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Oh, So That's Why You Need a Sitter
Salvia divinorum
by Speed Weeder
Citation:   Speed Weeder. "Oh, So That's Why You Need a Sitter: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp48546)". Apr 17, 2007.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)


Background: I'm 16, and have smoked a lot of weed and done salvia maybe 5 times prior to this experience.

Well ladies and gentlemen. This is the first experience I've had where I really lost control. This trip changed my perspective on what a trip could do to me, before this I was quite confident I could handle anything salvia threw at me, if it got too intense I knew I could just close my eyes and wait it out. Well it's not that easy when your blasted into another world.

I'll start with the report I wrote almost immidiately after coming back onto this world. I was still quite fucked up, when I closed my eyes I still had decent visuals, but my only instinct was to write what I could comprehend happening to me. The experience, as I see it from a completely sober state, will follow.

'Well I saw myself smoking, then saw myself from inside the TV. It's like a dirty me was taking hits, and everything went grey. I was dancing and singing while watching the reflection, takin hits. Anyhow, then the song got happy so I figured it was a chance to fix things, so I got up and tried to leave, being stopped by different objects on my floor. It was if I was in a special relm, and they wanted in. After a while I let them in.

This tripped me out huge. So as I stood up, gravity changed, things got their colour back, and I fell back to my relm 'The floor'. On the way, I cut my hand up and spilt the dirty water in my bong. This tripped me huge, so I stood up completely and got my other lighter. After blazing more so I felt like I was the child. I got up to confront my parents, who were the videogame and ligher on my bed. After trippin and conversing for a while I got up and did this, salvia is FUCKED!

And every action is called something new.

Close window - dream hatherway

I think it comes from the noise the action makes.'

Well thats what my still skewed mind thought of the experience. Now I'll elaborate and take it from a sober view. Oh and just to let you know, it's a lot more entertaining and intense than that mini-report describes, so don't let it discourage you from continuing to read!

So I took a seat on my bed, my standard salvia spot, and loaded the bong with a nice fat bowl of weed crumbs, and hit it. After smoking salvia so much the past week, weed smoke seems like air to me, so I can take really huge hits. I managed to clear the entire bowl it one toke, and it got me pretty stoned.

After this I threw on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, something I've always figured would be trippy, but never tripped to it before.

After sitting for about 5 minutes enjoying the tunes, waiting for the weed to really sink in, I loaded up my water bong with the first hit of salvia. I thought it would be wise to sit on my floor to smoke it this time, because I was afraid ashes would fall from the bong and burn my bed. This ended up being a pretty bad idea.

So I sat down cross legged on my floor, waited for the song that was on to pick up a bit, and took my first huge hit. I got a bit uneasy due to the size of my hit. The smoke in my water bong was so thick it was a dark yellow/brown colour. Somehow I managed to clear the chamber twice before holding it for a good 30 seconds, definately the biggest salvia hit I've ever taken.

I thought about preparing the second hit while holding the first, but I just couldn't. I had to focus all my energy on holding it, it's definately not as easy as holding weed. I have mad respect for anyone who can hold their salvia and pack the next bowl at the same time, you guys are champs.

Anyhow, let me note that I exhale the smoke into a towel, because that comes into play later. The reason I do this is to reduse the amount of smoke in my room, because the smell needs to be gone before anyone goes in there.

So after exhaling the first hit, the salvia already hit me pretty hard. As I packed the next bowl, I could feel this weird sensation on my forarms, which at first I thought were spiders crawling all over them. I fucking hate spiders. Anyhow, I quickly looked at them in panic; no spiders. I came to the conclusion that there were many long hairs protruding from my carpet and rubbing agansed my arms, but now I beleive I was just incorperating the carpet with the sensation, because my forarms were close to it, but I can't know for sure.

I started acting very strange, but I convinced myself I was just joking around. I would start to dance strangely to the music as I packed the next bowl, and started singing, actually more like rapping I guess, in some strange language. Finally I managed to pack the second bowl, and realized I wanted to see what I looked like smoking, so I looked at myself through the reflection on my TV as I took the hit.

This was one of those situations where I get so fucked up, that it just seems normal, and I don't even really think about it. I took a second huge hit, and blew it into the towel. Then looked back at the TV and started dancing again while watching my reflection. I found this absolutely hilariouse, you'd understand why if you saw how I dance, it's pretty damn funny. Then I noticed how insane I looked. I noticed how messy my hair was and saw that I had a crazy look in my eyes, yet I seemed to have a look in my face that made me think my reflection was rather insane, yet intelligent at the same time.

This is when I forgot what a reflection was. Suddenly the person in the TV wasn't me anymore, it was some crazy kid in his room, in another dimetion. I could tell he was rather evil, and I saw him start to load another hit of salvia. Then I noticed I was doing the same thing, which shocked me, I began to think this strange kid was putting me into a trance, and making me subonciously do what he was doing. Maybe if this realization had of affected my expression, then I would have realized what I was looking at was simply a reflection of me, but no. The reflection had the same crazed smile on his face, as he loaded up the salvia, sparked up the lighter, and took a third hit.

Then I realized how grey this crazy persons room was (which was in fact due to the fact that my TV screen is grey, making the reflection appear that way as well). As I held in the smoke from the third hit, I noticed that the strange man in the TV had gotten in trouble by his parents. I couldn't see them, but I knew they were right on the other side of the door of the room he was in.

Then I realized how similar his room was to mine, so I quickly looked away from the TV to further analize the situation. Then I realized my room was grey as well (in reality it isn't), and everything in my world had turned grey. At this same time, the music on the CD became rather negative, which struck me with some panic. Then all of a sudden I realized I was still holding in the smoke from the last hit, and quickly coughed it out. Then I realized I hadn't blown into my towel, and thought 'Oh shit.'

At this same time I realized I had transformed into the person on the TV. I was now in his room; his dimention. With this new information, I realized that his/my parents were on the other side of the door, listening to the mahem going on inside. With this, along with the fact that I had just exhaled a huge amount of smoke into my room, I knew I/he was busted. For some reason I started laughing histarically. I'm not sure why, but I just couldn't help it. I found myself gasping for air because I was laughing so hard.

It was time to go confront my parents. I was still sitting on my floor at this point, so I made an attempt to stand up. As I got to about crouching level, I noticed a banana right in front of me. Actually I'm not exactly sure if it was a banana, the only thing I can remember for sure was that it was yellow, and had 2 cartooney eyes. Then I realized that I could see colour again, and realized I had left the grey dimention.

This intense change terrified me, as I had forgotten what colour was. I tried to stand up as quickly as I could, but the floor from under me quickly slanted into a steep slope, and what was once my wall became the floor. I decided I should just give into this force, and fall backwards, not having a second thought about it. Well even before hitting the ground I realized my mistake, although I wasn't exactly sure what was wrong about it. I heard a loud crashing sound, for a second I didn't know what it was, until I realized it was me. I could swear I slid down this slope which was once my floor, but theres no way thats possible, so I can't really explain it.

All I know is that for a split second I returned to the grey dimention, and I was the messy haired crazy kid again. But then I snapped out of it and thought to myself 'Fuck...wait a minute...I smoked a shitload of salvia...I must be tripping!'

So as quickly as it initially hit, things went back to semi-normal. Nothing like complete sobriety, but normal compared to how I was seconds before. Then I realized I fell exactly where my bong was, and noticed a huge puddle of smelly water sinking into my carpet. I tried to clean it up with a towel but it didn't exactly work to well. Then I looked at my hand and noticed that I'd cut it open, I think it hit my TV cabinet if I'm not mistaken. Suddenly I said in the most dumbfounded voice ever: 'OHHH, so THATS why you need a sitter,' while staring blankly at my bleeding hand. Wow I wish I had of caught that on tape, it must have been a funny sight.

I pulled my old typical move and thought 'MORE DRUGS!!', so I loaded up my now waterless waterbong with another hit of salvia. This is where things get extremely hazy, as if it weren't that way already. What I can remember is I kept thinking I was smoking weed, and then going 'Oh's salvia.'.

As I was exhaling into a towel, I noticed it was wet. At the time I thought I had recently used it to dry myself off after a shower, which grossed me out a bit. It wasn't until I sobered up that the water was in fact from the spilt water from the bong, so I had my face stuck right in it, gross.

After smoking quite a few hits, I'm not sure how many, I actually managed to get up and lie on my bed, and sort of enjoy my trip. I beleive at this point I had a mental conversation with a lighter and video game case that were on my bed, although I'm not sure what I meant when I talked about a child when I wrote the quick report immidiately after the experience.

Well thats it, my room smells horrible now, so I'm not sure how many times I forgot to use the towel. And the bong water all over my floor probably isn't helping the stench.

Also the language I was speaking for most of the trip was quite facinating, although the only two words I managed to save were 'dream hatherway' which meant 'close window' or 'clean up' or something to that extent.

One more thing I'd like to add is that while watching the crazy guy in my tv (let me remind you it was infact my reflection), there were many other things that happened, I just forget most of it, which is a damn shame. Next time I will definately have something to talk into to record the experience somehow so I can remember better.

Either way, when I was told to have a trip sitter when using salvia, I ignored it, at least with the regular salvia I've been smoking (not extract). Remeber this shit can have a reverse tolerance, so just because it's cool the first few times doesn't mean it will always be that easy to control.

I have a few experiences-worth of salvia left, and I will probably save it untill I am blessed with some other psychedelic drugs. Why? Because I'm an idiot and I want to take it to the next level, even though this one kicked my ass. One thing I can promise is I will definately have a sitter next time I do salvia, and I highly reccomend the same. I'm pretty damn scared to try extract now if this is what the regular plant can do.

Good luck to everyone with your experiences, thanks for reading, and BE CAREFUL!

-Speed Weeder The Walrus Capped Mongol

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48546
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 17, 2007Views: 22,430
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