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A Night Around the Fire
Citation:   commander cool. "A Night Around the Fire: An Experience with Mescaline (exp48753)". Erowid.org. Apr 23, 2019. erowid.org/exp/48753

1 capsl oral Mescaline (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)

It all began with hopes of me trying shrooms for the first time. I never did anything beyond pot&booze. So here I was, about 2 days before halloween, where the trees&leaves are all kinds of colors and I anxiously await the shrooms from my friend, lets call him guy#2. He tells me we'll have to get them at the big schwag festival thats being held in one of our state's forrest parks, he assures me it wont be a problem.

I didn't eat much the next morning, I visited this site since about two years ago, and took the advice on not eating much on the day you trip, although I read to not eat anything, but I mentally prepared myself to be happy and at peace with things--to be prepared for blasting off into space.

I get back to his house, so we can drive down there. He asks me about bringing along a couple of girls, so I'm all stoked. One comes over, then we wait and wait for the next girl. She finally comes, and we're off to a late start. We arrive at the schwag fest around 2:00am, it was a long drive.

After we got our tent set up and started a camp fire, we begin the desperate attempt to find guy#2's friend, one feat we definitely never accomplish. We all head to the main largest massive tent where these crazy hippie bands are playing, some hippies are passed out and/or sleeping here and there about the ground in the big tent, I gotta do your best to walk around them and not step on anyone and dealing with a thick crowd.

We search and search yet yeilding no shrooms, and some other dude tells my friend shrooms are scarce this year or some bullcrap. We do eventually stumble on a crazy old man (thats the best I could describe him) that was selling capsules of mescaline for $20 a pop. He seemed to be surrounded by four bodyguards apparently. We all decide to buy a capsule from him.

We eventually leave, and head back to our campsite, on the way there I swallowed my pill whole, my friend chewed his up, the girls had half a capsule. They told me I had Approx. one hour before it kicked in. Returning to camp around 50 minutes later, girl#2 was there with her hippie friends huddled around the camp fire, and there was a crowd hanging out with us trying to talk us into going back to the gigantic tent with them to see more hippie bands. It was around an hour after I took my capsule, needless to say, being my first time on mescaline, I decided to not go and stumble on sleeping hippies, but to stay by the fire.

So there I was, all alone by a nice roaring fire. I did smoke A LOT of pot up to this point, yet something did seem a bit off. And then it hit me like a kick in the crotch, the nausea was all of a sudden all I could think about and I found an area a ways back from the tent and let 'er rip. Yet, it seemed the vomit I looked at disappeared, what the hell?

It gets more weird--I come back to the camp site, still by myself. I walk around the fire to check it out, and I notice I was moving faster or things were moving faster like when someone hit the FF on the remote when you're watching a movie. I sit down in a foldout chair and try to collect myself, and above all else watch the fire and make sure it doesn't go out! I sit there, and it happened to be a clear--extremely clear fall night and seemingly five times the usual amount of stars were out and they were making a heavenly music, and I could also hear in the distance howls of people, very strange, I look back up at the stars, and the music came back, it was a very mystical and fascinating experience, despite the freezing cold, I felt like a million bucks.

A hippie comes to me and asks me if it's ok if he stops by the fire for a minute, I offer him a chair, and we talk a little, very little. Minutes later guy#2 and the girls come back, and they were obviously very high. We all settle down by the fire, start smoking pot again, and plenty. The hippy guy whips out a tray, and I assume cocaine is what he's snorting, he was trying to convince me and my friends that he's 18, ready to finish high school. He has a three foot long full beard, I mean he's not fooling anybody.

As I gazed at the fire, I look back at the hippy, he seemed to age rapidly, he sorta looked like tommy chong with his hair and beard. And then later he grew young again! Then with a crackle a couple of sparks flew in my lap (I was certain they did), yet they disappeared; I didn't know what to think of that. Guy#2 adds some hunks of wood in the fire, the thick smoke all blows on that poor hippie, and he just sits there, seemingly unaffected.

The hippie goes on and on about harry potter books or something, and we pretend to be interested. He starts creeping out girl#1 that was sitting by me. I look back into the fire for a long time, I can't exactly recall my thoughts as I stared at the flames--but at some point I looked up at the stars and felt a presence as if supernatural. Anyways the hippie guy never leaves us, it seemed people were getting tired, I wasn't, I felt awesome. I did not realise how fast time was moving, and the sky started to light up, and we(think) we spotted a police car slowly cruising by, the hippie vanishes, we get back in the tent which was very awkward, like inside the tent, the floor was skewed, and at a strange angle, it made no sense. I hardly slept.

I woke up at about 7:30 am, because my friend stumbles around trying to get out in time to not vomit in the tent, a feat he does not succeed. So we're up, we carefully fold up and put away the tent and everything, and look again for my friend's friend, eventually giving up and driving home, still feeling the mescaline.

All in all, I could see myself doing mescaline again someday. If I could have done it over I would have bought two capsules. The next time I try it, I hope to not be in the freezing cold.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48753
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 23, 2019Views: 1,915
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Mescaline (36) : General (1), First Times (2), Nature / Outdoors (23), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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