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Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   James. "100%: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp48911)". Sep 11, 2007.

  repeated oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
When I first heard of Adderall, it was from my cousin who told me that, “you can really trip balls on this shit if you take enough.” This had quite literally gone out of my mind for the next 3 weeks, but that soon changed when I was at one of my friend’s house. I was using the restroom, and after checking myself in the mirror I glanced over to the medicine cabinet (the cabinet is more like a shelf so it was not like I was ‘snooping’ through his stuff). I already knew that this friend had ADD or something similar, but I never really thought about what he took for it, if he took anything. I soon found out when my eyes found a large orange prescription bottle. I forget what caused me to pick it up and examine the label, but never the less the label read “20mgs Adderall tablets. Take 2 by mouth in the morning with water.”

At first, I didn’t want to bogard his tablets because he actually needed them for his ADD. So I returned to his room and watched some more TV. As I was watching TV though, the bottle of Adderall never left my mind. At that time I did not know the exact effects that it would have on me, besides the fact that I would “trip balls” according to my cousin. On a side note this is not my first experience with “mind altering substances.” I have been high and I smoke pot on a relatively frequent basis, and I have been stone drunk several times. I have also found that I do not have an addictive personality.

The next day I woke up at around 9:30. I am not sure on the exact time but this is a relatively good estimate. I was still at my friend’s house seeing as how I had crashed there for the night. I was early for a Sunday to be awake; therefore my friend was still fast asleep. After wrestling my self off the couch I went back into his bathroom to take a piss. After I was done I was finally awake and was reminded of the large bottle of Adderall two feet to the left of me. I wondered if I should take it or not thinking about the fact that I had church youth group later that day. But after about ten seconds I though “What the hell,” and decided to take it.

Because I had never done it before and I did not know the effect that it would take on me I had to carefully consider the proper dosage. Each pill had 20mgs of Adderall in it and the directions said to take 2. This was the prescribed amount for some one that had ADD, so I thought that since the person had ADD this would probably dulled down the 40mgs that would normally be taken. Therefore to be safe I decided to take one pill (20mgs) and see how that would affect me.

I began to feel the effects almost immediately. After taking the 20mgs I returned to my friends room and by this time he was up and awake, playing a video game. I gave him a what’s up and sat back down on the couch in which I had slept the previous night. It was at this time that I really started to feel it. I started to feel light headed and I had a very pleasant feeling engulf my body. It was just a very good feeling, almost the kind that I would have if something just went exactly my way.

I did not talk too much or act differently. This was mainly because I did not want my friend to become suspicious of what I had done. If he thought I was high he would have wanted some of whatever I had just smoked, and this particular friend did not know the effects of “recreational” Adderall use. Therefore, he would probably not approve of using it as such. But, as far as I know he did not suspect anything and we just went on doing whatever we were doing.

From the time in which I had taken the Adderall (9:30 approximately) and 12:00 in the afternoon, I read a book, watched some TV and played some video games. This entire time the effects had been pretty much the same. Around 12:00 we decided to go to my house. This friend and I live in the same area, within biking distance of each other, so it is not a very big deal to go from one place to another. Until this time I had been laying or sitting down, but once I got to my feet to get my jacket a rushing feeling came over me. I felt for a second that I might fall over, but I caught my self and played it off as though I was tripping on a pillow.

As we rode our bikes to my house, the effects were still in full force. I felt in totally control of my bike and of my surroundings, but at the same time felt that I might fall over at any second. The wind blowing against my face was cold from the weather, and this made as though my skin was turning to ice. Everything around me seemed much clearer and seemed to make more cense some how. It was as though everything was doing exactly what it should have been doing, and that it was doing this at exactly the time that it is supposed to.

Before my church youth group we returned to my friends house. I took this opportunity to take one more 20mgs pill. I did not do this because the effects were wearing off, but because I wanted them to be increased. But, that did not exactly happen. I am sure that if I did not take that second dose the effects would have worn off a lot sooner than they did, but they did not really increase much either. The youth group started at 6:30 and ended at 8 o’clock. During this time I was very aware of my increased alertness and sociability, and also of the fact that the effects of the drug were not dwindling in the slightest.

After the youth group I returned to my house, not accompanied by my friend, and got online. I was hesitant to do this because I have found that when if I am high while I am using the computer the high is lowered and harder to regain. But this was not the case with Adderall. I felt exactly the same as I had before if not better. As the time reached around 12 in the evening I decided to go to bed, seeing as how I had school in the morning. I had finished brushing my teeth and the other preparations I usually make, still feeling slight effects although most of the effects had worn off by this time.

The only problem with trying to sleep was that I couldn’t. Thoughts kept leaving and re-entering my head. I usually watch some TV before I go to bed, and I had already turned it off because I felt pretty tired. But once I returned to my bed I found that I could not clear my mind. I kept thinking about random nothingness that really had nothing to do with anything else. I also started to stress about assignments that were due several weeks from that day. I usually don’t even stress about assignments that are due the next morning, none-the-less three weeks away. I found it so hard to sleep that I got up and took some sleeping/pain relief pills. This did not help; in fact it made it worse. I returned to bed and fell asleep for about 30 minutes, but when I woke up for no apparent reason, I felt even more awake and restless than before. I had no real choice but to lie in bed until 6:30, which is the usual time I wake up for school.

Because I had barely slept the night before, I begged my mom to let me stay home, saying that “I just really did not feel good, and that it would be a bad idea for me to go to school today”. She bought it and let me sleep in, which I actually did accomplish to some extent. After I finally decided to get up it was around 1 in the afternoon. Although my insomnia was gone I felt very depressed. This is strange because usually I am usually never depressed and I am actually a very carefree guy. But for some reason that I could not place, I just felt like Hell. I was still stressing about that homework that was due 3 weeks from then, and I was feeling bad about absolutely nothing. These feelings finally wore off around 6 o’clock that night, and a felt normal again.

My second time I took Adderall; I put a little more planning in to it. Instead of taking the pills right there I decided to take them before I left for school. This, I thought, would be a fun experiment and good way to see what Adderal could really do.
I woke up at 6:30, as usual, and did my normal morning routine (shower, brushed teeth, ate a sausage biscuit). By the time I finished all of my normal preparations for school it was 7:28, 2 minutes before my bus shows up. I took this time to run back into my bathroom and take the two 20mgs tablets. Again, I began to feel slight effects right away, as I made my way to the school bus.

That day at school turned out to be very good. The night before I had read all of the effects and some experiences having to do with Adderall. Because of this I knew what to expect. But, I was still surprised. Once I got to school the 40mgs where in full effect. I became insanely sociable and talkative. Not so talkative that I wouldn’t shut up, but more like I had no hesitations what so ever to speak to any one. When I was in a conversation I felt in totally control of every aspect of it.

This feeling of control also extended to my schoolwork. I found that I absorbed everything that my teachers where saying, and that I understood everything perfectly. I felt so alert and in control that I also felt superior to every one else around me. Like I was something more than a normal person. It felt like I was always 4 steps ahead oh everyone and everything else. This feeling did not make me act in a superior way towards my friends or people that I would just talk to. Instead I was nice and appreciative to every one.

After I returned from school the effects were still going strong. And they did not fade until around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. But, the most significant difference that I found between this trip and the first one, was that I did not suffer from a withdraw period. This does not mean that I did not have one, it was just much more subtle. There was no severe depression like with the first, and I feel asleep easily later that night. This last trip’s success is what prompted me to partake in my latest adventure.

This time I decided to double the dosage from the last time. I am typing this on the 19th of December, a little over 12 hours after I took the 80mgs of Adderal. It was pretty much the same routine as the last time, in that I would take the pills right before leaving to school. With the increased dosage there was definitely a stronger effect. The trip seems to last the same amount of time, but once I arrived at school the effects were much stronger than the previous trip’s. My entire being was absorbed into a supreme happiness. I felt insanely pleasant as I walked through the brisk air surrounding my school’s campus.

My bus arrives at school a little earlier than the others, which usually bugs me because I have nothing to do but wait until my friends arrive. But this time I couldn’t care less, in fact it was quite enjoyable walking around with very few distractions. My first class of the day was Chemistry, one that is usually nether good or bad. But on this day, the Adderall made me feel even more alert and attentive. A pop quiz was given on The Elements of Matter. When the teacher called for the different answers to the questions I found myself being the first to answer, I also found that all of my answers where correct. Later I discovered that no one else in the class got a perfect score. A class work assignment was also given. I found my self to be the first one to finish it.

It was as though I was moving too fast for the world. I felt an urge to take part in anything as long as it kept me interested and at work. It also felt that I could do anything. Not just work, but “anything!” I thought to my self of the many different things that I would like to do at that very second, but unfortunately these things still seemed impossible, but only because I was trapped in my Chemistry classroom.

The effects still have not completely subsided after I am finishing this account of my experiences to date. Although, about half way through page 2, I did feel some sort of withdraw. It was a kind of down and depressed feeling, but now the feeling of withdraw has disappeared and has been filled with more of a normal, neutral feeling. During that brief period of mild depression, I began to question why I am even writing these experiences down. I also became extremely paranoid and would suddenly be affected by full body chills (shivers, and a “chilled to the bone” type feeling allover). I have also just realized how insanely long this entire account is. When I first decided to write this, I only wanted to tell one of the experiences not all three. But that’s just what happens.

I am planning on taking another trip on the last day of school, before winter break. And because I am afraid that I may get addicted, this will probably be the last time I take Add for a while. The main reason I even started was because I was out of weed and wanted to do some kind of trippy drug. I am defiantly coming down now, as I finish writing this. Which means that the totally effects of 80mgs of Adderal lasted a little over 13 hours.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 48911
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 11, 2007Views: 69,065
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