently produce pleasure and serenity, but 2C-C is different. Unlike ecstasy and opiates, euphoria, empathy, pleasure, and serenity are not the goals (or end) of 2C-C, but rather, these are the tools (or means) which 2C-C uses to create itsí own unique experience, an experience that appears to have a purpose different than MDxx or opiates. This is exactly what I was looking for tonightÖ nothing too intense or turbulent. Anyways, Iím going to go back to watching Freaks and Geeks with my buddy for nowÖ

03:30 Ė Time really has flown by. I peaked somewhere around an hour and a half or 2 hours. About half an hour ago I started noticing the effect waning. At this point its clear that the drug is getting close to its end. Actually, Iím sad that itís so short lived because it was a very good experience. It surpassed my expectations in almost every aspect. Itís been a long time since Iíve found a 2C-x that Iíve enjoyed as much as 2C-B, but overall, I may like this one even better. There were few side effects, but Iíll mention them. There were very brief times where I had mild headaches, or tension in my neck or back. These side effects never became severe, bothersome, or alarming. Also, the body temperature variations I started out with leveled out and disappeared about half-way through the experience. The nausea went away pretty quickly too, probably earlier than the coldness. This is a very good 2C-x. Since this drug is so short lived, lacks bothersome or alarming side effects, and simply has a warm, friendly feeling in general, it would be nice to know how often it can be used without causing any physical harm (or whether it produces ANY harm whatsoever.) I wasnít expecting to say this about 2C-C, but this is easily one of my favorite 2C's. I think that since it works on a much more subtle level, it has easily been overlooked by all the psychedelic thrill-seekers out there. I think I might try mixing some pot in the mix and see if it boosts the waning effects.

05:30 Ė I ended up smoking some pot around the 3 and a half hour point. The combination was OK, but Iíd rather have not smoked. The reason is that the pot didnít really increase the existing effects, nor did it create any new effects. Instead, it shifted the focus of the experience away from some of the effects and made other effects more salient. It wasnít bad, but it just seems that enjoying the post-trip state that is particular to 2C-C would be more rewarding and pleasurable than while altered by pot. Also, there were a few brief, but uncomfortable, sharp pains in my fingers, hands, or shoulders.

The next day - Well, I slept fine last night. I had very vivid dreams and they were pleasant overall. Today I woke up and noticed some alterations of my general mood. During some parts of the day, I was in an irritable and slightly depressed mood. During other parts of the day, I felt very good, peaceful, and had many insightful thoughts about my life and the world in general. I noticed there were specific situations that would put my mood into one of these two categories. Whenever I was thinking about problems that I couldnít find solutions to, when I was thinking about anything that bothers me, or if I found myself being non-productive, I would become upset (more easily than usual.) On the other hand, whenever I was thinking about things that I could do to make my life better, goals that would help me become who I want to be, whenever I was thinking insightful thoughts about life, people, or topics for papers, or whenever I was doing something productive or beneficial (such as getting work done, cleaning, exercising, relaxing, and anything else thatís good for my mind/body or other people) then I would become very focused, centered, peaceful, and optimistic (more easily than usual.) Although I canít say for certain, I get the feeling that the 2C-C might be playing a role in this. It almost seems as though my mind wants is driven towards whatever is good and canít stand whatever is bad. I guess what I mean to say is that I cannot seem to feel indifferent about anything today; this is different than normal for me and may be related to the 2C-C trip last night. I canít say if itís good or bad altogether (although it seems more likely that the rejection of indifference is a good thing) but it doesnít seem to really be good or bad in of itself, instead, it seems to amplify good and bad things in my mind, and therefore, my interpretation of whether this amplification is good or bad is wholly dependent on everything around and inside me. Physically I feel no different than usual.

Summary of the 2C-C experience:
Overall, this drug is very, very comparable to 2C-B. There are few differences, and without noting these subtle differences, it would be difficult to tell these two drugs apart. Besides the duration, with 2C-C being shorter, the differences consisted mainly in the side effects and slightly different body highs. With 2C-B, I experienced more nausea and vomited a couple times at the beginning of the trip; 2C-C on the other hand caused less nausea and never lead to vomiting. However, unlike 2C-B, 2C-C had a profound impact on my body temperature and this consisted in one of the (very few) negative aspects to the drug. The difference between the two drugs is this; with 2C-B, I found the body high had a pleasurable electric type of energy coursing through my body, somewhat akin to ecstasy. With 2C-C, the body high felt focused on sensations of heat and an inner warmth (in the chest but not the entire body) rather than electricity. However, both drugs did share the same ďmetallicĒ nature. One last difference worth mentioning though, is that I did experience more muscle discomfort and sharp pains from the 2C-C whereas these side effects were virtually absent in the 2C-B.

Overall, I would say this drug is highly underrated; it clearly has a lot of potential due to its short duration and non-threatening physical and mental effects. 2C-C has a feeling of subtle, yet brilliant beauty and is a great trip for people who are getting too old (and tired) for hard trips, and this would be an excellent hallucinogen for a first-timer as well. The trip is well tolerated and seems less likely, or even less able to cause a bad trip compared to almost all other hallucinogens. Some of the words that best describe this drug/experience are sensual, coaxing, gentle, subtle, beautiful, rewarding, complete, and simple. Itís not a good psychedelic to take if youíre looking to have your mind blown with interesting mental effects or strong visuals, BUT, it is one of the most enjoyable hallucinogens Iíve ever tried and it leaves me serene and content. I think that in order to best take advantage of 2C-Cís potential and since it obviously does have remarkable potential, it is essential that toxicity tests are performed to determine the frequency which 2C-C can be used safely (if itís even safe at all.) On a gut level, it feels safer and easier on the body than any other 2C-x Iíve tried, with 2C-I and 2C-B feeling almost as easy on the body, but just because it FEELS easy on the mind/body certainly isnít adequate proof that it actually is safe as well. Would I do this again? Definitely. I look forward to it. Hope my contribution is helpful to our collection of information on psychedelics. Saying KNOW TO DRUGS is at least an indication of our desire to expand our horizons rather than just simply saying NO to, rejecting anything [that we donít understand.] So remember, keep sharing your experiences because every personís record adds to the greater knowledge.
~ Cactushead.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48532
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 18, 2005Views: 24,952
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