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A Night of Eternities
by Jettedlag
Citation:   Jettedlag. "A Night of Eternities: An Experience with LSD (exp48684)". Jul 24, 2018.

2 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    oral Unknown (pill / tablet)


My companion and I decided to drop during a family reunion of sorts. We had a room to ourselves with a laptop and dropped the acid. I took two tabs and he took two. I began to wonder if the tabs were going to take effect or not after about half an hour. After a few more minutes I noticed that the background of the laptop was beginning to ebb and flow. It was overwhelmingly cool. I began to look at a golf ball that I picked up from the floor, it was incredible. We proceeded to load google earth on the computer. We zoomed into the earth and then zoomed out. As we were zooming out it felt like we were leaving the universe, and we had the most incredible rush of energy and euphoria imagineable. It was so powerful we felt that it should not be allowed. We turned on some music to see what it would sound like. We found Jimi Hendrix and the Mars Volta to be amazing, but then tended to cause me to think in a spiral which began to feel a bit scary, so we switched to the beatles. That was a great decision. As we listened to strawberry fields forever, we were transported to the fields. We breathed in and felt a rush or euphoria. We could smell the fields. All the beatles music created an environment. It was incredible. Not only that, but all of our insights would suddenly make sense at the climax of every song. We noticed that what seemed to us like hours was actually a matter of minutes. We seemed to notice this every eight minutes. Every eight minutes felt like an eternity of thought and realization. It was like being reborn hundreds of times through the night. As if we were given the chance to gain the wisdom of age in a single night. The other thing we began to notice was that time was not only slowed, but we interpreted our senses out of order. Time no longer was relevant. We would process a tiny fraction of a second as minutes, and a few minutes as nothing. We would experience something and then realize it happened before something else we had to have heard after the initial experience.

Finally we decided to leave the room. It was still dark outside. I took an infinitely long piss and began to notice that the wood floor seemed to be emanating energy. Paintings would move, and plants would go through the seasons. It turned out our uncle and grandparents were already awake. They began to ask us about college admissions being the concerned adults they were. We somehow managed to ramble through the conversation supporting each other when we got stuck on a train of thought. Eventually we decided to go on a walk. We were starting to come down at that point. The moon was incredible, and we couldnt' understand where we were walking, but everything was still amazing. Eventually we returned and took showers. My cousin claimed that his shower was absolutely incredible. I did not have a particularly amazing shower, I had already come down from the trip and was just heavily stoned. I felt disconnected from my body. Everything was distant. I felt like I had lost my soul. Like I had no reason for existing. I pressed on though. At the time I couldnt' piece together what had happened during the trip. As teh day went on I began to go insane from insomnia. I was dead tired and my brain was fried, but I couldnt' go to sleep. I was ready to commit suicide and asked some family for something to help em sleep. They gave me some motion sickness medicine and eventually I crashed. I woke up normal.

For days afterward I tried to interpret what had happened. In the end I realized it was just a drug. All the amazing realizations I had made could be made without its influence. Nevertheless, I do not regret the experience. On the whole it was definitely an incredible time. I still feel wise from all the eternities I lived in that one night.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48684
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 24, 2018Views: 720
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LSD (2) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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