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Dreaming of Emotions
Oxycodone (Oxycontin), Cannabis & Tobacco
by Breathe
Citation:   Breathe. "Dreaming of Emotions: An Experience with Oxycodone (Oxycontin), Cannabis & Tobacco (exp48804)". Jun 3, 2007.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  40 mg   Pharms - Oxycodone (pill / tablet)


It was just another school day, my car was broken down in the shop so I knew I'd have nothing to do all night when I came walking out to the schoolbus. I had called a kid who can get oc's the night before, but he had failed to get them and never called me back. I went driving with a freind after the bus dropped me off home, and we smoked just over a gram of marijuana, which didnt have much effect on us since we were using papers.

So when I got a call from the kid around while I was still driving around with the freind smoking some joints. I was glad to hear that he was going to meet up with the dealer he gets the oc's from later that day. We smoked the last of my weed driving around the backroads of a nearby town and started back. My freind wanted to go home, but on the way back to his house, we saw the kid walking up the street. We called him and he asked us to pick him up and save him from the horrible winter temperatures so we did, and we smoked some more weed on the way to get the oc with him. By this time I had just less than a dime left, and we got the oc and dropped the kid off. For some reason he had given me a blunt before he left, and I put it in my pocket. After dropping him off, my other freind had to go home, so we drove back to my house and I said goodbye to him. I went into my house and watched some tv for an hour. I called someone else for a gram and they said theyd be right over.

It took them quite a while, so I sawed up the oc with a nail file, which took quite a while but made the oxy come off in a fine white powder like I wanted. I put half the oxy in a small cup of orange juice and added some sugar to cover up the bitter taste. The rest of the oxycotton I filed into a thin line. I drank the orange juice fast, and then nailed the line - half up each nostril. But my nose was very dry, so I put some water in the cup and let some of it come down either nostril so that the oc would come out down the back of my throat. It worked and I could tell that nearly all of it came piling down my throat as the water hit the back of each nostril.

I called the dealer because he was taking a long time and sure enough he had forgotten, and said he'd be at my house in ten minutes. I put on the tv and my shoes, waiting. I began to feel flighty and some itching began to annoy me around my face. Suddenly my eyes were heavy and my body felt vibrant with sensation. Although parts of me felt heavier, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off my chest at the same time. I felt just slightly nautious, and I walked outside into the frigid cold to wait for the dealer.

It felt wonderful to stand outside, with the contrast between hot and cold adding to the buzzing sensation going through my whole body and my brain. Purple and blue streaks seemed to disrupt my visual sense as I began to zone out and stare at the sky. My eyes had trouble staying open sometimes, and it gave the sensation that I was dreaming while still awake. The dealer pulled up and was shocked that I was standing outside in the ten degree temperatures waiting. I told him that I was on oc and he laughed, gave me the gram, and left.

I had trouble navigating through the snowy driveway on the way back into the house, and my heartbeat was slowing significantly. My heart still felt overworked as I went back into the house. I went upstairs and pulled out the blunt, I began cutting it with the hook on the end of my nail file. It was a foolish move and caused the cut on the blunt to be way too rigid and wide. It took me twenty minutes to break up all the weed and put it in the huge philly blunt, and then I realized what a terrible blunt it really was, and it broke into two pieces somewhere around the middle when I was finished.

In my dreamlike state, it took me another 10 minutes to fix these two sections up, and after sealing them I was satisfied. By now I felt extremely tired and my eyes were in a constant struggle to stay open, but I went into the bathroom and lit up the blunt regardless. I got some large hits off the blunt at first, even though my breath was shortened by the oxycotton and I was already dizzy and extremely disoriented. When I was finished I began to feel extremely altered by the weed, and had trouble standing up as my eyes became even more torn apart. My brother, who I never involve in any of my drug use, was standing at the bathroom door and wanted to use the bathroom. I panicked, how could I get out of this one?

I could not let him into the bathroom full of smoke and smelling like a marijuana greenhouse. I spied the mop in the corner, which was left from the toilet overflow that had occured the day before. I flushed the toilet after throwing the blunt in, then snatched the mop and got it extremely wet, wetting the rug and all of the floor with toilet water. I convinced my brother that the toilet had overflowed again and told him not to enter the room. He looked a little suspicious, but my plan worked and he didnt push it any further. Confident about my trick, I went into my room and lay down for a minute.

The weed hit me so hard that I felt like I was spinning everywhere. My eyes began rolling in random directions as I zoned out unable to comprehend the television I was trying to watch for minutes at a time as the oxycotton took my breath away and gave the illusion that I was being pulled down into the bed, being sucked into the sheets. I felt huge waves of euphoria and my whole body was buzzing warmly. I got up to pee once and had a difficult time walking, since I felt like I was being pulled sideways into the carpet. I slid to the ground against a pillow that was laying there and I nearly passed out from exhaustion. I zoned out and my eyes moved out in a blur, as I was barely able to see the television screen I was thrown into a dreamlike state where I didn't have a care in the world, and my brain felt like it was being completely microwaved as I lay there for nearly 25 minutes.

Finally I got up as the high began to lower its pressure some, and I was able to make it into the bathroom and geet some water. For a moment this made me nautious, but after some rehydration, I was ready for the other part of the blunt. This part was different in that it had a lot of tobacco left still near the cigar hole. I smoked it quickly near my window and began to run out of weed and into some of the tobacco. After only a few hits of the little bit of weed that was left and the tobacco that was burning behind it, I felt what can only be described as what felt like a change of pressure in my brain as the nicotine shook me and blurred my vision harshly. I had to put the blunt out as I was hit with one of the strongest rushes of the night as the nicotine struggled to speed up my slow heartbeat and my breathing became shallow. I tore my clothes off and lay in the bed, shutting off the television and thinking.

I felt like I was falling constantly through space in my head as my eyes rolled and I fell back into a hallucination like state. I was seeing colors again and my head was buzzing so harshly that I felt unable to think or concentrate in the least bit as a rush of euphoria shook through my whole body. The nicotine had harshly added to my high along with the weed as I lay with half open eyes hallucinating and seeing shapes and tracers.

Sometime around then is when things got weird. I was hit with an out of this world empty emotion and feelings of worthlessness. I was struck with feelings of guilt for the way I treated some people in the past and regret for my decisions. I felt an almost suicidal rage and I became very depressed. I didn't feel sorry for myself, but more for my family as I lay there thinking. I didn't fall asleep for another 2 hours, as I zoned completely out, and the emotional state was soon gone but not forgotten.

When I woke up the next morning I didn't remember much, and I was too depressed to attempt going to school. Besides that I could tell that I should not eat anything, as I felt somewhat nautious and needed some water. I still felt depressed and ill as I lay there and wanted nothing but to fall asleep and get away from myself again. The odd thing is despite the sad emotions that came from this experience, I felt an extremely strong desire to repeat it, as I was attracted to the non-violent state of euphoria that I experienced.

Looking back I believe that the OC's were a unique revealing experience. They helped unlock an emotion I had been trying to avoid for a long time and made me realize how depressed I really am. The begining euphoria was also nice, and I still do plan to do it again, even though I felt some loss of self-esteem last time.

This was the 4th time I've done oxycotton. I've never had a 'bad' experience on it before, although it does make me a little nautious and takes away my appetite. I have also abused codeine, hydrocodone, tramadol, and valium. Therefore I have a reasonable tolerance to opiates, and a good resistance to any nausea or constipation/ trouble urinating that those drugs can cause.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48804
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 3, 2007Views: 51,256
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